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November 24 - 28, 20

Philip R Clarke in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
PClark-11-27-11-BCM-01.jpg (66356 bytes) PClark-11-27-11-BCM-02.jpg (78135 bytes) PClark-11-27-11-BCM-03.jpg (92896 bytes)
Clarke arriving in the river
PClark-11-27-11-BCM-04.jpg (91451 bytes) PClark-11-27-11-BCM-05.jpg (96420 bytes)
getting tied up
PClark-11-27-11-BCM-06.jpg (75669 bytes)
moving out the boom
PClark-11-27-11-BCM-07.jpg (83024 bytes)
unloading coal
PClark-11-27-11-BCM-08.jpg (100792 bytes)
backing out
PClark-11-27-11-BCM-09.jpg (110128 bytes) PClark-11-27-11-BCM-10.jpg (99700 bytes)

Phillip R. Clarke unloading at DPI in Alpena Sunday -
Steve Worm
philiprclarke11-27-11057.jpg (87232 bytes) philiprclarke11-27-11058.jpg (86617 bytes) philiprclarke11-27-11059.jpg (57192 bytes) philiprclarke11-27-11063.jpg (89218 bytes) philiprclarke11-27-11067.jpg (83910 bytes)

BBC Colorado departing Iroquois Lock down bound on her first trip into the Lakes -
Ron Beaupre
2-bbc-27-11-11-rb.jpg (87436 bytes) 1-bbc-27-11-11-rb.jpg (131246 bytes)      

South Chicago Friday -
Steve Bauer
1-Mssgi-11-25-11-sb.jpg (105694 bytes)
The Mississagi inbound at inbound at Calumet Harbor around noon on Friday with a load for Midwest Terminal near 122nd St.
2-Mssgi-1-25-11-sb.jpg (102041 bytes)
Passing the outbound Prentiss Brown and barge St. Marys Conquest.
3-Conqst-11-25-11-sb.jpg (73771 bytes)
Prentiss Brown outbound about to turn and head up Lake Michigan for Charlevoix.
4-Mssgi-11-25-11-sb.jpg (254060 bytes)
Passing Perch fishermen on the Calumet River approaching 92nd St.
5-Mssgi-11-25-11-sb.jpg (168029 bytes)
Making the bend under 92nd St. bridge.
6-Mssgi-11-25-11-sb.jpg (134317 bytes)
Approaching 95th St.
7-OldMsn-11-25-11-sb.jpg (193303 bytes)
Kindra Lake Towing tug Old Mission departs with a load after the Mississagi passes 95th.
8-Mssgi-11-25-11-sb.jpg (203812 bytes)
Moving at a good clip at 100th St.

Barge aground on Lake Michigan near Sheboygan, Wis.
bargeaground11-25-11.jpg (118206 bytes)        

St. Marys River Friday -
Roger LeLievre
Manitoba-11-25-11rl.jpg (47258 bytes)
Manitoba at the Rock Cut, fresh from drydocking in Thunder Bay.
Manitoba-11-25-11rl-2.jpg (57617 bytes) Manitoba-11-25-11rl-3.jpg (58797 bytes)    

Thanksgiving Day Parade on the St. Clair River -
Dawn Roberts
1-Ducks-11-24-11-dcr.jpg (70304 bytes)
 One-by-one, these buffleheads popped-up from their underwater feeding, to watch the freighters pass.
2-Ojib-11-24-11-dcr.jpg (73691 bytes)
Ojibway at Marysville
3-KEB-11-24-11-dcr.jpg (51773 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker, destination SeverStal, follows close behind
4-CI-11-24-11-dcr.jpg (88215 bytes)
CCG Cove Isle churns the water at Marine City
5-Bf-11-24-11-dcr.jpg (58173 bytes)
Bluewater Ferry on a return trip from Sombra
6-Gleit-11-24-11-dcr.jpg (74405 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch and Palmer Park (St. Clair) Christmas decorations
7-Stcl-11-24-11-dcr.jpg (84921 bytes)
St. Clair with Chemical Valley in the background
8-LAT-11-24-11-dcr.jpg (93395 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha loaded with taconite for Toledo
9-Almar-11-24-11-dcr.jpg (110601 bytes)
Algomarine under the Bluewater Bridges

Hamilton and  - Captain Clarence Vautier 
Morholmen11-24-11-cv.jpg (57517 bytes)
Tanker Morholmen at Port of Hamilton
Morholmen11-24-11-cv-a.jpg (66105 bytes)
Crew sprucing up the ships name
HamiltonEnergy11-24-11-cv.jpg (92745 bytes)
Promar's Hamilton Energy, former Metro Sun in Hamilton.
Provmar-Terminal-11-11-24-11-cv.jpg (55996 bytes)
Storage Tanker Provmar Terminal (2), Former Imperial Sarnia
AtlanticEland11-21-11-cv.jpg (119108 bytes)
Canada South Africa Line Atlantic Eland at Montreal Nov. 11
Umiavut11-21-11-cv.jpg (87227 bytes)
Umiavut at Montreal Nov. 11
VegaEternity11-21-11-cv.jpg (56249 bytes)
Vega Eternity at Anchor Sorel, Quebec,  Nov. 11
Emilie11-21-11-cv.jpg (58631 bytes)
Emilie loading cereal product at Sorel Nov 21
RaymondD11-21-11-cv.jpg (144765 bytes)
Raymond  D and a group of tugs from the Ocean Group at Montreal, at Montreal Nov. 11
Serviceboat-11-21-11-cv.jpg (95497 bytes)
Ocean Group Service Boat 1 at Montreal Nov. 11
TormLene11-21-11-cv.jpg (99281 bytes)
Product Tanker Torm Lene at Montreal Nov. 11

BBC Colorado up bound at Mariatown on her first trip into the Lakes -
Ron Beaupre
1-bbc-26-11-11-rb.jpg (65330 bytes)        

Seaway -
Dave Bessant
01-Saguenay-11-26-11-WDB.jpg (68334 bytes)
Saguenay upbound under the Prescott Ogdensburg bridge
02-Saguenay-11-26-11-WDB.jpg (95477 bytes) 02-BBCColorado-11-25-11-WDB.jpg (95162 bytes)
BBC Colorado at Fernbank Road just west of Brockville laden with plywood boxes.
03-BBCColorado-11-25-11-WDB.jpg (73914 bytes)
04-Kaministiqua-11-25-11-WDB.jpg (85164 bytes)
Kaministiqua heading east at Blockhouse Island
01-Pineglen-11-22-11-WDB.jpg (141972 bytes)
Pineglen sporting some bright new paint, downbound
02-Pineglen-11-22-11-WDB.jpg (99780 bytes)
Passing Loyalist Park
03-CanadianOlympic-11-22-11-WDB.jpg (111112 bytes)
Canadian Olympic against the sun approaching Mariatown
04-CanadianOlympic-11-22-11-WDB.jpg (108306 bytes) 05-Algocanada-11-23-11-WDB.jpg (184292 bytes)
Algocanada entering the lock at Iroquois to change pilots
06-Algocanada-11-23-11-WDB.jpg (175433 bytes) 04-KathrynSpirit-11-24-11-WDB.jpg (130945 bytes)
Kathryn Spirit is to be scrapped by the Groupe St Pierre at this location in Beauharnois

Toledo docks Nov. 22
  -  Steven  Feher
11-22-11-001.jpg (121731 bytes)
James L Kuber Loading at CSX # 4 coal machine  bow view
11-22-11-002.jpg (129143 bytes) 11-22-11-004.jpg (140499 bytes)
Heading out into the channel

Used Lifeboat at Avon, Ohio
1-Lifeboat-11-21-11-rn.jpg (125993 bytes) 2-Lifeboat-11-21-11-rn.jpg (150892 bytes) 3-Lifeboat-11-21-11-rn.jpg (98035 bytes)    

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-hhlnil-11-17-11-pb.jpg (107372 bytes)
HHL Nile above Lock 3.  Was the Beluga Faculty until that group disintegrated.
2-cuyaho-11-20-11-pb.jpg (170341 bytes)
Cuyahoga with the gate closing astern of her.  Lock 2.
3-havels-11-20-11-pb.jpg (72933 bytes)
Havelstern below Lock 2.  She is a larger version of the former Jade, Diamond & Emerald Star.
4-havels-11-20-11-pb.jpg (89865 bytes)
Havelstern was recently flagged Canadian.  She is owned by the Woodward Group of Newfoundland.  Her funnel markings will be changing soon.
5-rsp-11-20-11-pb.jpg (96080 bytes)
Robert S Pierson below Lock 2.  She and her two sisters have an interesting stern design.
6-cslassin-11-21-11-pb.jpg (100134 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine above Lock 1.
7-cslnia-11-21-11-pb.jpg (87805 bytes)
CSL Niagara in the shadow of the QEW bridge.
8-jba-11-21-11-pb.jpg (80176 bytes)
John B Aird above Lock 3.
9-montre-11-21-11-pb.jpg (77613 bytes)
Pineglen & Montrealais pass above Lock 3.
10-montre-11-21-11-pb.jpg (173984 bytes)
What does the other half of this allision look like?

Welland Canal -
Eira Voth
Jette-2011-11-18-UB-belowL1-emv.jpg (81845 bytes) Jette-2011-11-18-UBL1L2-emv.jpg (120267 bytes) Jette-2011-11-18-UBL1L2-emv-(2).jpg (84016 bytes)    

Pointe Edward -
  Monty Young
L-R-High-and-Dry.jpg (223581 bytes)
 L & R high and dry for her 4 year inspection- Newly painted - She will be back in next week
Lisa-K.jpg (166944 bytes)
Lisa K newly acquired
Randy-J.jpg (206067 bytes)
 Randy J
Purdy-Fisher.jpg (264528 bytes)
Purdy Fisher
Phyl-Marlene-Mary-Dale.jpg (195599 bytes)
Phyl Marlene
Tim-Bob.jpg (154446 bytes)
Purdy Fleet

Demolition of the GLF Elevator on the Buffalo River - Brian W.
1-GLF-MARINE-LEG-11-26-11-BW.jpg (191045 bytes)
The Marine Leg can be seen with an excavator sitting on of a pile of busted up concrete bins. This building was the fastest house on the river as this leg had a capacity of 50K bushels/hour.

 Great Lake/NYC Connections
- Rich Nicholls
1-Sen.-John-J.-Marchi-11-25-11-rn.jpg (75679 bytes)
Staten Island Ferry Sen. John J. Marchi, Marinette Marine Hull 512
2-Sen.-John-J.-Marchi-11-25-11-rn.jpg (77979 bytes) 3-Valiant-11-25-11-rn.jpg (68506 bytes)
 Tug in notch is Valiant, sister tug to GRN's Victory
4-Charles-D.-Mcallister-11-25-11-rn.jpg (108287 bytes)
Charles D. Mcallister w/ Valiant in background
5-Eagle-Service-11-25-11-rn.jpg (66685 bytes)
Tug Eagle Service, 2011 Lakes visitor
6-Changing-Skyline-11-25-11-rn.jpg (55195 bytes)
Changing Skyline
7-Bohemia-11-25-11-rn.jpg (92584 bytes)
Tug Bohemia
8-Miss-Gateway-11-25-11-rnC00215.jpg (122484 bytes)
Miss Gateway
9-Enduring-Freedom-11-25-11-rn.jpg (101035 bytes)
Enduring Freedom
10-Intrepid-11-25-11-rn.jpg (78411 bytes)
Museum ship Intrepid

Former laker Ambassador unloading at Providence, RI. - Lew
1-Amb-11-23-11-ml.jpg (101507 bytes)
Ambassador at Sprague Providence
2-Amb-11-23-11-ml.jpg (71951 bytes) 3-Amb-11-23-11-ml.jpg (113362 bytes)    

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