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December 11, 20

Hamilton Saturday - John McCreery
1-Mandarin-12-10-11-jm.jpg (190383 bytes)
Mandarin loading at Dofasco
2-Discovery-Transport-Mandarin-12-10-11-jm.jpg (135893 bytes)
Algoma Discovery, Canadian Transport and Mandarin line the Dofasco dock
3-Redhead-12-10-11-jm.jpg (137256 bytes)
Redhead loading a grain cargo at Parrish and Heimbecker
4-AlgomaProgress-12-10-11-jm.jpg (119860 bytes)
Algoma Progress arriving in port
5-AlgomaProgress-12-10-11-jm.jpg (119606 bytes)
Stern view under the bridges
6-CanadianTransport-12-10-11-jm.jpg (113357 bytes)
Canadian Transport departing on the lake, still no name change
7-AlgomaDiscovery-12-10-11-jm.jpg (109508 bytes)
Algoma Discovery making her departure
8-AlgomaDiscovery-12-10-11-jm.jpg (121288 bytes)
Outbound to the lake
9-Progress-Mandarin-12-10-11-jm.jpg (153675 bytes)
Algoma Progress backing around the Mandarin to reach her Dofasco berth
10-Mandarin-12-10-11-jm.jpg (158727 bytes)
Another view of the Mandarin

Menominee Marinette -
Scott Best
1-tugs-12-10-11-sb.jpg (118227 bytes)
Wide view of the Menominee River including the tug Jimmy L working downriver at Marinette Marine Co.
2-GJBZeus-12-10-11-sb.jpg (136792 bytes)
Close up of the Gregory J Busch and tug Zeus tied up at K&K on the icy Menominee River.
1-Donaldc-12-10-11-sb.jpg (134960 bytes)
Donald C arrives with her barge.
2-Donaldc-12-10-11-sb.jpg (149176 bytes)
Close up of the icy tug after her trip up Lake Mich.

Buffalo Saturday -
Brian W.
1-Ohio-12-10-11-BW.jpg (116849 bytes)
G-tug Ohio with her barge Witte 1407  on the hip in the Southern Channel of Buffalo's Outer Harbor. They were headed for the Gateway Metroport Main Dock at 10 a.m.
2-Nickelena-12-10-11-BW.jpg (198448 bytes)
The tug Nickelena moored at the Burnette Dock off Ganson St. on the Buffalo River ahead of her barge BMI-192
3-Nickelena-12-10-11-BW.jpg (130741 bytes)
Barge BMI-192 at the Burnette Dock with the tug in the distance, tied up ahead.
4-Nickelena-12-10-11-BW.jpg (117221 bytes)
The boiler is sitting on custom made mountings secured to barge deck.

Saturday traffic on the St. Clair River -
Dawn Roberts
1-Drech-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (115217 bytes)
Dretchborg, destination Montreal
2-Mont-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (78990 bytes)
Montrealis, destination Baie Comeau, Quebec
3-Kvic-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (93145 bytes)
Kuber & Victory with stone for Marysville
4-Slaud-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (101464 bytes)
Sam Laud, in ballast, headed to Silver Bay
5-GLT-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (91716 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader carrying a load of iron ore to Cleveland
6-Ice-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (87576 bytes)
"Ice whiskers" on the bow
7-JVE-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (153716 bytes)
Joyce L. Van Enkevort
8-Almar-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (102578 bytes)
Algomarine downbound to Toledo, with a cargo of oats
9-MIsb-12-10-11-ddcr.jpg (95079 bytes)
Mississippiborg, destination Chicago, reflects the setting sun
10-Misg-12-10-11-dcr.jpg (122547 bytes)
Mississagi at Sarnia  

John J. Boland at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jjb_12_4_11_rb.jpg (143827 bytes)
Stern view with new tan colored Superior Dome after roof replacement

Recent Photos from Quebec City area
- Paul Beesley
1-afrever-10-18-11-pb.jpg (129439 bytes)
African Evergreen working cargo.
2-lotus-10-18-11-pb.jpg (100879 bytes)
Sakhara Lotus preparing to sail.
3-oceank-10-18-11-pb.jpg (128712 bytes)
Ocean K Rusby assisting the Sakhara Lotus outbound.
4-chart-10-18-11-pb.jpg (146612 bytes)
Photo of our electronic chart with AIS-generated ship info including predicted tracks of moving ships (red dashed lines).  I added the blue text to make the names easier to read.
5-oceanros-10-18-11-pb.jpg (162986 bytes)
Ocean Ross Gaudreault returning to base after assisting Sakhara Lotus.
6-umiak-10-18-11-pb.jpg (105924 bytes)
Umiak 1 working cargo.
7-esta-10-18-11-pb.jpg (82333 bytes)
Esta Desgagnes on her way upbound.
8-esta-10-18-11-pb.jpg (94340 bytes)
Heading to the pilot station to change pilots.  Background is one of Algoma's steamers, either the Montrealais or Quebecois and a tug.
9-nordgal-10-18-11-pb.jpg (74994 bytes)
Nord Galaxy anchored below Quebec City waiting for a berth.
10-gc03-10-18-11-pb.jpg (117610 bytes)
GC03 sounding the channel below Quebec City.  The sounding equipment is on the horizontal arm perpendicular to the hull.
11-gc03-10-18-11-pb.jpg (95206 bytes)
This type of survey work can now be done at considerable speed.
12-jarr-10-18-11-pb.jpg (138293 bytes)
Jarrett M wheelhouse, looking to port.  The wheel is not used to steer anymore.  Jog stick or auto pilot are.
13-jarr-10-18-11-pb.jpg (149709 bytes)
Jarrett M wheelhouse, looking to starboard.  Built in 1944 she was.
14-jarr-10-18-11-pb.jpg (128229 bytes)
Jarrett M wheelhouse, looking aft at the chart table and various electronics.
15-light-10-18-11-pb.jpg (132621 bytes)
 One of the lights below Ile D'Orleans.

Port Stanley Saturday -
Monty Young
Lynsey-Lenore-(3).jpg (219813 bytes)
Lynsey Lenore out of Port Colborne
Lynsey-Lenore-(5).jpg (187757 bytes) Lynsey-Lenore-(10).jpg (244125 bytes)    

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