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November 3, 20

Hamilton, Ont. - Eric Holmes
1-Chestnut-11-02-11-eh.jpg (90660 bytes)
Chestnut arriving Hamilton with the Omni Richileau behind
2-Chestnut-11-02-11-eh.jpg (165974 bytes)
Stern view under the lift bridge
3-Chestnut-11-02-11-eh.jpg (148876 bytes)
Stern view under the Burlington Skyway
4-Omniricheleau-11-02-11-eh.jpg (88289 bytes)
Omni Richileau in the Burlington Ship Canal
5-Omnirichileau-11-02-11-eh.jpg (112530 bytes)
Close up

Goderich, Ont. Tuesday - Bruce Douglas
1-AmDiscovery-11-1-11-bjd.jpg (120532 bytes)
American Discovery loading.
2-Lyulin-11-1-11-bjd.jpg (128934 bytes)
Lyulin from Bulgaria, loading, constructed in China Jan 2011.
3-Algoway-11-1-11-bjd.jpg (150335 bytes)
Algoway backing in to load salt.  MacDonald's tugs working hard.
4-Algosteel-11-1-11-bjd..jpg (237945 bytes)
Algosteel loaded
5-Algomarine-1-30-11-bjd.jpg (278235 bytes)
Algomarine during January 30, 2011. Note the six huge trees.
6-Algosteel-11-1-11-bjd.jpg (212149 bytes)
Algosteel tied up. Note the one remaining large tree on Tuesday.
7-Elevators-11-1-11-bjd.jpg (183275 bytes)
Work continues on the battered elevators.
8-Lite-House-11-1-11-bjd.jpg (198030 bytes)
Goderich lighthouse, spared.

Toledo activity Tuesday -
Rich Nicholls
1-Saginaw-rn-11-1-11.jpg (93161 bytes) 2-Detroit-Princess-rn-11-1-11.jpg (118633 bytes) 3-Detroit-Princess-rn-11-1-11.jpg (94956 bytes)    

Wednesday St. Clair River traffic -
Dawn Roberts
1-PRT-11-2-11-dr.jpg (90031 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha, in ballast, passing Marysville enroute to Superior, Wis.
2-Fron-11-2-11-dr.jpg (73936 bytes)
Frontenac headed downriver to Windsor.  This classic lady can really move the water.
3-Chjac-11-2-11-dr.jpg (71922 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman bound for Quebec.
4-Grepb-11-2-11-dr.jpg (124292 bytes)
Great Republic, framed in autumn grasses, almost slipped past me.
5-Jnor-11-2-11-dr.jpg (120902 bytes)
James Norris, an infrequent visitor, glides under the Bluewater Bridges downbound to Windsor.
6-LAT-11-2-11-dr.jpg (113094 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha follows close behind with a load of taconite for Ashtabula.

Saginaw at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1sag_10_28_11_rb.jpg (153042 bytes)
Loading ore at sunrise
2sag_10_28_11_rb.jpg (207034 bytes)

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