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November 17, 20

South Chicago Wednesday - Lou Gerard
Frontenac-11-16-11-lg-DSC-0332-.jpg (127177 bytes)
Frontenac comes through 92nd St.
Frontenac-11-16-11-lg-DSC-0352-.jpg (122927 bytes)
With the 'G' tug Massachusetts leading Frontenac approaches 95th St.
Frontenac-11-16-11-lg-DSC-0367.jpg (229235 bytes)
Crewmembers removing hatch cover claps.
Frontenac-11-16-11-lg-DSC-0382.jpg (180505 bytes)
Waiting briefly at NS5 as a westbound Amtrak crosses.
Frontenac-11-16-11-lg-DSC-0396.jpg (192566 bytes)
Approaching 100th St.
Frontenac-11-16-11-lg-DSC-0290.jpg (160702 bytes)
The tanker William L. Warner enroute to fuel the St. Marys Challenger at Lake Calumet follows.
Frontenac-11-16-11-lg-DSC-0412.jpg (130412 bytes)
Coming up to 106th St. Frontenac smokes it up as she is ready to go through the tight bend.
Frontenac-11-16-11-lg-DSC-0433.jpg (108280 bytes)
Going around Wisconsin Steel Bend as the tanker Warner follows.

Green Bay - Scott Best
1-Alpena-11-16-11-sb.jpg (121238 bytes)
Tug Texas leading the Alpena up the Fox River under the I-43 Tower Drive Bridge Wednesday.
2-Alpena-11-16-11-sb.jpg (131466 bytes)
Passing through the first RR bridge, note Catherine Desgagnes is backing out of the slip at FRD in the background.
3-Alpena-11-16-11-sb.jpg (125469 bytes)
Heading up River approaching the Mason St Bridge.
4-Alpena-11-16-11-sb.jpg (95911 bytes)
Close up.
1-ATransfer-11-16-11-sb.jpg (80252 bytes)
Algoma Transfer arriving last week to unload salt.
2-ATransfer-11-16-11-sb.jpg (112590 bytes)
Stern view turning into the slip at the Fox River Dock.

Manitowoc unloading at the Founder's Sand Supply Co. Landing on the City Ship Canal
- Brian W.
1-Manitowoc-11-15-11-BW-005.jpg (74540 bytes)        

St. Clair River
- Dawn Roberts
1-PI-11-16-11-dcr.jpg (44263 bytes)
Presque Isle downbound with taconite
2-Mani-11-16-11-dcr.jpg (63676 bytes)
Manitowoc upbound
3-Geom-11-16-11-dcr.jpg (102413 bytes) 4-Pass-11-16-11-dcr.jpg (49190 bytes)
Birchglen & Manitowoc pass at Marysville
5-Bir-11-16-11-dcr.jpg (74993 bytes)
6-Amre-11-16-11-dcr.jpg (59576 bytes)
Great Republic downbound
7-Amer-11-16-11-dcr.jpg (77702 bytes)
American Mariner with taconite for Cleveland
8-Pcres-11-16-11-dcr.jpg (57952 bytes)
Peter R. Creswell making progress toward Godrich
9-JRB-11-16-11-dcr.jpg (114770 bytes)
James R. Barker, loaded with coal for Recor
1-MM-11-15-11-dcr.jpg (59038 bytes)
Mesabi Miner with a load of taconite destined for Ashtabula
2-Doran-11-15-11-dcr.jpg (84478 bytes)
Local gulls preen or watch as Dorothy Ann & Pathfinder head upriver   
3-Ahur-11-15-11-dcr.jpg (116881 bytes)
Atlantic Huron begins slowing for the fuel dock
4-Wake-11-15-11-dcr.jpg (143286 bytes)
Frothy waves break along the shore after she passes
5-Mnt-11-15-11-dcr.jpg (68074 bytes)
Montrealis with cargo from Thunder Bay
6-PRT-11-15-11-dcr.jpg (147553 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha passes Marysville Park & Riverwalk, enroute to Superior

Michipicoten Loading Ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1mich_11_11_11_rb.jpg (267710 bytes)
First snowfall of the season

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-emilie-11-04-11-pb.jpg (101033 bytes)
Emilie above Lock 1 at dusk.
2-emilie-11-04-11-pb.jpg (111113 bytes)
Above the end of the gangway can be seen the pilot ladder coiled up on a reel.  This makes it much easier to deploy and recover and also provides a more secure ladder for the pilots.
3-emilie-11-04-11-pb.jpg (87430 bytes)
On the right hand side can be seen the green light on Lock 2 indicating the lock is ready for the Emilie.
4-fedpow-11-04-11-pb.jpg (88054 bytes)
Federal Power below Lock 2.
5-fedpow-11-04-11-pb.jpg (103921 bytes)
Approaching Lock 1.
6-mctali-11-04-11-pb.jpg (87554 bytes)
MCT Alioth at the Glendale bridge above Lock 3.
7-lamspi-11-04-11-pb.jpg (75267 bytes)
 Lambert Spirit passes the Port Weller shipyard.
8-salvor-11-04-11-pb.jpg (84804 bytes)
Salvor, the motive power for the Lambert Spirit.

Muskoka Lakes Steamships Segwun and Wenonah II at Port Carling, Ontario -
Graham Grattan
1-Segwun-11-08-11-gg.jpg.jpg (159244 bytes)
The coal fired steamship Segwun sits in the lock at Port Carling, Ontario. She is undergoing maintenance and inspection.
2-Wenonah-11-08-11-gg.jpg.jpg (154796 bytes)
Wenonah II is tied up astern of Segwun.

Historical Perspectives -
Lachine C# 177879
LACHINE555.jpg (107563 bytes)
Built by Davie at Lauzon, Quebec in 1940 as a minesweeper.
Port of Registry: Montreal, Owner: United Towing & Salvage Co. Ltd. Port Arthur, Ont. 1947 Dept. of Transport List of Shipping & 1954 Redbook.
United Towing owned a derrick barge named Great Western. Is that her in the lock?

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