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October 30, 20

Algoma Transfer was in Hancock, Mich. on Thursday unloading 10,000 tons of road salt - Danielle Adams
1-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (71829 bytes)
Near High Point Road
2-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (156265 bytes)
Nearing Shipping Canal Access site
3-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (71505 bytes)
They turned around above the Shipping Canal Access site
4-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (172121 bytes)
5-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (88959 bytes)
Starting to unload, notice that there's some missing from the last load
6-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (170547 bytes)
Watching the unloading
7-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (147424 bytes)
View from the Houghton side
8-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (109204 bytes)
Finishing unloading
9-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (126676 bytes)
Just getting underway
10-10-27-11-AT-DA.jpg (160112 bytes)
Approaching Lake Superior and heading for Thunder Bay

Tug Krista S. taking a scow up the Buffalo River Saturday afternoon - Brian W.
1-Krista-S.-10-29-11-BW.jpg (102388 bytes)
Leudtke's tug Krista S. is taking her barge past the English River at the LaFarge Cement dock in Buffalo.
2-Krista-S.-10-29-11-BW.jpg (131118 bytes)
The tug is wired to the stern of the barge in a push configuration for the transit up to the dredge site.
3-Krista-S.-10-29-11-BW.jpg (154033 bytes)
All lined up for passage under the bridge ahead, the Krista S. passes the docked English River.
4-Krista-S.-10-29-11-BW.jpg (136496 bytes)
Tug and her barge clearing through the draw at Ohio St. and headed for the dredge upriver.

Calumet River Saturday -
Steve Bauer (79651 bytes)
The Wilfred Sykes passing Calumet Harbor on the way to Indiana Harbor at first light on Saturday morning.
2-Norris-10-29-11-sb.jpg (72733 bytes)
Running just ahead of the Sykes, the James Norris, a rare visitor to Chicago, enters Calumet Harbor with a load of salt after holding out in the lake briefly.
3-Norris-10-29-11-sb.jpg (133799 bytes)
After an assist in spinning from the G Tug Kansas, the pair starts up the Calumet River.
4-Norris-10-29-11-sb.jpg (159736 bytes)
Between 92nd and 95th St.
5-Norris-10-29-11-sb.jpg (213226 bytes)
Approaching 100th St.
6-Norris-10-29-11-sb.jpg (291726 bytes)
Crewmembers keeping an eye on the clearances.
7-Norris-10-29-11-sb.jpg (87168 bytes)
Manning the bow thrusters from the bridge wing.
8-Prgrs-10-29-11-sb.jpg (157325 bytes)
The Algoma Progress unloading salt at Midwest after arriving before sunrise.

Welland Canal Saturday -
Bill Bird
1-FederalSaguenay-10-29-11-a-bb.jpg (96078 bytes)
Federal Saguenay upbound at Allanburg
2-FederalSaguenay-10-29-11-b-bb.jpg (107789 bytes) 3-Calumet-10-29-11-a-bb.jpg (106024 bytes)
Calumet, an infrequent visitor at the canal having exited the flight locks
4-Calumet-10-29-11-b-bb.jpg (82766 bytes) 5-Quebecois-10-29-11-a-bb.jpg (60693 bytes)
Quebecois still sporting ULS colours with a load of cement for Duluth
6-Quebecois-10-29-11-b-bb.jpg (62859 bytes) 7-Quebecois-10-29-11-c-bb.jpg (80594 bytes) 8-Ternen-10-29-11-a-bb.jpg (75342 bytes)
Tanker Ternen from Norway
9-Ternen-10-29-11-b-bb.jpg (82170 bytes)
A rare white stack with a black border
10-Ternen-10-29-11-c-bb.jpg (83346 bytes)
stern shot heading for Lock 3
11-11-JanaDesgagnes-10-29-11-a-bb.jpg (64993 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes clearing Lock 7
12-JanaDesgagnes-10-29-11-b-bb.jpg (70038 bytes) 13-Rena-10-29-11-a-bb.jpg (98850 bytes)
luxury yacht Rena approaching Lock 7
14-Rena-10-29-11-b-bb.jpg (86286 bytes)  

Recent Salties Toronto
- John McCreery
1-FederalEms-10-25-11-jm.jpg (120683 bytes)
Federal Ems being backed away from Redpath Sugar, Toronto
2-FederalEms-10-25-11-jm.jpg (85679 bytes)
Clear of the dock
3-FederalEms-10-25-11-jm.jpg (85949 bytes)
Tugs are turning her about
4-FederalEms-10-25-11-jm.jpg (93626 bytes)
Not leaving but coming back stern first to finish her unloading. Seems they are only using the new unloading device
5-Chestnut-10-29-11-jm.jpg (117432 bytes)
Ems is finished and now at Hamilton her place taken by the Chestnut

Virginiaborg in Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich. Saturday -
Dianne Donati
Virginiaborg-10-29-11-dd.jpg (122998 bytes)        

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