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November 1, 20

Brockville and Iroquois Sunday and Monday - Dave Bessant
01-Spruceglen-10-30-11-WDB.jpg (121910 bytes)
Spruceglen passing Blockhouse Island upbound with spectators
02-Spruceglen-10-30-11-WDB.jpg (134054 bytes)
Heading into the Brockville Narrows
03-VictoriousJohnJCarrick-10-31-11-WDB.jpg (138231 bytes)
Victorious and her barge John J Carrick approaching Iroquois Lock
04-Victorious-10-31-11-WDB.jpg (188679 bytes) 05-VictoriousJohnJCarrick-10-31-11-WDB.jpg (149618 bytes)
06-FederalYukina-10-31-11-WDB.jpg (164371 bytes)
Federal Yukina arriving to change pilots
07-FederalYukina-10-31-11-WDB.jpg (99067 bytes) 08-FederalYukina-10-31-11-WDB.jpg (148782 bytes) 09-FederalYukina-10-31-11-WDB.jpg (110154 bytes)
Turning towards Morrisburg
10-FederalYukina-10-31-11-WDB.jpg (115239 bytes)
Federal Yukina in the sun at Loyalist park

St. Clair River Traffic Monday -
Dawn Roberts
1-MM-10-31-11-dr.jpg (78289 bytes)
Mesabi Miner headed to St. Clair, leads a day-long parade of ships
2-Int-10-31-11-dr.jpg (86119 bytes)
G. L. Ostrander and barge Integrity upbound to Alpena
3-Amint-10-31-11-dr.jpg (58302 bytes)
American Integrity passes with a load of taconite for Zug Island
4-ASL-10-31-11-dr.jpg (81900 bytes)
Fleetmates meet and exchange a salute
5-Slaud-10-31-11-dr.jpg (110032 bytes)
Sam Laud with a destination of Stoneport
6-Pclke-10-31-11-dr.jpg (78341 bytes)
Philip Clarke, also with a destination of Stoneport isn't far behind
7-Almar-10-31-11-dr.jpg (88519 bytes)
Algomarine has a lot of miles to cover between Marysville and Quebec
8-Amcou-10-31-11-dr.jpg (65282 bytes)
American Courage on her way to Erie
9-Manist-10-31-11-dr.jpg (102435 bytes)
Manistee is bound for Fairport

South Chicago Saturday and Sunday - Lou Gerard
Jamesnorris-10-19-11-lg-DSC-0185.jpg (73438 bytes)
James Norris passing the Calumet Harbor South Pier Light with a load of salt just after sunrise.
Jamesnorris-10-29-11-lg-DSC-0199.jpg (97634 bytes)
Tug Kansas turning the Norris.
Jamesnorris-10-29-11-lg-DSC-0273-34981.jpg (272674 bytes)
Close up of her stack still in Upper Lakes colors.
Jamesnorris-10-29-11-lg-DSC-0287.jpg (172794 bytes)
Going through NS5 with no delay this day.
DSC_0346_35039.jpg (113145 bytes)
After going through the bend at KCBX she approaches 106th. St.
Jamesnorris-10-29-11-lg-DSC-0366.jpg (66525 bytes)
A friendly wave from the Pilot House bridge wing.
Jamesnorris-10-29-11-lg-DSC-0369.jpg (136522 bytes)
|Passing the South Bridgetender's tower.
Jamesnorris-10-29-11-lg-DSC-0391.jpg (95035 bytes)
Going around Wisconsin Steel Bend and almost to her destination.
Jamesnorris-10-30-11-lg-DSC-0430.jpg (100070 bytes)
James Norris tied up at North American Salt's dock at 92nd St. after discharging the remainder of her load.
Jamesnorris-10-30-11-lg-DSC-0438.jpg (98648 bytes)
Another view of the Norris from the 92nd St. bridge. She didn't leave until after 4 p.m. Sunday.

Iroquois area on St. Lawrence -
Robert Baker
1.-ALGOMA-PROVIDER-db-on-St-Lawrence-at-Cardinal.-Oct-11.jpg (66071 bytes) 2.-RENA-in-Iroquois-Lock,-30-Oct-11.jpg (138988 bytes) 3.-RENA-exits-Iroquois-lock.-30-Oct-11.jpg (135746 bytes) 4.-SPRUCEGLEN-ub-west-of-Miratown-on-St-Lawrence.-30-Oct-11.jpg (56979 bytes) 5.-SPRUCEGLEN-ub-meets-RENA-db.jpg (76181 bytes)
6.-RENA--on-St-Lawrence.-30-Oct-11.jpg (68673 bytes) 7.-RENA-db-west-of-Miratown--on-St-Lawrence.-30-Oct-11.jpg (59131 bytes) RENA-west-of-Miratown-on-St-Lawrence.-22-Oct-11.jpg (68108 bytes)    

Upper St Lawrence River -
Paul Beesley
1-deovol-10-15-11-pb.jpg (93025 bytes)
Deo Volente passing us in the South Shore Canal above Montreal.  I was on the Jarrett M on a delivery trip to Nfld.
2-deovol-10-15-11-pb.jpg (92193 bytes)
Odd funnel, with URL running vertically.
3-vict-10-15-11-pb.jpg (115306 bytes)
Victoriaborg leaving St Lambert lock upbound.  This is the first lock of the Seaway.  Below this everyone takes a pilot; well, almost everyone.  As a light tug we were not required to.
4-nord-10-15-11-pb.jpg (103597 bytes)
 Nord Sea at the dock.
5-perros-10-15-11-pb.jpg (87842 bytes)
 Stena Perros also working cargo.  I think these Stena P-Max ships very attractive.  Just a sucker for a great paint job.
6-arctic-10-15-11-pb.jpg (89706 bytes)
Port Weller-built Arctic working cargo.  I believe she has been laid up until recently.
7-torm-10-15-11-pb.jpg (82315 bytes)
Torm Louise anchored below Montreal and waiting for a berth.  There were, it seems, tankers anchored everywhere in this section of the river.
8-east-10-15-11-pb.jpg (88694 bytes)
Algoeast also anchored.  Every ship had two anchors down.
9-meriom-10-15-11-pb.jpg (81465 bytes)
Merriam Glory at anchor.  This one actually popped up astern of us when we were entering Placentia Bay, Newf. 10 days later.
10-katsur-10-15-11-pb.jpg (69120 bytes)
Federal Katsura upbound.
11-azzur-10-15-11-pb.jpg (70965 bytes)
SN Assurra being escorted to her dock by Ocean Group tugs above Sorel.
12-azzur-10-15-11-pb.jpg (75105 bytes)
Duga on the stern of the SN Azzurra.
13-iron-10-15-11-pb.jpg (79993 bytes)
 Iron Point at anchor above Sorel.
14-hunter-10-15-11-pb.jpg (98866 bytes)
Federal Hunter working cargo above Sorel.

Historical Perspective -
Ron Beaupre
A-A-AUGUSTUS527.jpg (43208 bytes)
A A Augustus passing Mission Point in Pioneer Steamship Co. colors. She was built at Lorain in 1910. Sold for scrap in May of 1961 but bought by Hindman and renamed Howard Hindman. Grounded in Little Rapids Cut April 29, 1969 and sold for scrap. Arrived at Bilbao, Spain, Sept. 6, 1969.

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