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October 31, 20

The tug Krista S. and tug Karl E. Leudtke were active the Buffalo River Sunday - Brian W.
1-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (126338 bytes)
The operator at the CSX Main Line River Bridge is raising the draw for the passage of the Karl E Leudtke and Krista S.
2-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (131911 bytes)
Karl E. Leudtke is on her way down river with the old N&W lift bridge in the background.
3-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (122645 bytes)
The Krista S. is abeam of the Concrete Central Elevator. The badly deteriorated marine leg boat unloaders stand silent sentinel to the passage of the tug and barge as they wait for a grain boat that is never going to come.
4-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (130001 bytes)
The tug and her barge make the turn above Concrete Central. Large commercial vessel traffic in this section of the river is hard to come by.
5-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (123720 bytes)
The Krista S. heals over slightly to Port as she turns to line up for passage through the CSX River Bridge.
6-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (138939 bytes)
Clearing through draw at River bridge, the tug now lines up for the CSX CP Draw bridge, just to the right, out of the photo.
7-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (134901 bytes)
The CSX CP Draw bridge goes up. Built nearly 100 years ago, the bridge is a major piece of local infrastructure, carrying heavy rail traffic on a daily basis over an industrial waterway.
8-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (229791 bytes)
The scow's forward section eases through the abandoned N&W bridge first, then through CP Draw.
9-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (279964 bytes) 
The tug is now passing through the bridges on the way up to the dredge site near Turning Basin #2 (Republic Steel), off to the left of the photo.
10-Krista-S.-10-30-11-BW.jpg (158290 bytes)
After holding short of the bridge for the passage of the tug & scow, Buffalo & Pittsburgh train SIBF gets the signal and heads past the interlocking at CP Draw on their way across to the Buffalo Creek Yard.

Tug Michigan and Barge Great Lakes moored in the Cheboygan River Sunday -
Dianne Donati
Tug-Michigan-Barge-Great-Lakes-dd.jpg (82974 bytes) Michigan-Great-Lakes-and-USCGC-Mackinaw-dd-10-30-11.jpg (105722 bytes)      

Calumet in Ogdensburg - Ron Beaupre
1-calumet-30-10-11-rb.jpg (95761 bytes)
Turning out of the main channel into Ogdensburg
2-calumet-30-10-11-rb.jpg (79834 bytes)
Discharging her load of salt.

Cleveland Activity from Hope Memorial Bridge - Rich Nicholls
1-St-Marys-Cement-rn-10-30-11.jpg (148628 bytes) 2-Petite-Forte-rn-10-30-11.jpg (138109 bytes) 3-Kathy-Lynn-rn-10-30-11.jpg (107995 bytes) 4-St-Marys-Cement-rn-10-31-11.jpg (143107 bytes)  

Cleveland taken from the Hope Memorial Bridge -
Kate White
1-Cleveland-10-30-11-kw.jpg (122070 bytes)        

Paul R. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1prt_10_27_11_rb.jpg (123108 bytes)
Unloading coal, view from the lakeshore

New CSL vessel keel laying ceremony in China
cslkeellaying10-11a.jpg (147023 bytes) Keel-Laying-2.jpg (89957 bytes) Keel-Laying-3.jpg (83087 bytes) Keel-Laying-4.jpg (154274 bytes)  

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