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December 4, 20

James Norris at Marine City, Mich. Friday - Don Detloff
norris-02dec11-djd-1.jpg (80307 bytes) norris-02dec11-djd-2.jpg (108841 bytes) norris-02dec11-djd-3.jpg (92893 bytes) norris-02dec11-djd-4.jpg (100408 bytes)  

Federal Yoshino inbound Hamilton Friday - Eric Holmes
1-Fedyoshino-12-2-11-eh.jpg (79169 bytes) 2-Fedyoshino-12-02-11-eh.jpg (91918 bytes)      

St. Clair River -
Dawn Roberts
1-Front-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (69616 bytes)
Frontenac at Marine City
2-Fronb-12-1-11-dcr.jpg (65242 bytes)
Frontenac bow wake
4-Norr-12-2-11-dcr.jpg (108512 bytes)
James Norris at St. Clair
5-Fedwel-12-2-11-dcr.jpg (91480 bytes)
Federal Welland passing Marysville
7-Algon-12-02-dcr.jpg (77191 bytes)
Algonova fueling

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-gisele-2-12-11-rb.jpg (64446 bytes)
Gisele Scan heads for Hamilton. She has cargo from Hodeidah, Yemen, a port on the Red Sea.
2-gisele-2-12-11-rb.jpg (75994 bytes)
She is formerly BBC Orinoco.

Sofia in Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich.
- Dianne Donati
Sofia-12-2-11-dd.jpg (122923 bytes)        

Federal Welland downbound out of Lake Huron near Port Huron Friday -
Bruce Hurd
100_8710.jpg (80007 bytes)        

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-rsp-11-23-11-pb.jpg (93539 bytes)
Robert S Pierson above Lock 3.
2-algoea-11-23-11-pb.jpg (98777 bytes)
Algoeast, also above Lock 3. 
3-algmar-11-23-11-pb.jpg (95147 bytes)
Because of the windy conditions over the previous few days the canal was quite busy.  Algoma Mariner above Lock 3.
4-algmar-11-23-11-pb.jpg (83453 bytes)
Another view as she comes into the shadow of the Glendale bridge.
5-flights-11-23-11-pb.jpg (88335 bytes)
There was no downbound traffic close at hand but lots of upbounders.  To facilitate traffic movement the Seaway used both sides of the flight locks for upbounders.  Algoeast approaching 4 west, Algosoo in 6 west and Quebecois in 5 east.
6-flights-11-23-11-pb.jpg (79281 bytes)
At the top of the flights the Quebecois moves toward Lock 7 from 6 east while the Algoeast waits in 6 west.  While you can't see it the Algoma Mariner was in 5 east and the Stephen B Roman was entering 4 west, both upbound.
7-never-11-23-11-pb.jpg (83742 bytes)
Norman McLeod and the Everlast approach the Homer bridge upbound.
8-never-11-23-11-pb.jpg (93616 bytes)
 At the bridge.
9-quebec-11-23-11-pb.jpg (84732 bytes)
Quebecois approaching Lock 7.  Normally when the ships leave 6 west they rub the wall into 7.  In this case, after leaving Lock 6 east, the Captain took her into 7 without touching on either side.

Toledo Docks
- Steven Feher
12-01-11-001.jpg (138488 bytes)
Atlantic Erie heading out after unloading ore at Torco Dock with help from Tug Nebraska
12-01-11-004.jpg (118546 bytes)
James Norris heading in to Midwest stone dock to unload with help from the tug Nebraska
12-01-11-013.jpg (120376 bytes)
Norris unloading stone  bow view
12-01-11-016.jpg (124889 bytes) 12-01-11-011.jpg (121642 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha docking at Torco with help from Tug Nabraska
12-01-11-008.jpg (146385 bytes) 12-01-11-009.jpg (151685 bytes)      

English River getting towed up Buffalo River
PB280007.jpg (130304 bytes) PB280005.jpg (105052 bytes)      

Algoway in Sarnia during last winter lay-up -
Rob Wolcott
1-Algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (164974 bytes)
Exterior shot of Algoway's self unloading elevator.
2-Algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (232264 bytes)
Looking down on the self unloading boom and the main deck of Algoway
3-Algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (278779 bytes)
Close up of corrosion on the interior metal of the unloading elevators steel work.
4-algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (141431 bytes)
A shot of both bottom unloading belts that run under the  holds.
5-Algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (220731 bytes)
Shot of self unloading machinery, and the corrosion from many salt cargoes.
6-Algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (175134 bytes) 7-Algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (189360 bytes)
Shot of the 2 unloading belts that travel under the hold.
8-Algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (91670 bytes)
Shot from the Stern looking forward of Algoway and her hatch crane.
9-Algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (105890 bytes)
Bow view of Algoway
10-Algoway-2-19-11-rw.jpg (230029 bytes)
Stern view of Algoway

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