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November 18 - 21, 20

James Norris inbound Muskegon Sunday - Jeff and Greg Barber
jamesnorris11-20-11gb-(5).jpg (63910 bytes)
James Norris lines up the piers
jamesnorris11-20-11gb-(6).jpg (88574 bytes) jamesnorris11-20-11gb-(1).jpg (100865 bytes) jamesnorris11-20-11gb-(2).jpg (99040 bytes) jamesnorris11-20-11gb-(3).jpg (89540 bytes)
jamesnorris11-20-11gb-(4).jpg (92764 bytes)        

Montrealais and Algonova at Prescott on Sunday morning - Dave Bessant
01-Montrealais-11-20-11-WDB.jpg (92011 bytes)
Montrealais under the Prescott Bridge
02-Montrealais-11-20-11-WDB.jpg (61792 bytes)
In front of Ogdensburg, NY
03-Montrealais-11-20-11-WDB.jpg (95277 bytes)
Prescott Elevators
05-Montrealais-11-20-11-WDB.jpg (165613 bytes) 06-Algonova-11-20-11-WDB.jpg (103273 bytes)
Algonova under the bridge
08-Algonova-11-20-11-WDB.jpg (76553 bytes)
Infront of the old railway pilings that led to the ferry
09-Algonova-11-20-11-WDB.jpg (101348 bytes)
Passing the port lighthouse
10-CNR-11-20-11-WDB.jpg (149429 bytes)
On the way to Brockville, a VIA express to Montreal
11-Montrealais-11-20-11-WDB.jpg (89708 bytes)
Montrealais at Fernbank Road just west of Brockville

Saturday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Algoma-Guardian-11-19-11a-bb.jpg (86833 bytes)
Algoma Guardian at Homer Bridge headed to Lock 3.  Bound for Thunder Bay
2-Algoma-Guardian-11-19-11-b-bb.jpg (96815 bytes) 3-HHL-Nile-11-19-11-bb.jpg (117041 bytes)
HHL Nile finished unloading at Thorold Industrial Dock but was staying put because of high winds.
4-McKee-Sons-11-19-11-bb.jpg (114643 bytes)
McKee Sons and Invincible above Lock 7 had been expecting to go to Thorold dock but were delayed as well.
5-Richelieu-11-19-11-bb.jpg (87095 bytes)
Richelieu using bow thruster hugs the west ball leaving Lock 7
6-RichelieuMcKeeSons-11-19-11-bb.jpg (85871 bytes)
Passing McKee Sons on her way to Thunder Bay
7-CSL-Niagara-11-19-11-a-bb.jpg (101192 bytes)
CSL Niagara leaving lock 3
8-CSL-Niagara-11-19-11-b-bb.jpg (101353 bytes)
Later clear of Lock 2-she would anchor off Port Weller because of high winds at her dock in Bowmanville.
9-CSL-Niagara-flags-11-19-11-bb.jpg (43099 bytes)
Two of Niagara's flags-one celebrating the arrival of the new Trillium class vessels next year.  And the other one?  

- Dave Bessant
01-AlgomaDiscovery-11-15-11-WDB.jpg (175038 bytes)
Algoma Discovery at Brockville upbound
02-Algosea-11-15-11-WDB.jpg (112623 bytes)
Algosea close behind
03-CanadianEnterprise-11-16-11-WDB.jpg (63754 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise downbound through the Iroquois lock
04-JohnDLeitch-11-19-11-WDB.jpg (181103 bytes)
John D Leitch off Hudson Point west of Brockville on Saturday morning
05-VSLCenturion-11-19-11-WDB.jpg (166749 bytes)
VSL Centurion loading at Prescott
06-Salvor-11-19-11-WDB.jpg (129067 bytes)
Salvor and her barge Lambert Spirit carrying  aluminum
07-Cuyahoga-11-19-11-WDB.jpg (123185 bytes)
Cuyahoga entering the lock at Iroquois
08-Cuyahoga-11-19-11-WDB.jpg (148257 bytes)
Cuyahoga's "Don't Give Up The Ship" flag.
09-Cuyahoga-11-19-11-WDB.jpg (142603 bytes)
Taking a rest as we go through the lock, hope they do not sound a salute!

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-vsl-19-11-11-rb.jpg (145082 bytes)
VSL Centurion loading soybeans at Prescott Elevators.
1-hhlnile-16-11-11-rb.jpg (71156 bytes)
HHL Nile going up the river west of Iroquois. She is heading for Thorold Nov. 16.

Lake St. Clair and Rouge River
- Ken Borg
IMG_3668.jpg (87752 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson downbound in Lake St. Clair Saturday
IMG_3669.jpg (50600 bytes)
About to enter the Detroit River off Windmill Point.
IMG_3670.jpg (81627 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker coming up the Rouge River Sunday. After unlading at SeverStal Steel in Dearborn she is going back to Marquette.
IMG_3677.jpg (110568 bytes)
Patricia Hoey with fuel barge Marysville going to the SeverStal Steel slip to fuel the Barker.

Boat traffic and Authorama at Port Huron -
Roger LeLievre
Algosea-RL.jpg (104153 bytes)
Algosea downbound off Vantage Point Friday.
Auth-Dennis-Hale.jpg (113631 bytes)
Dennis and Barb Hale at the Authorama.
Auth-Dick-WIcklund.jpg (106480 bytes)
Dick Wicklund, co-author of The Kinsman Lines.
Auth-Paul-Beesley.jpg (124442 bytes)
Calendar-maker Paul Beesley.
Desgagnes,-Thalassa-RL.jpg (112284 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes loading at Sarnia.
Havelstern-RL.jpg (98436 bytes)
Tanker Havelstern.
Manistee-Anderson-RL.jpg (91863 bytes)
Manistee and Arthur M. Anderson meet in front of the Maritime Center Saturday.

St. Clair River Saturday -
Heather Maguire
1-Algosea-11-18-11-hm.jpg (95814 bytes)
Algosea downbound on the St. Clair River on a gorgeous, but windy Friday afternoon. 
2-BoatCrossing-11-19-11-hm.jpg (74955 bytes)
Watching out for boats, on the way to Authorama.
3-Pathfinder-11-19-11-hm.jpg (99657 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder was the first vessel of the day on Saturday.
4-AMAnderson-11-19-11-hm.jpg (68387 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson upbound.
5-Manistee-11-19-11-hm.jpg (114422 bytes)
 Manistee downbound.
6-ManisteeAnderson-11-19-11-hm.jpg (112117 bytes)
7-PeterRCresswell-11-19-11-hm.jpg (121462 bytes)
The last ship to pass by before Authorama ended was Peter R. Cresswell. 


Manitowoc and Adam E. Cornelius -
Rob Wolcott
P1050434.jpg (114091 bytes)
Manitowoc unloading sand at the Sand Supply dock in the City Ship canal.
P1050447.jpg (92365 bytes) P1050451.jpg (114214 bytes) P1050468.jpg (101803 bytes) P1050471.jpg (141310 bytes)
P1050484.jpg (113976 bytes) P1050499.jpg (116004 bytes) P1050507.jpg (101322 bytes) P1050585.jpg (155231 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius stern view unloading what looks to be stone at the Gateway Metroport
P1050599.jpg (103208 bytes)
P1050603.jpg (115401 bytes) P1050646.jpg (124585 bytes) P1050703.jpg (133873 bytes) P1050719.jpg (134288 bytes) P1050720.jpg (135668 bytes)
P1050737.jpg (115598 bytes) P1050749.jpg (91456 bytes) P1050781.jpg (108530 bytes) P1050784.jpg (113512 bytes)  

Sept Iles and Port Cartier
- Captain, Clarence Vautier
Proud16-11-11-CV.jpg (46131 bytes)
Proud,  loading 168,000 tonnes iron ore the help of the Atlantic Superior.
CSL-Acadian18-11-11-CV.jpg (57510 bytes)
CSL Acadian, waiting for a berth to load 70,000 tonnes iron ore.
BrightLaker16-11-11-CV.jpg (76575 bytes)
 Bright Laker, unldg 20,000 tonnes of Limestone.
Andre-H11-16-11-CV.jpg (68635 bytes)
Ocean Group tug Andre H.
NordikExpress11-16-11-CV.jpg (152993 bytes)
Nordik Express
Algobay11-16-11-CV.jpg (106846 bytes)
Algobay unloading gypsum at Sept Iles.
BulkSpain11-16-11-CV.jpg (43400 bytes)
Bulk Spain at Port Cartier
Unknownwreck-11-15-11-CV.jpg (47580 bytes)
Unknown wreck at Port Cartier

Algosoo at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1asoo_11_13_11_rb.jpg (188560 bytes)
Loading ore
2asoo_11_13_11_rb.jpg (130494 bytes)      

Welland Canal -
Eira Voth
Ruth-Schulte-2011-11-10-UBPort-Robinson-emv.jpg (95816 bytes)
Ruth Schulte
Ruth-Schulte-2011-11-10-UBPort-Robinson-emv-(1).jpg (90942 bytes) VSL-Centurion-2011-11-14--UBL1L2-emv.jpg (63730 bytes)
VSL Centurion
VSL-Centurion-2011-11-14--UBL1L2-emv-(2).jpg (67370 bytes)  

Seaway -
Jim Scrimger
1-Griffon-11-17-11-JS--.jpg (142879 bytes) 2-tugs-11-17-11-JS-.jpg (103580 bytes) 3-Steel-Head-11-17-11-JS-.jpg (95603 bytes) 4-TIM-tug-11-17-11-JS-.jpg (125922 bytes) 5-Tug-M-R-Kane-11-17-11-JS-.jpg (103691 bytes)

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algdis-11-07-11-pb.jpg (80513 bytes)
Algoma Discovery clear of the flight locks on her way to Lock 3.
2-algdis-11-07-11-pb.jpg (141217 bytes)
Symbols for Bow Thruster and Bulbous Bow.  These, and many others,  are promulgated by the International Organization for Standardization.  As can be seen, they are not simply painted on but are raised from the steel of the hull.
3-spruceg-11-07-11-pb.jpg (77363 bytes)
Spruceglen below the flight locks.
4-ternen-11-07-11-pb.jpg (81493 bytes)
Ternen securing below Lock 1.  She is registered in Porsgrunn, a community in Norway.  This ship is registered with the Norwegian International Ship Registry, a registry aimed at competing with flags of convenience registers like Panama, Marshall Islands, etc.
5-thades-11-07-11-pb.jpg (75834 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes above Lock 1.

Saginaw loading in Marquette
- Lee Rowe
IMG_6064.jpg (111066 bytes) IMG_6065.jpg (154820 bytes)      

Ecosse in Kingston -
Tom Rutledge
ecosse-tug-in-kingston.jpg (188169 bytes)        

VSL Centurion downbound above Montreal November 20 -
Kent Malo
VSLCenturion20-11-11-km.jpg (100246 bytes)        

Federal Fuji loading Wheat at port in Duluth, Minn. August 28. 2011
1-FedFuji-8-28-11-ns-jpg.jpg (137066 bytes)        

J.C. Miller Loaded with Iron Ore backing away from the Soo Line Ore Dock in Ashland Wisconsin 1961
  - Robert Klamerus
JCMiller-1961.jpg (87033 bytes)        

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