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December 28, 20

St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
Clarke,-PR-12-26-11.jpg (123190 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke upbound at Buoy 83 on Monday.
Am-Spirit-12-27-11rl.jpg (45851 bytes)
American Spirit at Mission Point Thursday. There's been no ice to contend with so far.
Am-Spirit-12-27-11rl2.jpg (59943 bytes)    

A stormy Tuesday had three ships in Marquette -
Lee Rowe
IMG_6332_2.jpg (89760 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson loaded ore.
IMG_6329.jpg (174606 bytes)
James L Kuber with the Pathfinder in the background.
IMG_6322.jpg (139001 bytes)
Tug Victory
IMG_6319.jpg (70226 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder waiting.

CSL Tadoussac unloading at St. Marys Cement on the Rouge River Christmas day -
Ken Borg
IMG_4235.jpg (112415 bytes)        

- Mike Cunningham
Capt-Henry-Jackman-12-25-11-mc.jpg (97509 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman and Algorail arrived in Sarnia late Christmas Eve.
Algorail-12-25-11-mc.jpg (130075 bytes)      

Seaway -
Dave Bessant
01-CanadianOlympic-23-12-11-WDB.jpg (90506 bytes)
Canadian Olympic upbound at Prescott last Friday
03-Calumet-24-12-11-WDB.jpg (103190 bytes)
Calumet tied up at Ogdensburg after unloading a cargo of salt.
05-Griffon-24-12-11-WDB.jpg (201158 bytes)
Griffon off loading buoys at the Prescott Coast Guard station
06-GriffonVigilant-27-12-11-WDB.jpg (59820 bytes)
Griffon approaching Brockville in front of Vigilant and her barge after Christmas
07-Griffon-27-12-11-WDB.jpg (121119 bytes)
Griffon at Blockhouse Island
08-Vigilant-27-12-11-WDB.jpg (89735 bytes)
Vigilant and her barge Norman McLeod at Brockville
09-JetteTheresa-27-12-11-WDB.jpg (133529 bytes)
 Jette Theresa increasing speed as she exits the lock at Iroquois
10-JetteTheresa-27-12-11-WDB.jpg (100766 bytes)
Jette Theresa, named after Vitta Lysgaard, whose middle name is Theresa ( one of the founders in 1963 ), of Herning Shipping of Denmark
11-JetteTheresa-27-12-11-WDB.jpg (71579 bytes)
The logo of the Herning shipping AS
12-JetteTheresa-27-12-11-WDB.jpg (69542 bytes)
Jette Theresa heading down to Morrisburg

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-Jette-TheresaCrossover-island-12-27-11-mb.jpg (84896 bytes)
Jette Theresa at Crossover Island downbound
1-CCGC-Griffon-12-25-11-mb).jpg (84143 bytes)
CCGS Griffon working buoys in the Brockville area
1-Whistler-12-26-11-mb.jpg (112415 bytes)
Whistler downbound at Brockville
2-Whistler-12-26-11-mb.jpg (87210 bytes) 2-Gisele-Scan-12-25-11-mb.jpg (65458 bytes)
Gisele Scan down
3-Gisele-Scan-12-25-11-mb.jpg (77120 bytes) 4-Algolake-12-25-11-mb.jpg (60668 bytes)
Algolake up
5-Algolake-12-25-11-mb.jpg (83887 bytes) 6-Federal-Yukina-12-25-11-mb.jpg (75745 bytes)
Federal Yukina down
7-Federal-Yukina-12-25-11-mb.jpg (85256 bytes)

Evan McNeil and barge in Kingston in Elevator Bay -
Tom Rutledge
evans-mcneil-and-labador-spirit.jpg (101725 bytes)        

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1mich12_22_11_rb.jpg (193883 bytes)
 Waiting to load ore on the first evening of winter
2mich12_25_11_rb.jpg (139394 bytes)
Loading ore Christmas Day afternoon

Jette Theresa, last saltie of the season passing Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-jette-27-12-11-rb.jpg (92548 bytes)        

Toledo - H. Hansen Interlake Dock -
Bob Vincent 
1-AmericanCourage-12-26-11-bv.jpg (125631 bytes)
American Courage, Winter Lay Up
2-AmericanCourage-12-26-11-bv.jpg (78335 bytes)
another view

Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Mariner-12-26-11-BW.jpg (54590 bytes)
Mariner as she approaches General Mills on the City Ship Canal with her boom extended for the unloading hopper. The ship has just passed under the Buffalo Skyway Bridge as they come alongside the Frontier Elevator dock.

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-bbcflo-12-23-11-pb.jpg (103558 bytes)
BBC Florida at the Homer bridge.
2-bbcflo-12-23-11-pb.jpg (112625 bytes)
She was one of the last Salties to leave the lakes this year.
3-chj-12-23-11-pb.jpg (83716 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman above Lock 2.
4-eriebo-12-23-11-pb.jpg (96034 bytes)
Erieborg, another of the Salties on the way out.
5-eriebo-12-23-11-pb.jpg (95086 bytes)
Approaching Lock 1.
6-mcleary-12-23-11-pb.jpg (127744 bytes)
McLeary's Spirit, English River and William J Moore in the drydock at Port Weller.
7-giscan-12-24-11-pb.jpg (89552 bytes)
Gisele Scan below the flight locks.
8-giscan-12-24-11-pb.jpg (87367 bytes)
Formerly the Beluga Generation and the BBC Orinoco.
9-songsa-12-24-11-pb.jpg (135465 bytes)
Songa Sapphire down at the Glendale bridge.
10-songsa-12-24-11-pb.jpg (92873 bytes)
Approaching Lock 3.  This was the last Salty I captured, although the Whistler, which was downbound on Christmas day, was the final one through the canal this year.

Historical Perspectives -
Carl Fredericks collection
OM-Reiss.jpg (157125 bytes)
Otto M. Reiss coming through the Duluth-Superior Interstate Bridge, December 1961.  E.C. Carlson photo
WB-Schiller.jpg (166580 bytes)
William B. Schiller and Kaner bumboat, Duluth, date unknown.  E.C. Carlson photo
AT-Wood.jpg (79368 bytes)
Alexander T. Wood, Duluth-Superior, date unknown.  E.C. Carlson photo
C&O-41.jpg (135308 bytes)
C&O City of Midland 41 at Ludington, late 1960's.  J. Fredericks

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