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December 17, 20

Prescott - Jim Scrimger
1-Ruth-Theresa-12-16-11-JS-.jpg (126777 bytes)
Ruth Theresa
2--Algocape-12-16-11-JS-.jpg (72632 bytes)
Algocape downstream
3-CCG-Griffon-12-16-11-JS-.jpg (97094 bytes)
CGS Griffon loading buoys
4-Algoma-Navigator-12-16-11-JS-.jpg (85760 bytes)
Algoma Navigator unloading at Prescott port.
5-Port-of-Prescott-12-16-11-JS-.jpg (155206 bytes)
Truck loading,other side of Prescott port.

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-carrick-12-12-11-rb.jpg (73243 bytes)
Victorius pushing barge John J Carrick up the river at Mariatown.
2-bright-16-12-11-rb.jpg (91379 bytes)
Bright Laker departing Iroquois Lock.
3-ruth-16-12-11-rb.jpg (92194 bytes)
Ruth Theresa slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
4-ruth-16-12-11-rb.jpg (94656 bytes)
Ruth Theresa on her first trip up the Seaway. She is bound for Hamilton.

31st Street Project in Chicago Friday -
Lou Gerard
_DSC0760_38234.jpg (106814 bytes)
Tug Valerie B. of Durocher Marine working at 31st St.
_DSC0767_382411.jpg (87021 bytes)
Tug Edward E. Gillen III working on the project.
_DSC0770_38244.jpg (55828 bytes)
Overall view with tugs and barges at the new Marina and harbor project at 31st St.
_DSC0773_38247.jpg (91537 bytes)
Barge mounted crane belonging to American Marine Contractors at the project.

Soo Thursday -
Herm Klein
1-SOF-12-15-11-HK.jpg (101537 bytes)
Sofia downbound at Mission Point
2-FHD-12-15-11-HK.jpg (115224 bytes)
Federal Hudson downbound at Mission Point
3-LKO-12-15-11-HK.jpg (108250 bytes)
Lake Ontario downbound at Mission Point
4-RBL-12-15-11-HK.jpg (69096 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at Mission Point
5-RBS-12-15-11-HK.jpg (61367 bytes)
These may be the first scratches on the Roger Blough's pristine paint

American Mariner in Buffalo - Brian W. 
2-American-Mariner-12-15-11-BW.jpg (70988 bytes)
Unloading at the Frontier Elevator. The old Marine Legs stand silent sentinel over the Mariner, waiting to unload another straight decker that will never come.
3-American-Mariner-12-15-11-BW.jpg (81409 bytes)
Bright floodlights on the boat make for a tough night photo shoot. High wind along the lake front didn't make it any easier.

Coregonus underway in the Sturgeon Bay Ship Channel returning to her dock for the year - Wendell Wilke
coregonusII0001.jpg (204852 bytes) coregonusI0001.jpg (82717 bytes)      

Harbor at Gaspe, Quebec -
Paul Beesley
1-bell-10-20-11-pb.jpg (79541 bytes)
Old but reliable technology - bell from a bell-buoy.  As the buoy bobs about the clappers, of which there are 4, swing and hit the bell.  A close look at the bell will show a flat spot on the rim where the clapper has pounded the surface for many years.  Also, the clapper that is visible is flattened on its striking surface. 
2-anch-10-20-11-pb.jpg (116659 bytes)
Anchors for fishing gear.  The concrete blocks are placed in the black containers and they in turn are secured to the gear.
3-star-10-20-11-pb.jpg (175761 bytes)
 Bycatch.  In most fishing operations a great deal of marine life that is not commercially viable is caught and dies. 
4-sedna-10-20-11-pb.jpg (70772 bytes)
Stern view of the Sedna IV.  How sad she looks.
5-ccgslou-10-20-11-pb.jpg (92079 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Louisbourg. She is nearing the end of her service life.
6-ccgslou-10-20-11-pb.jpg (101326 bytes)
 Louisbourg and the Jarrett M at the dock.  That's one huge searchlight on the Louisbourg.
7-ccgslou-10-20-11-pb.jpg (70201 bytes)
Stern with an unusual launching arrangement for her FRC (RHIB).
8-ccgslou-10-20-11-pb.jpg (137721 bytes)
A closer look at the creature.
9-ccgslou-10-20-11-pb.jpg (113510 bytes)
New technology - satellite dome for comms.  Since I started sailing in 1972 the technological advances have been nothing short of amazing.

Thunder Bay, Ontario  -
Rod Spicer
jwshelley-11-11.jpg (62716 bytes)
J.W. Shelley - Nov. 25
Chi-cheemaun-11-15-11.jpg (89814 bytes)
Chi-Cheemaun Drydocked Nov.15

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