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January 11, 20

Michipicoten arriving at Toledo Tuesday - Jim Hoffman
michipicoten-1-10-12-jh.jpg (159637 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound Maumee River Toledo, Ohio from the Hi Level Bridge bound for the Kuhlman Dock to unload grain.
michipicotenb-1-10-12-jh.jpg (121876 bytes)
 Wide angle view of the Michipicoten passing the Col. James M. Schoonmaker.
algomaprogress1-8-12-jh-(1).jpg (122608 bytes)
Algoma Progress finished unloading salt at the Kuhlman Dock and is downbound Maumee River
under tow of the tugs Nebraska on the bow and Mississippi on the stern from the Craig Bridge.
algomaprogress1-8-12-jh-(2).jpg (124045 bytes)
Closeup view of the Algoma Progress
algomaprogress1-8-12-jh-(3).jpg (121126 bytes)
Stern view of Algoma Progress tow with the tug Mississippi on the stern and the Nebraska
on the bow downbound Maumee River.

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
- Scott Best
1-AMMariner-01-10-12-sb.jpg (84453 bytes)
Approaching the Sturgeon Bay Ship canal entrance on a 45 degree day.
2-AMMariner-01-10-12-sb.jpg (103081 bytes)
Stern view going into the ship canal with Sturgeon Bay Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse.
3-AMMariner-01-10-12-sb.jpg (114401 bytes)
Approaching the Highway 57 Bayview Bridge.
4-AMMariner-01-10-12-sb.jpg (70710 bytes)
Passing through Oregon-Maple enroute to her slip for winter lay-up.

Point Edward/Sarnia -
Marc Dease
1-sam-12-26-11-md.jpg (96790 bytes)
CCGC Samual Risley at the government dock.
2-chj-12-27-11-md.jpg (71568 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman arrives for the winter.
3-mani-1-6-12-md.jpg (93853 bytes)
Manitowoc downbound at 1 & 2.
4-buf-1-6-12-md.jpg (86283 bytes)
Buffalo heads into Lake Huron.
5-keb-1-6-12-a-md.jpg (88264 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker downbound above the buoy's.
6-keb-1-6-12-b-md.jpg (67083 bytes)
Making the turn.
7-hcj-1-8-12-md.jpg (79910 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson making the turn at 1 & 2.
8-mack-1-8-12-md.jpg (111373 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw upbound at Point Edward.
9-ojib-1-8-12-md.jpg (93405 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at 1 & 2.
10-jgm-1-8-12-md.jpg (97650 bytes)
John G. Munson heads into Lake Huron.
11-aec-1-8-12-md.jpg (106752 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius making the turn at 1 & 2.
12-pjm-1-10-12-md.jpg (110162 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin heading into Lake Huron.
13-sam-1-10-12-md.jpg (111301 bytes)
Tug Samuel de Champlain with the barge Innovation below 1 & 2.
14-cal-1-10-12-md.jpg (94788 bytes)
Calumet making the turn at 1 & 2.
15-min-1-10-12-md.jpg (88119 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound at 1 & 2.

Toledo Docks -
Steve Feher
01-10-12-001.jpg (140265 bytes)
Tug Invincible at #4 P.I dock for winter lay-up
01-10-12-004.jpg (209402 bytes) 01-10-12-002.jpg (100293 bytes) 01-10-12-007.jpg (107640 bytes)
 American Fortitude and Valor
01-10-12-006.jpg (99081 bytes)
 Sam Laud at Torco Dock for lay-up

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
Monday the Olive Moore and Lewis J Kuber loading ore while the Paul R Tregurtha unloaded coal and the Kaye E Barker waited in the harbor.
IMG_6431.jpg (95988 bytes)
Kaye E Barker waiting her turn at the dock.
IMG_6438.jpg (114123 bytes)
Visible past the stern of the Paul R Tregurtha unloading coal.
IMG_6428.jpg (114073 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha unloading coal.
IMG_6432.jpg (130273 bytes) IMG_6441.jpg (96911 bytes)
The Lewis J Kuber loading while the Kaye E Barker waited.
IMG_6447.jpg (64125 bytes)
Pilot house of the Olive Moore
IMG_6448.jpg (78905 bytes)
Olive Moore.

Kaye E Barker in Marquette, Mich. loading ore at sunrise Tuesday morning -
Danielle Adams
photo.jpg (85808 bytes)        

Tug Olive L. Moore and Barge Lewis J. Kuber at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
olmljk_1_9_12dk_rb.jpg (106768 bytes)
Waiting to load ore - first trip after 5 year survey and repainting

Historical perspectives - April 1996 Ice jam on St. Clair River -
Paul Beesley
On April 18, 1996 the St Clair river was jammed with ice and icebreakers from both sides of the border were called in to help.  These photos, from anonymous, show the Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers in action during this period.  Quotes are from Peggy Walsh-Sarnecki of the Port Huron Times Herald.
1-griff-4-18-96-pb.jpg (102622 bytes)
"The cavalry has arrived on the ice-bound St Clair River."  CCGS Griffon below the Bluewater bridge.   The Griffon is 234 feet long with two props and 5,336 bhp.
2-radiss-4-18-96-pb.jpg (96589 bytes)
 "Three of the largest ice breakers on the Great Lakes are at work:  US Coast Guard's Mackinaw, 290 feet, and the 140-foot Neah Bay, plus the 325-foot Canadian Pierre Radisson." 
CCGS Pierre Radisson amidst the ice.  She still has her helicopter on the flight deck to provide ice reconnaissance flights. 
Pierre Radisson is 322 feet long with two props and 17,700 bhp.
3-risle-4-18-96-pb.jpg (83961 bytes)
"Their task:  to clear paths for the growing number of freighters stacked up in Lakes Huron and St Clair." 
CCGS Samuel Risley in heavy ice. 
The Risley is 229 feet long with two props and 7,590 bhp.
4-convoy-4-18-96-pb.jpg (78728 bytes)
 "Canadian Coast Guard cutters Griffon and Risley, along with Radisson, were escorting the Federal Fraser upbound in the St Clair River this morning.  Between 15 and 17 freighters are waiting to come up the river." 
The three CCG ships assisting the Federal Fraser.  (note:  in the CCG the proper nomenclature is Ships.) 
5-black-4-18-96-pb.jpg (71507 bytes)
"Also on the river:  The buoytender Bramble remains tied up in Algonac today. available for ferry duties if ice closes the Harsens Island ferry.  The ferry is running its regular schedule today."
CCGS Martha L Black in lighter ice conditions. 
Martha L Black, American born, Canadian Member of Parliament representing the Yukon.  She was the 2nd woman ever elected to the Canadian House of Commons. 
The ship is 272 feet long with two props and 8.973 bhp.
6-griff-4-18-96-pb.jpg (89569 bytes)
"The ice in Lake Huron - the source of the St Clair River jams - is slowly disappearing." 
Griffon with a load of buoys on deck.  She was obviously taken from her spring buoy program to assist with the ice jam.
7-radiss-4-18-96-pb.jpg (113364 bytes)
 "This morning, ice stretched about 10 miles up into the lake." 
Pierre Radisson at the Bluewater bridge.  New bridge construction visible in background.
8-griff-4-18-96-pb.jpg (64639 bytes)
 "That's better than the 30 to 35 miles of ice last week and 15 to 20 miles earlier this week, but still enough to keep breakers busy for several more days." 
Lee A Tregurtha waits for the Griffon to help her through the ice.
9-convoy-4-18-96-pb.jpg (90717 bytes)
On April 22 the Times herald reported, "For the first time in at least two weeks, the St Clair River is open to two-way freighter traffic."
Another view of the Fraser convoy. 
10-convoy-4-18-96-pb.jpg (90231 bytes)
A final view of the Fraser convoy.  "The ice jam is gone, at least for now...All US and Canadian cutters, except the Bristol Bay, have left the river."

Historical perspectives - James Norris -
John G. Mackay
jamesnorris1-11-10-(9).jpg (65266 bytes)
Capt. Eric Fox on board the Frank A. Sherman his new command, backing out past his last boat the James Norris in Port Colborne harbour in the spring of 1959.
jamesnorris1-11-10-(10).jpg (45506 bytes) jamesnorris1-11-10-(1).jpg (36086 bytes)
James Norris downbound in the Welland Canal below lock #3
jamesnorris1-11-10-(7).jpg (46564 bytes)
James Norris at Sarnia in the mid 1950's.
jamesnorris1-11-10-(6).jpg (68634 bytes)
jamesnorris1-11-10-(8).jpg (44700 bytes) jamesnorris1-11-10-(3).jpg (60720 bytes) jamesnorris1-11-10-(2).jpg (66728 bytes) jamesnorris1-11-10-(4).jpg (66632 bytes) jamesnorris1-11-10-(5).jpg (57658 bytes)

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