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December 12, 20

Welland Canal Sunday - Heather Maguire
1-JohnBAird-11-12-11-hm.jpg (109557 bytes)
 John B. Aird sliding the wall into Lock 2.
2-JohnBAird-11-12-11-hm.jpg (155826 bytes)
Cleaning the ice from the deck.
3-JohnBAird-11-12-11-hm.jpg (157832 bytes)
 Hard at work on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
4-CdnOlympic-11-12-11-hm.jpg (104186 bytes)
Canadian Olympic downbound below Lock 3
5-CdnOlympic-11-12-11-hm.jpg (118349 bytes)
Canadian Olympic clearing the Homer Bridge
6-CSLNiagara-11-12-11-hm.jpg (80539 bytes)
CSL Niagara downbound below Lock 4
7-CSLNiagara-11-12-11-hm.jpg (156898 bytes)
It looks like CSL Niagara is all decked out for Christmas.

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-kowie-08-12-11-rb.jpg (84074 bytes)
New tanker Kowie passing Mariatown.
2-kowie-08-12-11-rb.jpg (77830 bytes)
Kowie has a very colorful paint scheme.
3-kowie-08-12-11-rb.jpg (90111 bytes)
Passing Mariatown.
4-kowie-08-12-11-rb.jpg (80360 bytes)
Kowie meets Chemtrans Elbe at Morrisburg.
5-dintel-08-12-11-rb.jpg (87244 bytes)
Dintelborg passing Mariatown.
6-vsl-11-12-11-rb.jpg (95999 bytes)
Vsl Centurion approaching Prescott Elevators. The bowman calls out the distance to the pier.
7-vsl-11-12-11-rb.jpg (86263 bytes)
Turning into the slip.
8-vsl-11-12-11-rb.jpg (74678 bytes)
Two lines on but no landing booms for the crew to get off.
9-vsl-11-12-11-rb.jpg (79379 bytes)
The wind takes her off the wall. She broke one cable but the skipper made his landing OK.

Welland Sunday -
Eric Holmes
1-CanEnterprise-12-11-11-eh.jpg (118245 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise (upbound) coming out of Lock 1
2-Fedkatsura-12-11-11-eh.jpg (151877 bytes)
Federal Katsura (downbound)
3-Fedkatsura-12-11-11-eh.jpg (100701 bytes) 4-Chemelbe-12-11-11-eh.jpg (112757 bytes)
Chemtrans Elbe (upbound) above Lock 3
5-Chemelbe-12-11-11-eh.jpg (120920 bytes)

John G. Munson at anchor in the South Channel,  Mackinac Island in the background -
Fred Stone
JGMunson-12-11-11.jpg (102918 bytes)        

John G. Munson anchored in Lake Huron -
Dianne Donati
John-G-Munson-12-11-11-dd.jpg (113251 bytes) John-G-Munson-2-12-11-11-dd.jpg (76915 bytes)      

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