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December 13, 20

Port Huron Monday - Galen Witham
1.-CDN-Transport-GRW-12-12-11.jpg (105619 bytes)
Canadian Transport, upbound above Buoys 1 and 2 in the Lake Huron Cut.
3.-USCG-PH-GRW-12-12-11.jpg (130692 bytes)
USCG Station Port Huron, viewed from Canada.
4.-KEB-GRW-12-12-11.jpg (151998 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker above the Bluewater Bridge.
6.-KEB-GRW-12-12-11.jpg (139640 bytes)
Passing the Coast Guard Station in Port Huron.
8.-KEB-GRW-12-12-11.jpg (115750 bytes)
Prepares to turn into the Lake Huron Cut, upbound.

VSL Centurion at Port of Prescott -
Jim Scrimger
1-VSL-Centurion-12-12-11-JS-.jpg (100598 bytes) 2-Federal-Yokina-VSL-Centurion-12-12-11-JS-.jpg (99713 bytes)
Federal Yokina at Johnstown bridge with VSL Centurion at Port of Prescott.
3-Federal-Yokina-VSL-Centurion-12-12-11-JS-.jpg (95551 bytes)
Sterns of Federal Yokina and CSL Centurion.
4-Federal-Yokina-12-12-11-JS-.jpg (85506 bytes)
Federal Yokina passing Ogdensburg,N.Y.
5-Federal-Yokina-12-12-11-JS-.jpg (127389 bytes)

Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen
MaumeeJames-Norris-at-IMS-yard-Port-Colborne.jpg (82526 bytes)
Full house at IMS in Port Colborne, Maumee, James Norris and Canadian Leader.
John-B.-Aird-N-of-bridge-4-upbnd-(3).jpg (104899 bytes)
John B. Aird approaching Bridge 4
Cuyahoga-upbnd-below-L2.jpg (80248 bytes)
Lyulin-(Mlt)-below-L2.jpg (103272 bytes)
Lyulin (Maltese)
Robert-S.-Pierson-upbnd-blw-L2.jpg (90979 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson

Lower Lakes new Tecumseh fitting out in Veracruz, Mexico -
Michael Rodaway
2-Tecumsh-3-12-11-MR.jpg (51168 bytes)
Lower Lakes newest bulker Tecumseh last week
1-Tecumsh-3-12-11-MR.jpg (165977 bytes)      

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algose-12-10-11-pb.jpg (83957 bytes)
Algosea below Lock 2.
2-algose-12-10-11-pb.jpg (204137 bytes)
Proud supporter of the United Way.
3-algose-12-10-11-pb.jpg (81330 bytes)
Slowly approaching Lock 1.
4-songaj-12-10-11-pb.jpg (79788 bytes)
Songa Jade above Lock 7.
5-songaj-12-10-11-pb.jpg (98907 bytes)
And passing the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin.
6-thunbay-12-10-11-pb.jpg (112536 bytes)
USCGC Thunder Bay above the Glendale bridge on her way upbound to participate in winter ice ops.
7-thunbay-12-10-11-pb.jpg (113255 bytes)
Another view.
8-saguen-12-04-11-pb.jpg (93790 bytes)
Saguenay approaching Bridge 21, Port Colborne.
9-vslcen-12-04-11-pb.jpg (75719 bytes)
VSL Centurion above Lock 8.
10-vslcen-12-04-11-pb.jpg (85010 bytes)
VSL Centurion approaches Bridge 21.  Her stern anchor is the one that caused so much delay in the canal a few days back.

Coast Guard Cutter Thunder Bay arrives in Cleveland Monday
- U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class George Degener
111212CGC-Thunder-Bay.jpg (129101 bytes)
Thunder Bayís crew will spend the 2011-2012 ice breaking season assisting the 9th Coast Guard Districtís ice breaking fleet throughout the Great Lakes.

Songa Jade on Lake Huron passing Cheboygan Monday -
Dianne Donati
Songa-Jade-12-12-11-dd.jpg (228653 bytes)        

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