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December 31, 20

Former Normac burned at her dock in Port Dalhousie - David Bull
1-Normac-12-29-11-db.jpg (69746 bytes)
Bow view.  Her appearance was very different than when she operated as Normac.
2-Normac-12-29-11-db.jpg (77686 bytes)
Paint burned off the ship sides.  Windows were blown out.
3-Normac-12-29-11-db.jpg (85348 bytes)
Glimpse of the interior damage.
4-Normac-12-29-11-db.jpg (59606 bytes)
Stern view.  The aft facing bulkhead ahead of the funnel appears blackened by soot. It was painted white.
Captain_John's_Normac.jpg (7153 bytes)
Normac - Brian Westhouse
1-Normac-12-30-11-gg.jpg.jpg (20762 bytes)
Normac of Owen Sound Transportation at the Government Dock in Meldrum Bay, Ontario (circa. August 1966) - Graham Grattan

Marquette Friday
- Lee Rowe
IMG_6344.jpg (118787 bytes)
Mesabi Miner unloading coal
IMG_6343.jpg (83078 bytes)
Ice on the Mesabi Miner
IMG_6352.jpg (124091 bytes)
Kaye E Barker waiting to load

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-johnsp-12-30-11-pb.jpg (71717 bytes)
It what may be the last transits of the canal for 2012 we found 3 vessels.  John Spence and Niagara Spirit upbound above Lock 2.
2-johnsp-12-30-11-pb.jpg (114748 bytes)
Cargo on board the Niagara Spirit.
3-johnsp-12-30-11-pb.jpg (76482 bytes)
A close-up of the bow of the tug and stern of the barge.
4-johnsp-12-30-11-pb.jpg (83376 bytes)
On their way to Lock 3.
5-griff-12-30-11-pb.jpg (88023 bytes)
CCGS Griffon above Lock 7.  She has finished her buoy work on the Seaway and Lake Ontario.  She worked the buoys in the canal as she moved to the upper lakes to be ready for winter icebreaking.
6-griff-12-30-11-pb.jpg (96114 bytes)
Just to the left of her stern can be seen her small work boat alongside one of the lighted buoys.  The crew are removing the lantern for the winter and checking the buoy position.  This small work boat is used in areas where there is not enough water for the Griffon.
7-salvor-12-30-11-pb.jpg (93793 bytes)
Salvor and Lambert Spirit below Lock 3.   There are two openings in the bulkhead on the port side of the barge.  These permit vehicles to drive onto the barge to load/unload cargo.
8-salvor-12-30-11-pb.jpg (100602 bytes)
Salvor in the notch.
9-salvor-12-30-11-pb.jpg (93728 bytes)
Another view of the tug.

St John's  & Conception Bay, Nfld. -
Captain Clarence Vautier
MTHcElida30-12-11-CV.jpg (48662 bytes)
M  T HC Elida at anchor Conception Bay South
Tuvaq30-12-11-cv-a.jpg (119654 bytes)
Woodward Group Tanker Tuvaq St John's
TUVAQ30-12-11-cv.jpg (57215 bytes) AmeliaDesgagnes30-12-11-CV.jpg (75835 bytes)
Amelia Desgagnes at Long Pond, Nfld.   
BeaumontHamel30-12-3-11-CV.jpg (80993 bytes)
Bell Island Ferry Beaumont Hamel

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