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October 23, 20

Algosoo in Hancock, Mich. Saturday - Danielle Adams
1-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (55445 bytes)
Algosoo in Portage Lake just passing Portage Lake Cabins
2-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (88153 bytes)
Outside of Michigan Tech
3-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (93353 bytes)
Approaching the Portage Lake Lift Bridge
4-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (116473 bytes)
Bridge opening for them to come through
5-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (109395 bytes)
Making their way under the bridge
6-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (122192 bytes)
Almost all the way through
7-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (83987 bytes)
Bridge closing behind them
8-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (72943 bytes)
Making the turn to head to the dock
9-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (94521 bytes)
Secured at the dock and starting to unload
10-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (132478 bytes)
Starting to unload the 18,000 tons of salt
11-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (81020 bytes)
2 piles and still going
12-10-22-11-AS-DA.jpg (74209 bytes)
And away they go, heading off to Marquette, Mi

Detroit River Saturday -
Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Navigator-1.jpg (76254 bytes)
Algoma Navigator downbound.
Algoma-Navigator-2.jpg (80241 bytes)
Superstructure showing new fleet colors on stack.
Algoma-Navigator-3.jpg (87618 bytes)
The Westcott: "We Deliver For You"
Cresswell-1.jpg (79224 bytes)
Upbound Peter R. Cresswell passes the docked Stephen B. Roman
Cresswell-mail-1.jpg (81304 bytes)
Mail goes up to the Cresswell's side.
Cresswell-mail-2.jpg (102095 bytes)
Incoming mail on the Cresswell.
Cresswell-2.jpg (101584 bytes)
Upbound Cresswell under the Ambassador Bridge.
Cresswell-3.jpg (75505 bytes)
Cresswell heads toward the Renaissance Center.
Great-Republic-1.jpg (89166 bytes)
Fall clouds above Great Republic.
Great-Republic-2.jpg (102600 bytes)
Great Republic, stern view.

Saturday morning at Burlington piers
- Bill Bird
1-CanadianOlympicVegaDesgagnes-10-22-11-bb-.jpg (54252 bytes)
Canadian Olympic and Vega Desgagnes approaching Hamilton harbor.
2-CanadianOlympic-10-22-11-a-bb-.jpg (76882 bytes)
Canadian Olympic with iron ore from eastern Quebec
3-CanadianOlympic-10-22-11-b-bb.jpg (94450 bytes)
still sporting ULS colors
4-VegaDesgagnes-10-22-11-a-bb.jpg (81129 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes loaded with jet fuel 
5-VegaDesgagnes-10-22-11-b-bb.jpg (100085 bytes)

Welland Canal Saturday
- Bill Bird
1-English-River-10-22-11-a-bb.jpg (91664 bytes)
English River downbound at Thorold
2-EnglishRiver-10-22-11-b-bb.jpg (83882 bytes) 3-EnglishRiverSjard-10-22-11-bb.jpg (81732 bytes)
English River meeting Sjard in the pond above Lock 7
4-Sjard-10-22-11-a-bb.jpg (105999 bytes)
Sjard with more windmill parts
5-Sjard-10-22-11-b-bb.jpg (88236 bytes)
6-Isadora-10-22-11-a-bb.jpg (91553 bytes)
 Isadora heading to the flight locks 
7-Isadora-10-22-11-b-bb.jpg (88626 bytes)      

Calumet came to Holland Saturday to unload at the Verplank dock
- Bob Wass
P1010009.jpg (73963 bytes) P1010025.jpg (81085 bytes)      

Lyulin on her first trip into the Lakes -
Ron Beaupre
1-lyulin-22-10-11-rb.jpg (100602 bytes)
 Upbound at Mariatown.
2-lyulin-22-10-11-rb.jpg (101473 bytes)
She has the Bulgarian shipping funnel colors.

Lyulin entering the Iroquois Lock upbound -
Murray Blancher
1-Lyulin-10-22-11-mb.jpg (103918 bytes) 2-Lyulin-10-22-11-mb.jpg (108124 bytes)      

Spruceglen loading grain at the Andersons in Toledo Saturday
- Ken Borg
Spruceglen10-22-11-kb.jpg (74017 bytes)        

Lee A Tregurtha at Algonac, with cargo destined for Ashtabula, Ohio -
Dawn C. Roberts
1-LAT-10-22-11-dcr.jpg (62169 bytes)        

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