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December 21, 20

Arthur K Atkinson scrap tow Tuesday - Lee Rowe
akatow-12-20-11-lr241.jpg (80152 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-lr244.jpg (113954 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-lr250.jpg (115803 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-lr261.jpg (115120 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-lr260.jpg (93768 bytes)
akatow-12-20-11-lr267.jpg (142839 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-lr278.jpg (58584 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-lr290.jpg (59418 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-lr286.jpg (107651 bytes) IMG_6298.jpg (62068 bytes)
IMG_6299.jpg (103050 bytes)
The spud barge tied her up and pushed her against the shore.  They will move her into position Wednesday morning
IMG_6296.jpg (123595 bytes)
.akatow-12-20-11-lr215.jpg (100050 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort downbound
amspirit-12-20-11-lr306.jpg (59194 bytes)
American Spirit upbound
amspirit-12-20-11-lr313.jpg (88171 bytes)

Arthur K Atkinson tow - Teresa Parker
AKA-Tow-by-Sailors-12202011.jpg (64049 bytes)
Passing Sailors Encampment / Johnson Point St Marys River
AKA-Tow-December-20-2011-(15)-Standard-e-mail-view.jpg (44643 bytes) AKA-Tow-December-20-2011-(5)-Standard-e-mail-view.jpg (60836 bytes)
Tug William C. Gaynor
AKA-Tow-December-20-2011-(10)-Standard-e-mail-view.jpg (41714 bytes) AKA-Tow-December-20-2011-(12)-Standard-e-mail-view.jpg (71223 bytes)
Tug Mohawk
AKA-Tow-December-20-2011-(19)-Standard-e-mail-view.jpg (40626 bytes) AKA-Tow-December-20-2011-(24)-Standard-e-mail-view.jpg (49239 bytes) AKA-Tow-December-20-2011-(20)-Standard-e-mail-view.jpg (90913 bytes)    

St. Clair River Monday -
Don Detloff
indiana-19dec11-djd-1.jpg (41347 bytes)
Indiana Harbor at Algonac State Park
ober-19dec11-djd-2.jpg (58837 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar at Marine City

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