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January 9, 20

St Clair River Traffic on Sunday - Don Detloff
1-invin-08jan12-djd.jpg (75741 bytes)
Invincible at Algonac State Park
2-mack-08jan12-djd.jpg (82577 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw WLBB-30 at Vantage Point
3-herb-08jan12-djd.jpg (58600 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson at Vantage Point
4-macjac-08jan12-djd.jpg (56075 bytes)
 USCGC Mackinaw WLBB-30 and Herbert C Jackson passing
5-thun-08jan12-djd.jpg (100733 bytes)
USCGC Thunder Bay WTGB-108 at Marine City

Goderich Ontario Sunday - Bruce Douglas
1-Jbaird-1-8-12-bjd.jpg (187020 bytes)
John B Aird loading salt at 3 p.m.
2-Jbaird-1-8-12-bjd.jpg (163676 bytes)
View from the castle.
3-Jbaird-1-8-12-bjd.jpg (164487 bytes)
View from south pier.
4-Algotransfer-1-8-12-bjd.jpg (151085 bytes)
Algoma Transfer during winter layup in brash-ice.
5-Algotransfer-1-8-12-bjd.jpg (108953 bytes)
View from the castle, warm sun.

USCG Thunder Bay upbound at Port Huron Sunday -
Bruce Hurd
uscgthunderbay1-8-12-(2).jpg (107661 bytes) uscgthunderbay1-8-12-(1).jpg (123391 bytes)      

Saginaw’s Boom Collapse at Thunder Bay Terminals -
Robert B. Farrow
Saginaw-1-7-12-rbf.jpg (134566 bytes)        

Seaway visitors in Antwerp, Belgium
- Chris Rombouts
Pomorze-Antw-8-1-12-cr1.jpg (91984 bytes)
 Pomorze Zachodnie
Pomorze-Antw-8-1-12-cr2.jpg (108051 bytes) Pomorze-Antw-8-1-12-cr3.jpg (144146 bytes) Pomorze-Antw-8-1-12-cr4.jpg (164768 bytes) Federal-Seto-Antw-8-1-12-cr0.jpg (108790 bytes)
 Federal Seto
Federal-Seto-Antw-8-1-12-cr1.jpg (112590 bytes) Federal-Seto-Antw-8-1-12-cr2.jpg (109431 bytes) Federal-Seto-Antw-8-1-12-cr3.jpg (102491 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives James Norris -
Terry McCullough
01-James-Norris-aground-in-elevator-basin.-Mar-26-1954.-Terry-McCullough-collection.jpg (87748 bytes) 02-James-Norris-in-the-St-Clair-River.-May-1973.-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (108683 bytes) 03-James-Norris-in-the-Welland-Canal.-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (147999 bytes) 04-James-Norris-downbound-in-the-Huron-Cut.-Oct-27-2005.-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (91704 bytes) 05-James-Norris-downbound-in-the-Huron-Cut.-Oct-27-2005.-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (109119 bytes)
06-James-Norris.-Oct-26-2011.-Terry-McCullough-photo.jpg (89868 bytes)        

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