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December 5, 20

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-mariner-3-12-11-rb.jpg (85991 bytes)
Algoma Mariner cabin detail.
2-mariner-3-12-11-rb.jpg (97752 bytes)
Algoma Mariner departing Iroquois Lock.
3-bbcems-4-12-11-rb.jpg (84983 bytes)
BBC Ems passing Mariatown.
4-juno-4-12-11-rb.jpg (95202 bytes)
Juno departing Iroquois Lock.
5-juno-4-12-11-rb.jpg (89215 bytes)
Juno after making the turn below the lock.
6-florence-4-12-11-rb.jpg (101633 bytes)
Florence M with barge HM 10 passing Mariatown.

Honorable James L Oberstar decked out in her Christmas finery, departing Marquette -
Lee Rowe
IMG_6152.jpg (197665 bytes) IMG_6155.jpg (216853 bytes) IMG_6156.jpg (128172 bytes)    

Green Bay Sunday -
Matt Ludvigson
1-Manitowoc-12-4-11-ml.jpg (109695 bytes)
Manitowoc approaches the Mason Street bridge with the tug Texas.
2-Texas-12-4-11-ml.jpg (134732 bytes)
3-Manitowoc-12-4-11-ml.jpg (113889 bytes)
Manitowoc reaches the turning basin
4-Manitowoc-12-4-11-ml.jpg (117503 bytes)
Texas maneuvers to return to dock
5-Manitowoc-12-4-11-ml.jpg (114760 bytes)
Texas heads up-river

Saturday at Welland Canal
- Bill Bird
1-Maumee--12-03-11-a-bb.jpg (107911 bytes)
By 10:30 a.m. Maumee appears to be almost secure in her berth at IMS in Port Colborne.  Tugs Seahound and Lac Manitoba of Nadro Marine Services pushing her toward the shore.
2-Ohio-12-03-11-a-bb.jpg (115691 bytes)
Meantime tug Ohio of Great Lakes Towing was responsible for tow from Cleveland to Port Colborne.  She would tie up on the west wall in the harbour for Canadian Customs and supplies
3-Maumee-12-03-11-bb.jpg (102387 bytes)
Two hours later Seahound and Lac Manitoba are still at work as Maumee has yet to be fully secured.
04-MaumeeCanadianLeader-12-03-11-bb.jpg (113082 bytes)
Maumee and Canadian Leader in the scrapyard
5-FederalHudson-12-03-11-a-bb.jpg (112040 bytes)
Federal Hudson clear of Lock 8
6-FederalHudson-12-03-11-b-bb.jpg (107157 bytes)
Stern view
7-Montrealais-12-03-11-a-bb.jpg (85065 bytes)
Montrealais clear of Lock 3
8-Montrealaisbow-12-13-11-bb.jpg (96306 bytes)
Bump on the bow
9-Montrealais-12-03-11-b-bb.jpg (92601 bytes)
Heading to the flight locks.
10-Juno-12-03-11-a-bb.jpg (130108 bytes)
Juno clear of Lock 4
11-Juno-12-03-11-b-bb.jpg (123810 bytes)
Stern view going under the Glendale Avenue bridge

Prescott, Ont. -
Jim Scrimger
1-VSL-Centurion-11-19-11-JS-.jpg (110665 bytes)
VSL Centurion at Prescott
2-VSL-Centurion-11-19-11-JS-.jpg (137209 bytes) 3-Thalassa-Desgagnes-12-1-11-JS--.jpg (70754 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes at Johnstown bridge.
4-Ojibway-12-4-11-JS-.jpg (125682 bytes)
Ojibway at Prescott Port.
5-Ojibway-12-4-11-JS-.jpg (134458 bytes)
6-CGS-Griffon-12-4-11-JS-.jpg (116349 bytes)
CGS Griffon at home base Prescott
7-CGS-Griffon-12-4-11-JS-.jpg (98931 bytes)
CGS Griffon at coast guard station Prescott.
8-Federal-Welland--CGS-Griffon-12-4-11-JS-.jpg (101384 bytes)
Federal Welland  passing

 Hamilton and Canal Dec 3
- John McCreery
1-GiseleScan-12-3-11-jm.jpg (97216 bytes)
Gisele Scan arriving at Pier 14W from Montreal with a steel cargo
2-GiseleScan-12-3-11-jm.jpg (96645 bytes)
Stern view of the Scan being assisted by tug Ecosse
3-BBCEms-12-3-11-jm.jpg (130506 bytes)
BBC Ems entering lock 3 downbound
4-BBCEms-12-3-11-jm.jpg (142451 bytes)
Stern view at the Glendale bridge
5-BBCEms-12-3-11-jm.jpg (120112 bytes)
BBC Ems Approaching the Homer bridge
6-Montrealais-12-3-11-jm.jpg (156341 bytes)
Montrealais upbound in ballast
7-Ems-Montrealais-12-3-11-jm.jpg (110322 bytes)
BBC Ems meets the Montrealais below lock
8-Juno-12-3-11-jm.jpg (127651 bytes)
Juno downbound on the approach to lock 1
9-Redhead-12-3-11-jm.jpg (113951 bytes)
Redhead unloading cargo at Port Weller
10-Algosteel-Redhead-12-3-11.jpg (124947 bytes)
Algosteel arriving at Port Weller

Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen
009.jpg (91131 bytes) 011.jpg (98670 bytes) 013.jpg (89815 bytes) 017.jpg (107349 bytes) 018.jpg (114830 bytes)
025.jpg (90942 bytes)        

Quebecois and Harbour Fashion at Brockville -
Dave Bessant
01-QuebecoisHarbourFashion-12-02-11-WDB.jpg (80719 bytes)
Quebecois turning away from Harbour Fashion as she heads upstream towards Brockville
02-HarbourFashionQuebecois-12-02-11-WDB.jpg (98876 bytes)
Harbour Fashion with Quebecois behind her heading towards Prescott
03-HarbourFashion-12-02-11-WDB.jpg (127140 bytes)
Harbour Fashion
04-HarbourFashion-12-02-11-WDB.jpg (93121 bytes)
Stack and accommodations, he took a picture of me just before I took a picture of him.
05-HarbourFashion-12-02-11-WDB.jpg (81907 bytes)
Heading towards the Narrows

Manistee passes beneath the Cleveland skyline on her way up the Cuyahoga with a load of salt from Fairport Harbor
- Paul Magyar
1-MANISTEE-12-3-11-PM.jpg (127997 bytes)
She will unload at the Osborne Dock near Jefferson Street.

Heloise upbound at Crossover Island -
Murray Blancher
1-Heloise-12-03-11-mb.jpg (80114 bytes) 2-Heloise-12-03-11-mb.jpg (103826 bytes)      

redge rigs working the Buffalo River - Brian W.
1-Krista-S.-12-4-11-BW.jpg (120610 bytes)
Dredge operation. The #17 and #10 dredge rigs can be seen working as the tug Krista S. starts to head out with her loaded scow back near the CSX CP Draw bridge.
2-Krista-S.-12-4-11-BW.jpg (141352 bytes)
Krista S. is carefully pushing her barge ahead as they pass the dredges. This was the only time that I have ever seen two dredges working in the Buffalo River in the same location.
3-Krista-S.-12-4-11-BW.jpg (145966 bytes)
A portable pump is discharging water from the scow as they head down river. The raised bridge in the background is the old Nickel Plate R.R. (NS) drawbridge now out of service. 
4-Krista-S.-12-4-11-BW.jpg (122796 bytes)
After passing the dredge area, they are now lined up on the center of the channel for passage through the CSX River Bridge.
5-Krista-S.-12-4-11-BW.jpg (127462 bytes)
Now clear of the draw, the tug will head further down river on the way out to discharge the scow at the Army Corps CDF in the Outer Harbor.
1-Krista-S.-12-3-11-BW.jpg (206039 bytes)
Saturday the tug Krista S. slowly easing an empty scow upriver through the turn below the CSX CP-1 River Bridge. One dredge is located to the left & the other can be seen in the far right background further up around the bend.
2-Krista-S.-12-3-11-BW.jpg (140136 bytes)
The Krista S. maneuvers to bring her scow alongside the loaded one ahead. The dredge has stopped working and is waiting for the empty barge.
3-Krista-S.-12-3-11-BW.jpg (129585 bytes)
The dredge operator is about to drop his bucket into the hold of the empty barge so he can tuck it up to his rig when the Krista departs with the loaded one.
4-Republic-sign-12-3-11-BW.jpg (218488 bytes)
 I didn't have to time travel to 1974 for this one. This brand new sign (with the retro style lettering & logo) recently showed up on the fence outside the Republic Engineered Technologies 13" Bar Mill in Lackawanna. I just thought it made a neat photo since something like this hasn't been see in the Buffalo area in about 30 years.
6-GLF-12-3-11-BW.jpg (151632 bytes)        

Buffalo elevator leg collapse -
Brian W.
1-GLF-12-3-11-BW.jpg (107011 bytes)
This is an overall view of the GLF complex showing the 1941 "D" elevator to the left, the collapsed Marine Leg of 1955 construction laying on top of the broken bins of the original 1906 Wheeler Elevator (GLF "B") with the GLF "A" of 1936 standing to the right.
2-GLF-12-3-11-BW.jpg (127584 bytes)
Detail shot of the Marine Leg tower with the actual lofting section sticking out of the structure with it's bucket leg and other debris hanging in the river.
3-GLF-12-3-11-BW.jpg (106967 bytes)
US Coast Guard inspectors and other company people from Ontario Specialty Contracting await the passage of the down bound tug Krista S. and her scow.
4-GLF-12-3-11-BW.jpg (200316 bytes)
Another view of the collapsed leg. Most of it landed on the dock, but some of the steel work has fallen into the river.
5-GLF-12-3-11-BW.jpg (164837 bytes)
The tug Krista S. is seen passing the wreckage with her spoils barge while down bound for the lakefront on the way out to the disposal facility in the Outer Harbor.
6-GLF-12-3-11-BW.jpg (151632 bytes)
The tug and barge are now lined up for passage through the Michigan Ave. Lift Bridge with the St. Mary's Cement (Kellogg) Elevator in the background.
7-GLF-12-3-11-BW.jpg (209433 bytes)
A small crowd including local history buffs, news crews, and the general public was shuffling in and out of the park across from the wreck all morning.

St. Clair River Friday -
Dawn Roberts
1-LAT-12-2-11-dcr.jpg (73376 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha up-bound at St. Clair
2-LATb-12-2-11-dcr.jpg (118898 bytes)
Bronzed by the sun
3-GLMC--11-22-11-dcr.jpg (451494 bytes)
Nautical-themed Christmas tree at the Great Lakes Maritime Center, Port Huron

Kaye E. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1keb_11_30_11_rb.jpg (127902 bytes)
Loading ore at sunrise

Historical Perspectives - Brian W.
GLF-1993-BW-001.jpg (101878 bytes)
GLF when the structure still looked somewhat presentable with the passing Kinsman Independent being towed down river on a hot summer day in 1993 as the tug Iowa leads the way. She recently towed the Maumee away for scrap.
Calcite-II-Black-Rock-Canal-BW-001.jpg (100694 bytes)
Maumee in her former life as the Calcite II headed down the Black Rock Canal from the lock towards the Huntley power plant in the summer of '92.
Calcite-II-Seaway-Piers-BW-001.jpg (64225 bytes)
This is a rare shot of the Calcite II unloading salt at the International Salt Co. pier (Seaway Piers) on Buffalo's Outer Harbor from September of 1997.

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