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December 6 - 7, 20

Prescott - Jim Scrimger
4-Manitoba-12-6-11-JS-.jpg (118408 bytes)
The Manitoba loading at Prescott.
3-Manitoba-12-6-11-JS-.jpg (98018 bytes) 2-John-J-Carrick-Victorious-12-6-11-JS-.jpg (98736 bytes)
John J Carrick,Victorious at Johnstown bridge passing the construction work at Prescott.
1-Assiniboine,11-4-09-JS.jpg (614648 bytes)
Assiniboine at the Port of Prescott,Nov 4, 2009 towed there after her engine failure and grounding mishap. It was interesting to note the number of truckloads of cargo off loaded.  2-JPort. 3 & 4-

USCGC Hollyhock moored in the Cheboygan River at the USCGC Mackinaw's home - Dianne Donati
USCGC-Hollyhock-3-12-6-11-dd.jpg (91233 bytes) USCGC-Hiollyhock-sign-12-6-11-dd.jpg (88649 bytes)      

Redhead in the Welland Canal - Eira Voth
Redhead-2011-12-06-below-1-emv-(4).jpg (86074 bytes) Redhead-2011-12-06-below-1-emv.jpg (105552 bytes)      

James Norris downbound at Sarnia Saturday - Mike Cunningham
James-Norris-3-12-11-mc.jpg (62855 bytes)
Down at Buoys 1 & 2
2.James-Norris-3-12-11-mc.jpg (84192 bytes)
Passing Fort Gratiot Lighthouse
3.James-Norris-3-12-11-mc.jpg (88606 bytes)
Stern detail
4.James-Norris-3-12-11-mc.jpg (83896 bytes)
Passing under the Bluewater Bridges

Tug Ocean Tower passes Marysville Tuesday on her way back to Tampa Bay, Florida - Dawn Roberts
1-Ocean-12-6-11-dcr.jpg (102539 bytes)        

American Courage Loading Ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1acour12_1_11_rb.jpg (108924 bytes)
Profile view from Presque Isle Park

VSL Centurion in Toledo Monday -
Jim Hoffman
-VSLCenturon-12-5-11-jh-(1).jpg (95591 bytes)
Upbound Maumee River Toledo. Ohio under tow of the tugs Mississippi on the bow and tug Nebraska on the stern bound for Andersons K Elevator to load grain
-VSLCenturon-12-5-11-jh-(2).jpg (121351 bytes)
From the Hi Level Bridge
-VSLCenturon-12-5-11-jh-(3).jpg (109698 bytes)
Closeup view

Seaway -
Dave Bessant
01-Taddousac-12-03-11-WDB.jpg (33047 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac silhouetted in the sunlight heading upstream through the locks at Beauharnois
02-Taddousac-12-03-11-WDB.jpg (70852 bytes) 06-JohnBAird-12-03-11-WDB.jpg (48105 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes waiting to follow Tadoussac
04-KathrynSpirit-12-03-11-WDB.jpg (105343 bytes)
Another view of Kathryn Spirit and Beauharnois
05-JohnBAird-12-03-11-WDB.jpg (70736 bytes)
John B Aird going lower in the lock at Beauharnois ( lock 3 )
03-ThalassaDesgagnes-12-03-11-WDB.jpg (85939 bytes)
John B Aird heading towards Montreal

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-adriat-9-21-11-pb.jpg (85703 bytes)
Adriaticborg below Lock 2.
2-chj-9-21-11-pb.jpg (71510 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman after leaving Lock 1.
3-chj-9-21-11-pb.jpg (107929 bytes)
The Jackman's white anchor.  Makes it easier to see before it breaks the surface.
4-ecoss-9-21-11-pb.jpg (134575 bytes)
Ecosse takes the jaguar II down the canal toward another life.
5-ecoss-9-21-11-pb.jpg (111979 bytes)
Another view.
6-salar-9-21-11-pb.jpg (80458 bytes)
Salarium creeps toward Lock 1.
7-smc-9-21-11-pb.jpg (86383 bytes)
St Mary's Cement II, considered by some to be the ugliest thing on the Lakes.
8-smc-9-21-11-pb.jpg (112687 bytes)
Clear of the Homer bridge approaching Lock 3.  She may not be pretty, but she keeps busy.

Historical Perspective - Maumee -
Jeff and Greg Barber
IMG_8048.jpg (80462 bytes) MAUMEE-(94).jpg (88433 bytes) MAUMEE-(292).jpg (75305 bytes) IMG_8063.jpg (96856 bytes) IMG_8080.jpg (88174 bytes)
MAUMEE-(40).jpg (124137 bytes) MAUMEE-(23).jpg (72902 bytes) MAUMEE-(170).jpg (101410 bytes) MAUMEE-(186).jpg (87331 bytes) MAUMEE-(18).jpg (91724 bytes)

Philip R. Clarke loading iron ore pellets on August 22, 2010 in Two Harbors -
Nick Stenstrup
30-PRC-9-21-11-ns.jpg.jpg (150717 bytes)        

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