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January 8, 20

Port Colborne Saturday - Bill Bird
1-Algosteel-1-7-12-a-bb.jpg (86170 bytes)
Algosteel at Wharf 12 (the stone dock) for winter work
2-Algosteel-1-7-12-bb.jpg (166880 bytes)
One of two holes cut out of the hull so crews can work in the cargo hold.
3-Algosteelinside-1-7-12-bb.jpg (208058 bytes)
Closer look-side tanks are being replaced.
4-Algosteel-1-7-12-b-bb.jpg (92111 bytes)
When work is completed and the canal opens in March Algosteel will head to Seaway Marine and Industrial at Port Weller at Port Weller for additional work and five year survey.
5-CanadianEnterprise1-7-12-a-bb.jpg (148338 bytes)
Directly south of Algosteel is Canadian Enterprise.
6-CanadianEnterprise-1-7-12-b-bb1.jpg (83677 bytes)
Along with a change of livery winter work will include refurbishing the engines.    
7-PeterRCresswell-1-7-12-a-bb.jpg (114105 bytes)
Immediately south of Lock 8 is Peter R Cresswell.
8-PeterRCresswellbelts1-7-12-bb-.jpg (116180 bytes)
Winter work includes replacing part of belt used in unloading system.
9-PeterRCresswell-1-7-12-b-bb.jpg (112893 bytes)
Cresswell is so close to the lock, she'll be moved before the canal re-opens in about two and a half months.
10-Griffon-1-7-12-a-bb.jpg (99234 bytes)
In the outer harbour, Canadian Coast Guard ship Griffon prepares to cast off lines.
11-Griffon-1-7-12-b-bb.jpg (87555 bytes)
Underway from west wall
12-Griffonlines-1-7-12-bb.jpg (68320 bytes)
Securing lines on board
13-Griffon-1-7-12-c-bb.jpg (106187 bytes)
Headed to Amherstsburg and work when ice conditions require her presence  

Sorel-Tracy Friday
- Rene Beauchamp
OOCL-Montreal1-6-12-rb.jpg (68588 bytes)
OOCL Montreal off the Ste.Anne-de-Sorel federal dock. Downbound from Montreal, it is one of the three largest container ships to come to Montreal.
Dubai-Star-1-6-12-rb.jpg (68896 bytes)
Dubai Star downbound and Federal Franklin at the QIT dock.
Dubai-Stars-1-6-12-rb.jpg (66093 bytes)
Dubai Star
Torm-Louise1-6-12-rb.jpg (70239 bytes)
Torm Louise anchored off Sorel-Tracy
Tzarevetz-1-6-12-rb.jpg (66296 bytes)

St. Clair River at Algonac -
Don Detloff
1-call-07jan12-djd.jpg (69617 bytes)
Cason J Callaway at Algonac State Park on Saturday
2-prog-07jan12-djd.jpg (70686 bytes)
Algoma Progress
1-manit-06jan12-djd.jpg (82144 bytes)
Manitowoc at the Algonac State Park on Friday evening
2-manit-06jan12-djd.jpg (72274 bytes)  

Owen Sound, Ont.  Wednesday -
Dave Martin
IMG_1054.jpg (77232 bytes)
Robert S Pierson unloading at the grain elevator in
IMG_1068.jpg (70665 bytes)
 Algomarine in Owen Sound for layup  
IMG_1088.jpg (69240 bytes)
Algomarine,  Robert S Pierson, and the Algoway. 

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_6381.jpg (71636 bytes)
Michipicoten waiting to load.
IMG_6389.jpg (162955 bytes)
John G Munson almost finished loading.

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1keb1_4_12stn_rb.jpg (135786 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker - final days sailing with steam
2jgm_1_5_12dk_rb.jpg (138001 bytes)
John G. Munson waiting to load ore on her first visit of the season

ug Jacklyn & her barge with the installation of the new pedestrian bridge at the Union Ship Canal Buffalo Dec. 27 - Phil Riggs
12-27-11Bridge002.jpg (100609 bytes) 12-27-11Bridge005.jpg (109614 bytes) 12-27-11Bridge007.jpg (125983 bytes)    

Welland Canal Photos from July 2011 -
Paul Beesley
1-egbert-07-29-11-pb.jpg (86779 bytes)
Remember those lovely, warm days of July?  And the clouds of summer?  Egbert looks new, but it was built in 1998.
2-egbert-07-29-11-pb.jpg (86797 bytes)
Stern propulsion as she approaches Lock 1.
3-fedset-07-29-11-pb.jpg (91822 bytes)
Federal Seto below Lock 2.
4-fedset-07-29-11-pb.jpg (112470 bytes)
And above the Pipeline that crosses the canal above Lock 1.  The sign in the trees on the right tells mariners not to anchor here.
5-rhpjm-07-29-11-pb.jpg (93507 bytes)
Martin below Lock 2 with a full load.

The Emerald Empress, built for Newman Boat Line is in San Diego, CA as Adventure Hornblower  - Mike Nicholls
ADVENTUREHORNBLOWERb01010212mn.jpg (127957 bytes)
She is in service in San Diego Harbor
EmeraldEmpressb01092296mn.jpg (57728 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives - Arthur M. Anderson passing USCG Mackinaw in Whitefish Bay
- Photo by Gord Macaulay from the Ron Beaupre collection
ARTHUR-M-ANDERSON584.jpg (112470 bytes)        

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