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December 19, 20

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-mississip-17-12-11-rb.jpg (70421 bytes)
Mississippiborg downbound at Mariatown, destination Pictou, N.S.
2-sarah-17-12-11-rb.jpg (99857 bytes)
Followed by Sarah Desgagnes.
3-bbc-18-12-11-rb.jpg (33757 bytes)
BBC Florida in the mist below Iroquois Lock.
4-bbc-18-12-11-rb.jpg (111606 bytes)
Sliding the wall into the lock
5-sofia-18-12-11-rb.jpg (74554 bytes)
Sofia passing Mariatown.
6-sofia-18-12-11-rb.jpg (76186 bytes)
Away to the sea.

Toronto Sunday -
Bill Bird
1-Algoway-12-18-11-bb.jpg (94038 bytes)
Algoway unloading salt in Cherry Street slip
2-Cuyahoga-12-18-25-a-bb.jpg (147781 bytes)
Cuyahoga also with a load of salt approaching Toronto through the eastern gap
3-Cuyahoga-12-18-25-b-bb.jpg (107362 bytes) 4-Cuyahoga-12-25-11-c-bb.jpg (85737 bytes)
Entering the harbor, captain would turn on port wheel 270 degrees and end up tied astern of Algoway.
5-Quebecois-12-18-25-bb.jpg (76540 bytes)
Quebecois at pier 35 with storage load of sugar.  

St. Clair River on Sunday -
Don Detloff
rail-18dec11-djd-1.jpg (70949 bytes)
holly-18dec11-djd-2.jpg (80462 bytes)
leitch-18dec11-djd-3.jpg (49573 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch
herb-18dec11-djd-4.jpg (49147 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-BBC-Florida-12-18-11-mb.jpg (105577 bytes)
BBC Florida up at Brockville
2-BBC-Florida-12-18-11-mb.jpg (85967 bytes) 3-Spruceglen-12-18-11-mb.jpg (73231 bytes)
Spruceglen down at Brockville
4-Spruceglen-12-18-11-mb.jpg (60243 bytes) 5-Sofia-12-18-11-mb.jpg (83291 bytes)
Sofia down at Brockville
6-Sofia-12-18-11-mb.jpg (94907 bytes)
7-Algosea-12-18-11-mb.jpg (85638 bytes)
Algosea down at Brockville
8-Calumet-12-18-11-mb.jpg (87011 bytes)
Calumet up at Brockville
9-Calumet-12-18-11-mb.jpg (79668 bytes) 10-Federal-Hudson-12-18-11-mb.jpg (99584 bytes)
Federal Hudson down at Brockville

Keewatin and dredging operation Saturday
- Colt Edin
DSC02410.jpg (81974 bytes) DSC02411.jpg (112052 bytes) DSC02409.jpg (135102 bytes)    

Hamilton and Canal Saturday
- John McCreery
1-AlgomaProvider-12-17-11-jm.jpg (104724 bytes)
Algoma Provider departing Hamilton after delivery of ore to Dofasco
2-AlgomsProvider-12-17-11-jm.jpg (136494 bytes)
Stern view exiting to Lake Ontario
3-JerryC-Provider-12-17-11-jm.jpg (133467 bytes)
Jerry C approaches on her return from Toronto
4-JerryC-12-17-11-jm.jpg (107685 bytes)
Jerry C inbound the Burlington Ship Canal
5-Whistler-12-17-11-jm.jpg (97296 bytes)
Whistler at Port Weller newly arrived from Redpath in Toronto
6-Whistler-12-17-11-jm.jpg (116157 bytes)
Another view
7-Calumet-Whistler-12-17-11-jm.jpg (110168 bytes)
Outbound Calumet passes the Whistler
8-Sofia-12-17-11-jm.jpg (124434 bytes)
Downbound Sofia sitting high in lock 7
9-JWShelley-12-17-11-jm.jpg (109629 bytes)
J W Shelley crossing Hamilton Harbor on her way to Richardson
10-Shelley-12-17-11-jm.jpg (70256 bytes)
Shelley about to turn at Eastport

Seaway Saturday -
Murray Blancher
1-Federal-Yoshino-12-17-11-mb.jpg (92315 bytes)
Federal Yoshino down at Brockville
2-Algobay-12-17-11-mb.jpg (63061 bytes)
Algobay at Prescott Elevator
3-Algobay-12-17-11-mb.jpg (63896 bytes) 4-Algobay-12-17-11-mb.jpg (105291 bytes) 5-Wilf-SeymourAlouette-Spirit-12-17-11-mb.jpg (69744 bytes)
Wilf Seymour & Alouette Spirit down at Prescott

Orsula aground St. Lawrence River
Saturday - Normand Daneau
CoteNord17-12-11-nd.jpg (250495 bytes)
Cote Nord Pilot boat at Trois Rivieres, Que.
MaerskPenang17-12-11-nd.jpg (102027 bytes)
Maersk Penang up bound at Becancour, Que.
Orsula17-12-11-nd.jpg (91061 bytes)
Orsula aground below Trois Rivieres
ORSULA17-12-11-A-ND.jpg (111989 bytes) Orsula17-12-11-nd-b.jpg (149561 bytes)
Orsula17-12-11-nd-c.jpg (106556 bytes) Orsula17-12-11-nd-d.jpg (116835 bytes) Orsula17-12-11-nd-e.jpg (145715 bytes) Orsula17-12-11-nd-f.jpg (150797 bytes) OceanCharlie17-12-11-nd.jpg (153703 bytes)
Ocean Charlie
OceanJupiter17-12-11-nd.jpg (132033 bytes)
Ocean Jupiter alongside the Orsula,
Ocean-Jupiter17-12-11-nd.jpg (121854 bytes)
Ocean Jupiter

McCleary's Spirit & William J. Moore  St. Catharines, Ont. -
Eira Voth
McCleary's-Spirit--2011-12-17.jpg (102238 bytes) McClearys-SpiritWilliam-J.-Moore2011-12-15.jpg (64477 bytes) William-J.-Moore-2011-12-17.jpg (107290 bytes) William-J.-Moore-2011-12-17b.jpg (101370 bytes)  

Detroit River Friday -
Diane Bedard
Algoway-12-16-11-db.jpg (126201 bytes)
Algoway, loading salt at Windsor Salt Mines. (Fighting Island in the background).
Misss-AmCo-12-16-11-db.jpg (82900 bytes)
American Courage sits at anchor in the river - the Mississagi slides past her, down bound for Cleveland.
Kaminist-12-16-11-db.jpg (106861 bytes)
Kaministiqua offloads sheet at the ADM dock, Windsor.  (Zug Island in the background).
Mississag-12-16-11-db.jpg (170722 bytes)
Mississagi, downbound for Cleveland, passes Riverview Steel.

Algobay at Prescott elevators Saturday -
Jim Scrimger
1-Algobay-12-17-11-JS-.jpg (110218 bytes)        

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1mich_12_9_11_rb.jpg (117237 bytes)
Arriving to load ore

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