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December 15, 20

Soo Harbor Wednesday - Nathan Gregorich
IMAG0051.jpg (87802 bytes)
USCG Buckthorn unloading buoy's on the West Dock of the Soo Locks
IMAG0052.jpg (106139 bytes)
USCG Buckthorn heading downbound to the Soo Locks
IMAG0054.jpg (132256 bytes)
USACE Tug Owen M. Fredrick on a barge for winter maintenance
IMAG0055.jpg (167628 bytes)
Mobile Bay docking at the Carbide Dock
IMAG0058.jpg (171546 bytes)
Mobile Bay's recognition's of war
IMAG0060.jpg (145470 bytes)
Bow flag being hoisted on the USCG Mobile Bay
IMAG0063.jpg (94980 bytes)
Algomarie upbound in Soo Harbor

Soo Tuesday -
Scott Best
1-Algocape-12-13-1--sb.jpg (81339 bytes)
Algocape enters the Mac Lock downbound.
2-Algocape-12-13-11-sb.jpg (49594 bytes)
Passing downbound at Mission Point.
3-Algocape-12-13-11-sb.jpg (99266 bytes)
Downbound at the Rock cut on a foggy and calm afternoon.
1-Buckthorn-12-13-11-sb.jpg (143181 bytes)
USCG Buckthorn enters the Mac Lock downbound while the American Spirit is locking down the Poe.

Forillon Shipyard in Gaspe, Quebec -
Paul Beesley
1-chantfor-10-20-11-pb.jpg (284459 bytes)
Forillon Shipyard HQ.
2-cnmevo-10-20-11-pb.jpg (71245 bytes)
Twin-hull, jet-drive ferry that runs between Rimouski and Forestville.
3-cnmevo-10-20-11-pb.jpg (90377 bytes)
Starboard (closest) jet-drive has been dismantled, while the Port remains intact.  These 'buckets' are used to direct the flow of water for propulsion.
4-makas-10-20-11-pb.jpg (91208 bytes)
F/V Grand Makasti on the slip for maintenance.  Gaspe usually freezes over for the winter so many of these ships will not be refloated until spring.
5-ivquin-10-20-11-pb.jpg (100245 bytes)
The Quebec Gov't operates a large fleet of ferries around the province.  They are all painted this colour.  This one, the Ivan-Quinn, has had her props and rudders removed.
6-ivquin-10-20-11-pb.jpg (139328 bytes)
Another view of the Quinn showing how the marine railway is laid out.  This shipyard is full of rails and this enables the ships to be placed anywhere in the yard.
7-lsdmat-10-20-11-pb.jpg (102955 bytes)
Interesting ship.  Any input on its history?
8-rayl-10-20-11-pb.jpg (108616 bytes)
Standard design Gulf of St Lawrence F/V. 
9-sedna-10-20-11-pb.jpg (108019 bytes)
Sedna IV at the town dock.  She is undergoing a huge refit so she can do an around-the-world research trip.  A few years ago she went to the Antarctic.  She has also been through the Welland canal.  Dismasted sailing ships look forlorn.
10-chantfor-10-20-11-pb.jpg (118622 bytes)
This is the marine railway that brings the ships out of the water.  From here the ships are moved about the yard as required.  This would be used the next day to take the Sedna IV out of the water.

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