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January 4, 20

Alpena, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
Calu-1-3-12-BCM-00.jpg (136885 bytes)
Calumet at Lafarge
GRepJB-1-2-12-BCM-021.jpg (88448 bytes)
American Republic & John J. Boland at anchor on Monday
GRepJB-1-2-12-BCM-011.jpg (86981 bytes) GRepJB-1-2-12-BCM-031.jpg (64465 bytes) GRepJB-1-2-12-BCM-041.jpg (65033 bytes)

Port Washington, Wis. -
Jim Jentges
PortWashington1-2-12-(1).jpg (111804 bytes)
American Mariner was southbound off Port Washington Monday around 1 p.m. and then northbound about 2 1/2 hours later.
PortWashington1-2-12-(2).jpg (93476 bytes) PortWashington1-2-12-(3).jpg (65625 bytes)
American Spirit at anchor just beyond the lighthouse off shore of Port Washington, WI. (3rd picture)  Having a boat at anchor just out of our harbor is a rare sight in Port Washington.

Sarnia Government Dock December 31
- Mike Cunningham
lake,-jackman.jpg (95316 bytes)
Algolake, Capt. Henry Jackman with tug Pride.

Resko in Antwerp on Jan. 2 -
Chris Rombouts
Resko-Antw-2-1-12-cr1.jpg (142305 bytes)        

Seaway -
Dave Bessant
01-barge-12-31-11-WDB.jpg (107313 bytes)
Barge working out in the river between Prescott and Ogdensburg on New Year's eve
02-bargetugs-12-31-11-WDB.jpg (94526 bytes)
Another tug comes up from behind
03-CCGSRCMP-12-31-11-WDB.jpg (83325 bytes)
 Canadian Coastguard vessel and one from the RCMP tied up at Prescott base with buoys

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
mich12_28_11dk_rb.jpg (177656 bytes)
Waiting to load ore

Fishing tug Ellen N on the dock in Blind River -
James M. Carlson
Ellen-N--(-On-the-Dock-Dec-28).jpg (85891 bytes)
December 28

Drydocking the Sedna IV in Gaspe Quebec in October -
Paul Beesley
1-sedna-10-21-11-pb.jpg (98582 bytes)
Sedna IV, derigged and waiting for a tow to the marine railway.
2-sedna-10-21-11-pb.jpg (119009 bytes)
All hooked up and backing away from the dock.
3-sedna-10-21-11-pb.jpg (117862 bytes)
The crib on the marine railway at its furthest extent.  Workers are on board to secure the Sedna IV as she is pushed into place.
4-sedna-10-21-11-pb.jpg (212306 bytes)
The crib will be hauled up the track with the ship on board.
5-sedna-10-21-11-pb.jpg (251147 bytes)
Another view as we approach the dock.  The crib is not very sturdy so the ship must be correctly lined up and gently put into position.
6-sedna-10-21-11-pb.jpg (281714 bytes)
In the water on the left is a diver.  He will ensure the ship is correctly on the blocks before it is hauled out of the water.
7-sedna-10-21-11-pb.jpg (165453 bytes)
The zodiac on the left helped with the positioning of the ship.  Here the workers are securing her in position.
8-sedna-10-21-11-pb.jpg (164011 bytes)
Still working on the lines.  The owner intends to take her on a round-the-world trip once she is refitted.
9-sedna-10-21-11-pb.jpg (183594 bytes)
Out of the water and ready to be moved wherever they need her in the shipyard.

Historical Perspectives - Normac -
John G. Mackay collection
JAMESRELLIOTT-jm.jpg (50103 bytes)
As the
 fire tug James R Elliott.
NORMAC-1-2-11-jm-(2).jpg (55412 bytes)
Normac at South Bay Mouth ferry landing.
NORMAC-1-2-11-jm-(3).jpg (74757 bytes)
Normac arriving at Meldrum Bay for the last time in her career in September 1968.
NORMAC-1-2-11-jm-(4).jpg (51957 bytes)
On the top deck looking forward.
NORMAC-1-2-11-jm-(6).jpg (41307 bytes)
Captain H G McNeill has just rung up "finished with engines" for the last time in Owen Sound.
NORMAC-1-2-11-jm-(5).jpg (35437 bytes)
Accommodation deck looking forward. The galley was forward to port on the lower deck, accessed through the open door at the last table.
NORMAC-1-2-11-jm-(7).jpg (55194 bytes)
 Tied up in Owen Sound at the end of the trip.
NORMAC-1-2-11-jm-(1).jpg (72071 bytes)
Captain John's Restaurant sunk in Toronto in 1982.

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