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November 15, 20

VSL Centurion in the Welland Canal Monday - Bill Bird
1-VSLCenturion-11-14-11-a-bb.jpg (67127 bytes)
VSL Centurion clear of Lock One
2-VSLCenturion-11-14-11-b-bb.jpg (73807 bytes)
Another view
3-VSLCenturionbow-11-14-11-a-bb.jpg (59791 bytes)
bow profile
4-VSLCenturionstern-11-14-11-bb.jpg (63076 bytes)
stern profile
5-VSLCenturionstack-11-14-11-bb-.jpg (76430 bytes)
stack detail
 6-VSLCenturionflags-11-14-11-bb.jpg (53250 bytes)
Registered in Quebec, she has company flag and Ontario flag on her mast
7-VSLCenturion-11-14-11-bb.jpg (92328 bytes)
Headed to Sarnia where she'll load beans for Quebec.   

Emile enters Hamilton Monday -
Eric Holmes
1-Emilie-11-14-11-eh.jpg (68242 bytes)
Emile inbound Hamilton
2-Emilie-11-14-11-eh.jpg (84730 bytes) 3-Emilie-11-14-11-eh.jpg (114251 bytes)
Under the Burlington Skyway
4-Emilie-11-14-11-eh.jpg (81367 bytes)  

James Norris in the Saginaw River Monday -
Dick Wicklund
james-norris-saginaw-river-11-14-11-dw.jpg (73080 bytes)        

Herbert C. Jackson departing ADM Buffalo Sunday night -
Rob Wolcott
DSCN4872.jpg (81448 bytes)
Bow shot as the Jackson gets ready for departure.
DSCN4905.jpg (97976 bytes)
As night falls and she has her spot lights on.
P1050322.jpg (114324 bytes) P1050339.jpg (71426 bytes)
Washington waiting to tow the Jackson away from the dock, while the blur on the left is the tug Ann Marie and her spoils barge heading back up river.
DSCN4968.jpg (91781 bytes)
Washington pulls on the stern of the Jackson as they make their way to the Michigan street bridge.
DSCN5008.jpg (104437 bytes)
Jackson passing the former DL&W train station now the NFTA metro rail sheds.
P1050375.jpg (74252 bytes)
Washington helps the Jackson turn to Starboard for and exit out of the north entrance
P1050396.jpg (52274 bytes)
Washington makes one last push as the Jackson makes her way towards open lake Erie.

James Norris and the Algorail transit inbound on the Saginaw River Sunday -
Galen Witham
jnorris-11-14-11-grw1.jpg (83014 bytes) jnorris-11-14-11-grw2.jpg (96084 bytes) jnorris-11-14-11-grw3.jpg (133736 bytes) jnorris-11-14-11-grw4.jpg (95758 bytes) jnorris-11-14-11-grw5.jpg (114220 bytes)
jnorris-11-14-11-grw6.jpg (128578 bytes) algorail-11-14-11-grw.jpg (138984 bytes) algorail-11-14-11-grw1.jpg (173701 bytes) algorail-11-14-11-grw2.jpg (112618 bytes) algorail-11-14-11-grw3.jpg (92067 bytes)
algorail-11-14-11-grw4.jpg (109894 bytes) algorail-11-14-11-grw5.jpg (162305 bytes)      

Rouge River  -
Ken Borg
IMG_3602.jpg (111593 bytes)
Loading coke at SeverStal Steel Sunday.
IMG_3605.jpg (103162 bytes) IMG_3624.jpg (58003 bytes)    

Algoma Provider turning into the St. Clair River from lower Lake Huron Saturday with a load of wheat from Thunder Bay for Quebec City -
George Wharton
AlgoProvider11-12-11gw4175.jpg (105958 bytes) AlgoProvider11-12-11gw4181.jpg (103289 bytes) AlgoProvider11-12-11gw4185.jpg (61084 bytes) AlgoProvider11-12-11gw4188.jpg (83328 bytes) AlgoProvider11-12-11gw4191.jpg (98084 bytes)

Seaway -
Dave Bessant
02-Algocape-11-12-11-WDB.jpg (121945 bytes)
04-PacificHuron-11-12-11-WDB.jpg (117273 bytes)
Pacific Huron heading to Iroquois
05-AlgomaProgress-11-13-11-WDB.jpg (117173 bytes)
Algoma Progress entering the lock at Iroquois heading downriver
10-AlgomaProgress-11-13-11-WDB.jpg (88110 bytes)
 Turning around to go to Rideau Terminals just west of Mariatown to unload salt.
11-AlgomaProgress-11-13-11-WDB.jpg (106379 bytes)

Marquette, Mich. -
Jake Heffernan
1-Algosoo-11-13-11-jh.jpg (74807 bytes)
Algosoo approaching the dock
2-Algosoo-11-13-11-jh.jpg (128591 bytes)
Algosoo loading in Marquette
3-Algosoo-11-13-11-jh.jpg (93997 bytes)
A wave from the deck
4-USCGAlder-11-13-11-jh.jpg (73708 bytes)
USCG Alder in the Upper Harbor
5-USCGAlder-11-13-11-jh.jpg (77211 bytes)
USCG Alder tied up in the Lower Harbor
6-James-Barker-11-13-11-jh1.jpg (37967 bytes)
 James R. Barker still unloading at 12:30 Sunday morning
DSC_0136.jpg (47520 bytes) DSC_0184.jpg (52999 bytes) DSC_0240.jpg (56382 bytes) DSC_0310.jpg (53671 bytes)

VSL Centurion upbound above Morrisburg Sunday -
Ron Beaupre
1-vsl-13-11-11-rb.jpg (81340 bytes) 2-vsl-13-11-11-rb.jpg (64261 bytes)
Vanguard houseflag at the yardarm.
3-vsl-13-11-11-rb.jpg (75543 bytes)
Registered in Quebec City and heading for Sarnia to get her first load.

Algosoo arriving in Marquette
- Lee Rowe
IMG_6037.jpg (155746 bytes)
Note the one anchor
IMG_6041.jpg (107913 bytes)      

Pineglen at Port Huron Sunday -
Martin Bliss
Picture-1713.jpg (93050 bytes) Picture-1740.jpg (82261 bytes)      

Cheboygan, Mich. -
Dianne Donati
Sam-Laud-11-13-11-dd.jpg (139186 bytes) Sam-Laud-passing-Huron-Service-11-13-11-dd.jpg (126013 bytes) Tug-Huron-Service-Barge-Energy-Svc-6506-dd.jpg (96502 bytes) Tug-Huron-Service-next-to-barge-Energy-6056-dd.jpg (90753 bytes) Arthur-Anderson-11-13-11-dd.jpg (87540 bytes)

John J. Boland at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jjb_11_11_11_rb.jpg (150008 bytes)
Unloading coal at the Shiras Dock

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algmar-11-01-11-pb.jpg (77426 bytes)
My first view of the new Algoma Mariner.  Below Lock 3.
2-pachur-11-01-11-pb.jpg (86585 bytes)
Pacific Huron approaching the Homer bridge, upbound.
3-pachur-11-01-11-pb.jpg (91701 bytes)
Creeping up toward the wall below Lock 3.
4-prc-11-02-11-pb.jpg (85428 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell above Lock 3.
5-prc-11-02-11-pb.jpg (172071 bytes)
This particular machine, on board the Cresswell, uses less water, less blast media, and a low PSI unlike traditional sandblasting.  So it says on their website.
6-tufty-11-02-11-pb.jpg (104965 bytes)
Tufty above Lock 7.

High wind whipping up Lake Erie Saturday -  Brian W.
1-Lake-Erie-11-12-11-BW.jpg (118938 bytes)
As seen from the Hamburg break wall with Buffalo off in the distance to the right and the Canadian shoreline off to the left.
2-Lake-Erie-11-12-11-BW.jpg (152570 bytes)
Debris from previous storms piled high on the rock shows just how powerful an angry lake can be. The additional windmills recently added to the Steel Winds project can be seen in the background.
3--Lake-Erie-11-12-11-BW.jpg (37720 bytes)
The only vessel traffic to be found in such rough conditions was a wind surfer riding the waves.

Erie Canal, Lyons New York, November 2011
- Jason LaDue 
IMG_2587sm-Grouper-Erie-Canal-Lyons-Jason-LaDue.jpg (154094 bytes)
Grouper (ex Gary, Green Bay, Oneida, Iroquois, Alaska) in background
IMG_2592sm-Grouper-Erie-Canal-Lyons-Jason-LaDue.jpg (157434 bytes)
Grouper built 1912
IMG_2594sm-Seneca-Erie-Canal-Lyons-11-11-11-Jason-LaDue.jpg (166491 bytes)
New York State Canal Corporation's Seneca   
IMG_2617sm-Syracuse-Erie-Canal-Lyons-11-11-11-Jason-LaDue.jpg (191687 bytes)
NYS Canal Corporation tug, Syracuse
IMG_2606sm-Syracuse-Erie-Canal-Lyons-11-11-11-Jason-LaDue.jpg (203479 bytes)
Syracuse one of two sister tugs on Canal, the other named Reliable (out of service)

Meidwie loading wheat in Duluth October 22
- Nick Stenstrup
Meidwie10-20-11.jpg (115858 bytes)        

Sagittaruis, now the upbound VSL Centurion, upbound off Grassy Island October 6, 2004 - Mike Nicholls
SAGITTARIUSb2110-06-04mn.jpg (78607 bytes) SAGITTARIUSs2410-06-04mn.jpg (101454 bytes)      

Welland Canal in Port Colborne during the 2008 winter lay-up
- Gilles Therrien
HPIM0028.jpg (79906 bytes) HPIM0029.jpg (79355 bytes) HPIM0030.jpg (65554 bytes) HPIM0031.jpg (53993 bytes)  

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