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December 30, 20

Tecumseh upbound on the St. Lawrence River Thursday -  Rene Beauchamp
Tecumseh12-29-11-rb-(1).jpg (84014 bytes)
Destination Montreal for winter lay up.
Tecumseh12-29-11-rb-(2).jpg (82582 bytes) Tecumseh12-29-11-rb-(3).jpg (83190 bytes) Tecumseh12-29-11-rb-(6).jpg (64551 bytes) Tecumseh12-29-11-rb-(7).jpg (70455 bytes)
Tecumseh12-29-11-rb-(8).jpg (62650 bytes) Tecumseh12-29-11-rb-(5).jpg (57686 bytes) Tecumseh12-29-11-rb-(4).jpg (49537 bytes) IMG_7897.jpg (85416 bytes)
Montreal-East oil docks on Monday. From left to right: Clipper Mari, Torm Agnete, Seychelles Patriot, Algoeast, Thalassa Desgagnes and Jana Desgagnes.
IMG_7896.jpg (66555 bytes)
Mapleglen wintering.

Sturgeon Bay Wednesday -
Scott Best
1-LJK-12-28-11-sb.jpg (141509 bytes)
 Bow view of the freshly painted LJ Kuber from across the Ship Canal just before being towed out.
2-LJK-12-28-11-sb.jpg (85578 bytes)
Tugs have pulled her out, and head for Berth 3.
3-LJK-12-28-11-sb.jpg (128972 bytes)
Stern view in the Graving Dock.
1-CAS-12-28-11-sb.jpg (100131 bytes)
103 year old tug Carla Anne faces an uncertain future after being laid up in Green Bay for 4 years she was towed to the Roen yard in Sturgeon Bay in early December.

Prescott - Iroquois Lock -
Jim Scrimger
1-Tug-Tony-Mackay-12-21-11-JS--.jpg (150463 bytes)
Tug Tony Mackay at Prescott elevators.
2-VSL-Centurion-12-24-11-JS--.jpg (122989 bytes)
VSL Centurion at Prescott elevators. 
3-AlgoEast-12-24-11-JS--.jpg (72587 bytes)
Algoeast at Johnstown Bridge.
4-AlgoEast-12-24-11-JS--.jpg (143800 bytes) 5-BBC-Florida-12-24-11-JS--.jpg (82302 bytes)
BBC Florida framed by bridge and pier construction at Prescott Port.
6-BBC-Florida-12-24-11-JS-.jpg (78456 bytes)
BBC Florida.
7-Everlast-Norman-McLeod-12-27-11-JS--.jpg (100386 bytes)
Tug Everlast and Norman McLeod upstream.
8-Salarium-12-27-11-JS--.jpg (125857 bytes)
Salarium transiting Iroquois Lock.
9-Salarium-12-27-11-JS-.jpg (186679 bytes) 10-Salarium-12-27-11-JS--.jpg (189032 bytes)
11-Salarium-12-27-11-JS--.jpg (181394 bytes)        

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algoca-12-26-11-pb.jpg (107598 bytes)
As the season draws to a close there is less and less traffic in the canal.  Algocanada above Lock 1.
2-algoca-12-26-11-pb.jpg (104728 bytes)
Another view.
3-salar-12-26-11-pb.jpg (83609 bytes)
Salarium below the Flight locks.
4-salar-12-26-11-pb.jpg (120440 bytes)
Unique logo for her contract with Les Mines Seleine, a subsidiary of Morton Salt.
5-salar-12-26-11-pb.jpg (83966 bytes)
Salarium approaching Lock 3.  The salt mine is located in the Magdelan Islands, in the middle of the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Launch of the first CSL Panamax at the Chengxi shipyard on Dec. 23
CX9701-Launching-Ceremony-01-1.jpg (87280 bytes) CX9701-Launching-Ceremony-01-2.jpg (95255 bytes) CX9701-Launching-Ceremony-01-3.jpg (135394 bytes) CX9701-Launching-Ceremony-01-4.jpg (82410 bytes) CX9701-Launching-Ceremony-01-5.jpg (73100 bytes)

Mary Turner
Mary-Turner.jpg (40815 bytes)
Grand River registers new tug and barge combo

Saltie photos -
Kevin D. Majewski
1-Pochard-9-16-07-KM.jpg (66671 bytes)
2-SedDes-5-11-11-KM.jpg (54808 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes
3-KurPaul-5-20-11-KM.jpg (105271 bytes)
Kurt Paul
4-HapRiv-6-6-11-KM.jpg (72390 bytes)
Happy River
5-SidKnut-8-5-10-KM.jpg (98870 bytes)
Saltie Sidsel Knutsen when it was run aground next to the Voyager Restaurant in St. Clair Michigan in 2010.
6-SidKnut-8-5-10-KM.jpg (92996 bytes)        

Histortical Perspectives -
Chris Wilson
Welland_1965.jpg (116129 bytes)
Unidentified Saltie Welland Summer/fall 1965 (can anyone identify?)
Bregaglia2_1966.jpg (106320 bytes)
Saltie Bregaglia Welland 1966
Bregaglia1_1966.jpg (123672 bytes)    

F/V Robert Louis in1985 -
Robert Ruleau
RobertLouis-1985-rr.jpg (59232 bytes)
Lake Michigan, Cedar River, Michigan. Ruleau Bros. Inc. Trawler 90' x 24'   700 hp KTA Cummins

Historical Perspective -
Winter 1954-55 of the Ann Arbor No. 3 entering Manitowoc harbor - Dick Sheehy
Ann-Arbor-No-3,-Manitowoc,-Winter-54-55.jpg (49640 bytes)        

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