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October 24, 20

Chicago and northern Indiana Sunday - Tom Kort
01-ctc1-10-23-11-tk.jpg (120177 bytes)
 CTC1 still sits quietly waiting
02-calumet-10-23-11-tk.jpg (181139 bytes)
Calumet just south of the Chicago Skyway
03-calumet.10-23-11-tk.jpg (192491 bytes)
Calumet other side
04-oberstar-10-23-11-tk.jpg (119671 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar leaving Indiana Harbor
06-oberstar-10-23-11-tk.jpg (52495 bytes)
Stired up bottom marks the Oberstar's path
07-oberstar-10-23-11-tk.jpg (79260 bytes)
08-harbor-10-23-11-tk.jpg (100663 bytes)
Indiana Harbor unloading at Burns Harbor
09-harbor-10-23-11-tk.jpg (134264 bytes) 11-harbor-10-23-11-tk.jpg (98813 bytes) 13-harbor-10-23-11-tk.jpg (131307 bytes)
Close-up of the fueling
14-blough-10-23-11-tk.jpg (163593 bytes)
Roger Blough unloading at Gary Harbor
15-blough-10-23-11-tk.jpg (103296 bytes)
 View of the shuttle unloading boom
16-blough-10-23-11-tk.jpg (145212 bytes)
17-integrity-10-23-11-tk.jpg (131670 bytes)
Tug G. L. Ostrander and barge Integrity at the Lafarge cement silo
18-integrity-10-23-11-tk.jpg (129204 bytes)

Herbert C. Jackson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
hcj_10_20_11_rb.jpg (212333 bytes)
Loaded with ore and waiting on winds before departing

Historic Perspective - Canadian Miner Upbound in the Welland Canal  
- John McCreery
1-CanMiner-10-28-2007-jm.jpg (93257 bytes)
 Above lock 3 in ballast October 28, 2007.
2-CanMiner-10-28-2007-jm.jpg (113802 bytes)
Approach to lock 3
3-CanMiner-10-28-2007-jm.jpg (108907 bytes)
Under the Glendale bridge
4-CanMiner-10-28-2007-jm.jpg (99064 bytes)
Lock 8 at days end
5-CanMiner-10-28-2007-jm.jpg (162296 bytes)
 Into the sunset

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