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December 10, 20

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-mani-12-9-11-ts-a.jpg (91234 bytes)
Manitowoc turning in the Bay City Wirt Basin
2-mani-12-9-11-ts-b.jpg (93364 bytes)
Another View
3-olmljk-12-9-11-ts-a.jpg (82601 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber inbound nearing Bay Aggregates
4-roman-12-9-11-ts-a.jpg (75371 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman backing to the Essroc dock
5-roman-12-9-11-ts-b.jpg (84975 bytes)
Another view
6-roman-12-9-11-ts-c.jpg (85454 bytes)
Roman at Essroc with the Moore-Kuber backing into Bay Aggregates
1-roman-12-8-11-ts-a.jpg (106988 bytes)
 Roman upbound approaching the Essexville Range Thursday
2-roman-12-8-11-ts-b.jpg (95589 bytes)
Stern view nearing Essroc

US Coast Guard Cutter Thunder Bay passing Ogdensburg, N.Y.
- Jim Scrimger
1-USCG-Thunder-Bay-12-9-11-JS-.jpg (100795 bytes)
Thunder Bay will spend the winter on the lakes assisting with ice breaking.
2-USCG-Thunder-Bay-CCG-Griffon-12-9-11-JS-.jpg (71277 bytes)
Thunder Bay passing CCG Ship Griffon, Prescott,Ont.
3-Tufty-5-20-09-JS-.jpg (243822 bytes)
Tufty at Johnstown bridge in May, 2009.

Roger Blough continues her five-year survey/maintenance at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay -
Matt Ludvigson
1-RBlough-12-8-11.jpg (139674 bytes)
The Blough in dock - painting of the hull. The name has not yet been added to the bow.
2-RBlough-12-8-11.jpg (126052 bytes)
Another view.

Buffington Harbor Thursday -
Lou Gerard
_DSC0420_37894.jpg (66505 bytes)
Algoma Navigator unloading stone at Buffington Harbor.
_DSC0422_37896.jpg (92284 bytes)
Stern view of the Navigator.

Fish tug Agnes H. (former D&S) at Sturgeon Bay - Wendell Wilke
agneshII0001.jpg (179108 bytes) agneshIII0001.jpg (181455 bytes)      

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W.
1-Nickelena-12-9-11-BW.jpg (97919 bytes)
Tug Nickelena tied down at the Burnette Dock on Friday afternoon. She has been modified from her original appearance with an upper pilothouse and a taller smoke stack.
2-Nickelena-12-9-11-BW.jpg (81636 bytes)
Barge BMI-192 moored just downstream from her tug with the boiler load on board.
3-Nickelena-12-9-11-BW.jpg (101883 bytes)
Workmen can be seen still preparing the boiler for departure. A freshening lake breeze that afternoon had the American flag straight out and stiff as a board.

Edward L. Ryerson in August at Frasier Shipyards -
Nick Stenstrup.
6-EdRyer-8-28-11-ns-jpg.jpg (167381 bytes)
She has been in lay-up since 2009.

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