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November 9, 20

Kaye E Barker loading ore Tuesday in Marquette - Lee Rowe
IMG_5939_2.jpg (98521 bytes) IMG_5942.jpg (69422 bytes)      

Ruth Schulte slides the wall into Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-ruth-08-11-11-rb.jpg (88499 bytes)
She is heading for Sarnia.
2-ruth-08-11-11-rb.jpg (84512 bytes)      

Robert S. Pierson at the ServerStal Steel Plant in Dearborn -
Kenneth Borg
IMG_3506.jpg (92262 bytes)
Loading coke at SeverStal Steel.
IMG_3507.jpg (93498 bytes)

Halifax and Dartmouth Nova Scotia from aboard the Algobay - Captain Clarence Vautier
AlgomaDartmouth7-11-11-CV.jpg (168437 bytes)
Algoma Dartmouth
Algosea7-11-11-CV.jpg (71157 bytes)
AylanticCondor7-11-11-CV.jpg (118466 bytes)
Atlantic Condor
ClipperLegend7-11-11-CV.jpg (60964 bytes)
Clipper Legend
HMCS-Ville-De-Quebec7-11-11-CV.jpg (71907 bytes)
HMCS Ville De Quebec
Histria-Tiger7-11-11-CV.jpg (43914 bytes)
Histria Tiger
NirintHollandia7-11-1-CV.jpg (49547 bytes)
Nirint Hollandia
Reyjkafoss7-11-11-CV.jpg (84335 bytes)

Atlantic Erie at LaPoile Bay, NL. Oct.31
- Lucy Vautier
IMG_4120.jpg (121077 bytes) IMG_4136.jpg (113175 bytes)      

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