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December 26, 20

South Chicago Saturday - Lou Gerard
Algoway-12-24-11-lg-DSC-0561.jpg (102612 bytes)
Algoway at North American Salt dock at 92nd St.
Algomarine-12-24-12-lg-DSC-0591.jpg (135635 bytes)
From 95th we see G tug Massachusetts pulling Algomarine about to pass the Algoway.
Algomarine-12-24-11-lg-DSC-0603.jpg (94971 bytes)
G tug Colorado working the bow of the Algomarine.
Algomarine-12-24-11-lg-DSC-0608.jpg (107077 bytes)
Algomarine passing the Algoway.
Algomarine-12-24-11-lg-DSC-0813.jpg (111644 bytes)
Algomarine framed by 92nd St. bridge.
Algomarine-12-24-11-lg-DSC-0821.jpg (100867 bytes)
After getting by the Algoway the Alogomarine goes through 92nd St. and out to the lake.

Seaway Saturday -
Ron Beaupre
1-buoys-24-12-11-rb.jpg (17944 bytes)
Robinson Bay maneuvers the BPL 6704 to pick up another buoy while CCGS Griffon does the same on the Canadian side of the channel below Iroquois.
2-florida-24-12-11-rb.jpg (87707 bytes)
BBC Florida passing Mariatown on her way to Quebec City.
3-toby-24-12-11-rb.jpg (57710 bytes)
Manitoba passing Erieborg at Loyalist Park.
4-toby-24-12-11-rb.jpg (69329 bytes)
My Christmas present a day early.

Welland Canal Saturday -
Barry Andersen
welland-12-24-11-ba-(2).jpg (97787 bytes)
Algoma Progress
welland-12-24-11-ba-(3).jpg (123834 bytes)
welland-12-24-11-ba-(6).jpg (82437 bytes)
Songa Sapphire
welland-12-24-11-ba-(5).jpg (71713 bytes)
Stack of Norwegian Co. Arne Blystad
welland-12-24-11-ba-(7).jpg (98604 bytes)
Gisele Scan
welland-12-24-11-ba-(1).jpg (90659 bytes) welland-12-24-11-ba-(4).jpg (88527 bytes)

Kaye E. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1keb_12_22_11_rb.jpg (163586 bytes)
Loading ore on the first morning of winter

Historical Perspectives Calcite II - Gary Pollock
1-CalciteII-1960s-gp.jpg (87859 bytes)
Welland Canal in the 1960s
2-CalciteII-1962-gp.jpg (104907 bytes)
Storm in Lake Michigan in December 1962, bound for Buffington, IN (loaded in Calcite, MI).
3-CalciteII-1962-gp.jpg (103428 bytes) 4-CalciteII-1962-gp.jpg (84301 bytes) 5-CalciteII-1962-gp.jpg (118619 bytes)
6-CalciteII-1962-gp.jpg (77949 bytes)        

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