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November 7, 20

Green Bay Sunday - Scott Best
1-JNorris-11-06-11-sb.jpg (103333 bytes)
James Norris heads into Green Bay on a rare visit.
1-TugTexas-11-06-11-sb.jpg (142889 bytes)
Tug Texas races out the Fox River to meet the Norris.
2-JNorris-11-06-11-sb.jpg (86364 bytes)
Texas passing the Norris to get a line on her stern.
3-JNorris-11-06-11-sb.jpg (93480 bytes)
Close up in the slip at the Fox River Dock.

Green Bay -
Matt Ludvigson
1-JNorris-11-6-11-ml.jpg (94741 bytes)
James Norris arrives
2-JNorris-11-6-11-ml.jpg (128117 bytes)
G-Tug moves into position
3-JNorris-11-6-11-ml.jpg (122452 bytes)
Norris makes the turn into the Fox River Dock.

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin in Detroit River Sunday -
Ken Borg
IMG_3489.jpg (195192 bytes)
 Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin down the Detroit River off the J.W. Westcott Co.
IMG_3496.jpg (99687 bytes)
Turning around in the Detroit River
IMG_3501.jpg (102887 bytes)
After turning around she will drift back to the South West Sales dock in Ojibway, Ont.

Welland Canal Sunday -
Bill Bird
1-AlgomaProvider-11-06-11-a-bb.jpg (95947 bytes)
Algoma Provider upbound at Thorold
2-AlgomaProvider-11-06-11-b-bb.jpg (85752 bytes)
Stern detail
3-AlgomaProvider-11-06-11-c-bb.jpg (95764 bytes)
Heading to Lake Superior
4-Lyulin-11-06-11-a-bb.jpg (86509 bytes)
Lyulin on her way to Lock 7
5-Lyulin-11-06-11-b-bb.jpg (97130 bytes)
6-RobertSPierson-11-06-11-a-bb.jpg (118884 bytes)
Robert S Pierson departing Lock 2
7-RobertSPierson-11-06-11-b-bb.jpg (87675 bytes)
8-Algomarine-11-06-11-a-bb.jpg (90651 bytes)
Algomarine clear of Lock One
9-Algomarine-11-06-11-b-bb.jpg (83726 bytes)  

Welland Canal weekend -
Heather Maguire
1-SeaEagleII-11-05-11-hm.jpg (109926 bytes)
 It was a busy Saturday night on the Welland Canal.  Sea Eagle II led the way downbound at Lock 7.
2-Victorious-11-05-11-hm.jpg (85476 bytes)
 Victorious/John J. Carrick looking resplendent in the setting sun, awaits its turn in Lock 7.
3-VictoriousEnterprise-11-05-11-hm.jpg (81175 bytes)
The line-up at Lock 7 included Victorious and the Canadian Enterprise.  The Cuyahoga wasn't far behind.
4-Lyulin-11-06-11-hm.jpg (91250 bytes)
Lyulin above the Guard Gate
5-RSPierson-11-06-11-hm.jpg (115394 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson between Locks 2 and 3.
6-RSPierson-11-06-11-hm.jpg (58554 bytes)
Lower Lakes signature flag, "Don't Give Up The Ship."
7-Salvor-11-06-11-hm.jpg (143341 bytes)
McKeil's Salvor pushes Lambert Spirit out of Lock 2. The next generation of boatnerds is watching closely.
8-Algomarine-11-06-11-hm.jpg (114833 bytes)
Algomarine waiting patiently below Lock 2.
9-Algomarine-11-06-11-hm.jpg (104748 bytes)
Algomarine slides the wall into Lock 2

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-dann-05-11-11-rb.jpg (120398 bytes)
 Thomas Dann towing barge CBC 1267 up into Iroquois Lock.
2-florence-05-11-11-rb.jpg (126881 bytes)
Florence M is the brake.
3-dann-05-11-11-rb.jpg (167709 bytes)
Thomas Dann is on her 6th name since launched in 1975.
4-dann-05-11-11-rb.jpg (151577 bytes)
The tow is heading for Burns Harbor.
5-marine-05-11-11-rb.jpg (62122 bytes)
Algomarine passing Mariatown.
6-barbro-05-11-11-rb.jpg (99447 bytes)
Barbro heads down the river with grain.
1-alioth-03-11-11-rb.jpg (103830 bytes)
Tanker MCT Alioth slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
2-alioth-03-11-11-rb.jpg (86775 bytes)
Cabin detail.
3-alioth-03-11-11-rb.jpg (92417 bytes)
Stern view in the lock.
4-provider-04-11-11-rb.jpg (92766 bytes)
Canadian Provider waits below Iroquois for the CSL Laurentien to clear the lock.
5-provider-04-11-11-rb.jpg (90291 bytes)
She slides the wall on the approach to the lock.
6-provider-04-11-11-rb.jpg (90509 bytes)
New stack markings.

Montreal and back along the Seaway on Friday -
Dave Bessant
01-JWShelley-04-11-11-WDB.jpg (156898 bytes)
J W Shelley at Prescott sitting high in the water waiting to be loaded
02-Isadora-04-11-11-WDB.jpg (129474 bytes)
Isadora downbound towards Iroquois Lock
03-Tadoussac-04-11-11-WDB.jpg (162034 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac leaving the lock at Iroquois heading east
04-Tadoussac-04-11-11-WDB.jpg (62258 bytes)
Tadoussac's "Trillium Class 2012" pennant
05-Tadoussac-04-11-11-WDB.jpg (155732 bytes)
Tadoussac stern view as she leaves the lock
07-Tadoussac-04-11-11-WDB.jpg (84818 bytes)
Tadoussac in front of Loyalist Park approaching Morrisburg
12-Laurentien-04-11-11-WDB.jpg (50266 bytes)
Beauharnois the CSL Laurentien is exiting the lock eastwards to Montreal
14-Richelieu-04-11-11-WDB.jpg (54082 bytes)
Richelieu transiting
15-JWShelley-04-11-11-WDB.jpg (40606 bytes)
Prescott J W Shelley is still there but loading
01-Barbro-05-11-11-WDB.jpg (115573 bytes)
Barbro heading down towards Prescott
02-JWShelley-05-11-11-WDB.jpg (168030 bytes)
Arriving at Prescott to find J W Shelley still loading sitting higher now
03-ThomasDunn-05-11-11-WDB.jpg (154724 bytes)
Tug Thomas Dunn pulling a barge with a pipe bridge followed by Florence M, seen beside a template being built
04-ThomasDunn-05-11-11-WDB.jpg (119334 bytes)
Thomas Dunn
05-FlorenceM-05-11-11-WDB.jpg (124256 bytes)
Florence H and you can see her stack
06-FlorenceMThomasDunnBarbro-05-11-11-WDB.jpg (74425 bytes)
 The two tugs and their pipe bridge meeting Barbro

South Chicago, Ill. Friday -
Steve Bauer
1-Algwy-11-04-11-sb.jpg (122827 bytes)
Algoway backs up the Calumet River past the Kasteelborg and Varnebank on its way to the Chicago Export Dock with a load of salt.
2-Algwy-11-04-11-sb.jpg (166003 bytes)
Approaching 95th St bridge with the G Tugs Massachusetts and Kansas assisting.
3-Algwy-11-04-11-sb.jpg (207109 bytes)
After clearing the Five Bridges, the Massachusetts gives the stern a yank to starboard to line the Algoway up for 100th St.
4-Mass-11-04-11-sb.jpg (215373 bytes)
While rounding the bend at KCBX and passing the Spruceglen, the Algoway and tugs discovered a barge that had broken away nearby.  The Massachusetts disconnected from the Algoway's tow line and went to retrieve the errant barge. The towboat Eileen C. also cut away from her two barges and assisted the Massachusetts.
5-Algwy-11-04-11-sb.jpg (209070 bytes)
Back together and on the move, the Algoway and G Tugs navigate around parked barges near 104th St while the Bonnie G. spots a barge nearby.
6-Algwy-11-04-11-sb.jpg (197771 bytes)
The Kansas shoves on the bow of the Algoway halfway through the turn under 106th St bridge.
7-Spgln-11-04-11-sb.jpg (200798 bytes)
Spruceglen loading at KCBX.  She willl wait for the Philip R. Clarke to arrive before departing with help from the G Tugs.
8-Clrk-11-04-11-sb.jpg (190503 bytes)
The Philip R. Clarke backing through 92nd St en route to Beemsterboer at 106th St.
9-Clrk-11-04-11-sb.jpg (208626 bytes)
Manning the bridge controls holding at 95th St while waiting for the bridge painters to clear.
10-Clrk-11-04-11-sb.jpg (166200 bytes)
Progress is shortlived as she holds at NS 5 for a couple of freights.
11-Clrk-11-04-sb.jpg (295648 bytes)
A little bit of fall color left along the river approaching 100th St.

Capt. Henry Jackman at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1chj_10_31_11_rb.jpg (100689 bytes)
2chj_10_31_11_rb.jpg (250199 bytes)
Docking at the ore dock

Manistee in Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich.
- Dianne Donati
Manistee-11-5-11-dd.jpg (146548 bytes)        

Alpena arriving in Cleveland Thursday -
Kent Gurney
Allpena_20111102_0011A.jpg (133129 bytes) Allpena_20111102_0015A.jpg (209922 bytes) Allpena_20111102_0009A.jpg (96800 bytes)    

Port Stanley Thursday
- Monty Young
Caro-lAnniix4.jpg (272808 bytes)
Carol Ann II turning into her berth
JustNCasex4.jpg (243873 bytes)
Just 'N' Case
LR-Jacksonx4.jpg (100596 bytes)
 L R Jackson coming into her berth
LR-Jackson-Turningx4.jpg (161900 bytes)
L R Jackson making the turn

Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Mc-Kee-Sons-11-4-11-BW.jpg (133594 bytes)
McKee Sons Friday off the Sand Supply Co. Landing on the City Ship Canal as they work on unloading the first pile.
2-Mc-Kee-Sons-11-4-11-BW.jpg (114972 bytes)
Stern view of the Invincible, fit deeply in the notch of her barge with the half moon rising in the East
3-Mc-Kee-Sons-11-4-11-BW.jpg (615560 bytes)
The barge is moored to a tie down harness that is buried in the ground. This helps her maintain position for unloading.
4-Mc-Kee-Sons-11-4-11-BW.jpg (71412 bytes)
You can see all 3 types of construction on the McKee Sons, the plate steel from her lake freighter days to the right, the C-4 troop ship portholes, and the newer steel of the barge notch to the left.
5-Mc-Kee-Sons-11-4-11-BW.jpg (60115 bytes)
The tip of the unloading boom spits out sand on the pile.
6-Mc-Kee-Sons-11-4-11-BW.jpg (134561 bytes)
Here we see the bow section of the barge showing the pilothouse and unloading "A" frame from her lake freighter days.
7-Mc-Kee-Sons-11-4-11-BW.jpg (139438 bytes)
 This shot was taken looking down the reach of the City Ship Canal towards the Skyway Bridge.
1-Hollyhock-11-5-11-BW.jpg (116067 bytes)
Saturday the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock at the Visiting Ship's Dock of the North Pier showing the downtown Buffalo skyline in the background. This pier was once home to the DL&W Railroad's coal wharf.
2-Hollyhock-11-5-11-BW.jpg (142796 bytes)
Freshly painted Winter markers are lined up on deck for installation in Buffalo Harbor

Luck of the Lakes Raffle Draw Saturday -
Roger LeLievre
Trip-drawing.jpg (121564 bytes)
Chris Gillcrist (left) executive director of the Great Lakes Historical Society, and Interlake Steamship Co. president Mark Barker draw the winning raffle ticket at the Luck of the Lakes dinner Saturday night in Toledo. The fundraising event was a benefit for GLHS and the Col. James M. Schoonmaker Museum Ship.

Historical Perspective
- BA Peerless - Dave Otterman
BA-Peerless.jpg (63465 bytes)
Upbound in Lock 8 Welland Canal in the early 60's

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