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October 28, 20

Seaway - Dave Bessant
01-PeterRCresswell-10-26-11-WDB.jpg (92779 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell downbound at Fernbank Road Wednesday
02-PeterRCresswell-10-26-11-WDB.jpg (112618 bytes) 03-Iryda-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (76039 bytes)
Iryda approaching Loyalist Park upbound, just west of Morrisburg Thursday
04-Iryda-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (99211 bytes) 05-Iryda-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (93910 bytes)
06-IrydaCanadianEnterprise-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (68519 bytes)
Iryda passing Canadian Enterprise unloading at Rideau Bulk Terminal east of Iroquois
07-CanadianEnterprise-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (80087 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise unloading as seen from Loyalist Park
08-CanadianEnterprise-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (132444 bytes) 09-Iryda-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (93204 bytes)
Iryda approaching the lock at Iroquois
10-Wigeon-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (114887 bytes)
Wigeon entering the lock downbound
11-Wigeon-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (108680 bytes) 12-WigeonIryda-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (113440 bytes)
Wigeon giving one long and two short blasts to Iryda, nearby and about to enter the lock at Iroquois
13-Iryda-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (109409 bytes) 14-Wigeon-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (126853 bytes)
Catching up to Wigeon at Loyalist Park downbound to Morrisburg
15-Wigeon-10-27-11-WDB.jpg (91670 bytes)

Welland Canal Tuesday -
Eira Voth
Algoma-Mariner-2011-10-25-in-L-emv.jpg (79329 bytes)
Algoma Mariner
Algosea-2011-10-25-below-L-emv.jpg (74265 bytes)
Lyulin-2100-10-25-below-L-emv.jpg (88216 bytes)
ships-sand-dock-2011-10-25.jpg (69690 bytes)
ships at the sand dock
Cuyahoga-2011-10-25-coming-into-harbour-emv-(1).jpg (79420 bytes)
Cuyahoga coming into harbor
ship-sand-dock-2011-10-25-(1).jpg (91276 bytes)
ships at the sand dock

Algoma Transfer unloaded salt in Sault Ste. Marie, Mi on Wednesday at the Carbide Dock-
Nathan Gregorich
016.AlgomaTransfer.10.26.11.NJG.jpg (104915 bytes) 032.AlgomaTransfer.10.26.11.NJG.jpg (152986 bytes) 033.AlgomaTransfer.10.26.11.NJG.jpg (123418 bytes) 038.AlgomaTransfer.10.26.11.NJG.jpg (77050 bytes) 041.AlgomaTransfer.10.26.11.NJG.jpg (110055 bytes)
049.AlgomaTransfer.10.26.11.NJG.jpg (126665 bytes)        

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Algoma-Mariner-10-25-11-dd.jpg (59733 bytes)
Algoma Mariner
Federal-Nakagawa--10-25-11-dd.jpg (98603 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa is a distant shot just before it reached Bois Blanc Island

BBC  Sjard unloading Thursday in Menominee, Mich.
- Trygve Rhude
1-BBCSJARD-10-27-11-tarJPG.jpg (47689 bytes)        

Tug Invincible and Barge McKee Sons in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
mckee_10_22_11_rb.jpg (173675 bytes)
Loading ore at the Upper Harbor

TowBoatUS Rochester / Rochester Marine Service moved a NYS 75' Barge loaded with fireworks Saturday night from the Erie Canal to the display site off the University of Rochester on the Genesee River -
Jakob Vanreenen
DSC06276.jpg (60002 bytes) DSC06268.jpg (91900 bytes) fireworks.jpg (49336 bytes)    

Tall ship Pride of Baltimore passes Cardinal, Ont. is September -
Bob Baker
1.-PRIDE-OF-BALTIMORE-under.jpg (113710 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives -
Side-by-side in the Soo locks from a turn-of-the-century glass plate negative -  Stephen P. Upham III
Soo-Locks.jpg (132612 bytes)        

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