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December 8, 20

Green Bay, Wis. - Scott Best
1-AMA-12-07-11-sb.jpg (99935 bytes)
Anderson moves away from the C Reiss Dock to back down the Fox River.
2-AMA-12-07-11-sb.jpg (73091 bytes)
Bow view passing downtown just through the Mason St Bridge.
3-AMA-12-07-11-sb.jpg (82631 bytes)
Passing the Tug Michigan and barge Great Lakes at the US Oil VT Venture dock.
1-Mississagi-12-07-11-sb.jpg (96088 bytes)
Mississagi backing out of the Fox River Dock slip just before dark to head up river to Georgia Pacific.

VSL Centurion downbound Maumee River Wednesday -
Jim Hoffman
VSLCenturion12-7-11jh.jpg (138948 bytes)
Under tow of the tugs Nebraska on the bow and tug Mississippi on the stern from the Hi Level Bridge.
VSLCenturion12-7-11jhb.jpg (145682 bytes)
Close up view of VSL Centurion downbound Maumee River from the Hi Level Bridge.
mississippi-12-7-11-jh.jpg (125195 bytes)
Closeup  view of the tug Mississippi handling the stern tow of the VSL Centurion from the Hi Level Bridge.

Hamilton, Ont. -
Eric Holmes
1-Fedyukon-12-07-11-eh.jpg (94956 bytes)
Federal Yukon inbound
2-Fedyukon-12-07-11-eh.jpg (86113 bytes) 3-Jdleitch-12-07-11-eh.jpg (65366 bytes)
John D Leitch inbound
4Jdleitch-12-07-11-eh.jpg (80170 bytes)  

BBC Naples meets Jette at Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-naples-6-12-11-rb.jpg (49760 bytes)
BBC Naples is on her first trip into the Lakes.
2-naples-6-12-11-rb.jpg (68985 bytes)
She is bound for Milwaukee.
3-naples-6-12-11-rb.jpg (78545 bytes)    

ug Nickelena and her barge in Buffalo -  Brian W.
1-Nickelena-12-7-11-BW.jpg (99678 bytes)
At the Burnette Trucking dock on the morning of the 7th. This was the first commercial vessel to tie up here since the Finnish tanker Kiisla back in December of 1989.
2-Nickelena--12-7-11-BW.jpg (68364 bytes)
Here is a night view of the tug after they detached from their barge and moored just upstream while work was being done on the dock to prep a large boiler for shipment to Toledo.

Atkinson at dock in Detour in August -
Tom Milton
IMG_1551.jpg (122529 bytes)        

Miedwie in Duluth on October 21 -
Nick Stenstrup
5-Meidwie-10-21-11-ns.jpg.jpg (115858 bytes)
Miedwie loading wheat in Duluth, Minnesota.

Historical Perspectives - Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Kiisla-12-89-BW.jpg (81332 bytes)
Tanker Kiisla docked at Burnette Trucking in late December, 1989 for Coast Guard inspection after grounding outside Buffalo.
  The tug Nickelena was once a common sight around Buffalo Harbor. Back in the mid-90's the Navy had decided to go with privately contracted tugs for ship handling and she was transferred to the Buffalo District of the Army Corps for their use around the lakes. She could often be seen around town with the derrick boat McCauley that her sister boat Cheraw now pushes. I was able to tour the boat a few days after she arrived in Buffalo.
2-Chetek-6-96-BW.jpg (94894 bytes)
This shot is the Chetek after her arrival at the Army Corps slip in Black Rock, June of 1996. You can see the fenders used for pushing aircraft carriers laying on deck from her time with the Navy in Charleston.
3-Chetek-5-2-98-BW.jpg (92532 bytes)
The Chetek after being painted in Army Corps colors with the derrick boat McCauley docked at the Freezer Queen Pier on the Buffalo Outer Harbor 5-2-98.

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