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December 22, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-nor-12-2-11-md.jpg (111696 bytes)
James Norris heads upbound into Lake Huron for the final time.
2-sag-12-3-11-md.jpg (77635 bytes)
Saguenay making the turn at 1 & 2.
3-jlo-12-6-11-md.jpg (103697 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar upbound at 1 & 2.
4-kam-12-6-11-md.jpg (85683 bytes)
Kaministiqua making the turn at 1 & 2.
5-tsd-12-6-11-md.jpg (69691 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound at 1 & 2.
6-fron-12-9-11-md.jpg (75603 bytes)
Frontenac in the north slip for temporary repairs.
7-prt-12-10-11-md.jpg (113017 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha heads into Lake Huron.
8-miss-12-10-11-md.jpg (111784 bytes)
Mississiagi making the turn at 1 & 2.
9-jgm-12-10-11-md.jpg (119130 bytes)
John G. Munson heads into Lake Huron.
10-mon-12-10-11-md.jpg (74773 bytes)
Montrealais downbound at 1 & 2.
11-aec-12-15-11-md.jpg (128132 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius heads into Lake Huron.
12-grt-12-16-11-md.jpg (82549 bytes)
Great Republic downbound at 1 & 2.
13-man-12-16-11-md.jpg (87838 bytes)
 Manistee making the turn at 1 & 2.
14-vsl-12-20-11-md.jpg (74775 bytes)
 VSL Centurion arriving at the elevator.

Arthur K. Atkinson tow -
Wendell Wilke
akatow-12-20-11-ww-(2).jpg (85473 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-ww-(3).jpg (57769 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-ww-(4).jpg (222382 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-ww-(5).jpg (132716 bytes) akatow-12-20-11-ww-(6).jpg (132028 bytes)
akatow-12-20-11-ww-(1).jpg (73713 bytes)
Taken in Kewaunee, Wis. in the 1960's.
cortaerial0001.jpg (72808 bytes)      

Brockville Wednesday
- Murray Blancher
1-Laprairie-12-21-11-mb.jpg (55809 bytes)
Tug Laprairie downbound at Brockville
2-Laprairie-12-21-11-mb.jpg (51543 bytes) 3-BBC-Naples-12-21-11-mb.jpg (65122 bytes)
BBC Naples downbound in the haze passing Brockville
4-BBC-Naples-12-21-11-mb.jpg (60767 bytes)  

Sarnia lay up fleet begins with the Coast Guard -
Mike C.
Coast-Guard-line-up.jpg (95855 bytes)        

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