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January 16, 20

Sarnia Sunday - Mike Cunningham
Algolake,-CaptHenry-Jackman1-15-12.jpg (142675 bytes)
Algolake, Capt. Henry Jackman rafted together at the Government dock
Cape-Dundas1-15-12.jpg (106289 bytes)
Cape Dundas has joined the fleet.
McKee-Sons--bow1-15-12.jpg (122338 bytes)
McKee Sons at Cargil
McKee-Sons-stern1-15-12.jpg (57531 bytes) Rail-Sar1-15-12.jpg (89424 bytes)
Algosar rafted to Algorail at the Sydney Smith dock.
Frontenac1-15-12.jpg (138262 bytes)
 Frontenac in the North Slip.

Toledo Docks -
Bob Vincent
1-LATregurtha-1-14-12-bv.jpg (156169 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha unloading ore at Torco
2-LATregurtha-1-14-12-bv.jpg (119094 bytes) 3-Torco-1-14-12-bv.jpg (103492 bytes)
Torco crew spraying beet juice on the Live Pad pile to prevent freezing
4-LATregurtha-1-14-12-bv.jpg (42574 bytes)
Boom in, Lee A Tregurtha getting ready to get underway
5-LATregurtha-1-14-12-bv.jpg (123381 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha heading out
6-TorcoCat-1-14-12-bv.jpg (123014 bytes)
One of the big cats at Torco
7-TorcoPortable-1-14-12-bv.jpg (164447 bytes)
Torco's Portable, the cats dump ore into the hopper to load off the ground
8-Torco-1-14-12-bv.jpg (120029 bytes)
Torco's transfer house, where #2 belt dumps onto #3 belt
9-Torco-1-14-12-bv.jpg (130675 bytes)
Load Out, where they weight the ore and dump it into rail cars.
10-TorcoLivepad-1-14-12-bv.jpg (133900 bytes)
 Torco's Live Pad, under the ore is a tunnel with gates where the ore falls down onto #1 belt
11-AmericanValor-1-14-12-bv.jpg (99173 bytes)
American Valor in Lay-up
12-AmericanValor-1-14-12-bv.jpg (97464 bytes)
Another view
13-AmericanCourage-1-14-12-bv.jpg (114570 bytes)
American Courage in lay-up
14-AmericanCourage-1-14-12-bv.jpg (97224 bytes)
Another view
15-AValor,ACourage-1-14-12-bv.jpg (84123 bytes)
Aft view of the American Valor and American Courage
16-HLWhite-1-14-12-bv.jpg (82014 bytes)
H. Lee White in Winter Lay-up
17-HLWhite-1-14-12-bv.jpg (98850 bytes)
H. Hansen already working on the H. Lee White
18-HLWhite-1-14-12-bv.jpg (116434 bytes) 19-SamLaud-1-14-12-bv.jpg (64239 bytes)
Sam Laud in Winter Lay-up
20-SamLaud-1-14-12-bv.jpg (70452 bytes)
21-SamLaud-1-14-12-bv.jpg (90859 bytes)
 H. Hansen working on the Sam Laud
22-Invincible-1-14-12-bv.jpg (79895 bytes)
The tug Invincible at Winter Lay-up
23-Invincible-1-14-12-bv.jpg (89920 bytes) 24-Invincible-1-14-12-bv.jpg (155790 bytes) 25-Invincible-1-14-12-bv.jpg (185837 bytes)

Lee A. Tregurtha in Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich. -
Dianne Donati
Lee-Tregurtha-dd-1-15-12.jpg (124112 bytes)        

Chicago January 11
- Tom Kort
1-stmary-1-11-12-tk.jpg (106266 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger in lay-up.
2-stmary-1-11-12-tk.jpg (82177 bytes) 3-algowood-1-11-12-tk.jpg (195947 bytes)
Algowood assisted by tugs
4-algowood-1-11-12-tk.jpg (178984 bytes) 5-rock-1-11-12-tk.jpg (99707 bytes)
several barge loads of rock out of Menominee/Marinette used to build a new marina.
6-rock-1-11-12-tk.jpg (124395 bytes)
close up on the work being done to build the marina

Olive Moore and Lewis J Kuber waiting out the weather in Marquette -
Lee Rowe
IMG_6467.jpg (99319 bytes) IMG_6469.jpg (114512 bytes)      

Calumet at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
calumet_1_8_12dk_rb.jpg (101080 bytes)
Waiting to load ore

Tug change at Sept Iles, Quebec January 2012 -
 Normand Daneau
TugLaprairie04-01-12nd.jpg (185828 bytes) AndreH08-01-12-nd.jpg (129325 bytes) AndreH08-01-12-ND-2.jpg (97949 bytes) Lighthouse08-01-12-ND.jpg (180091 bytes) FourtugsatSeptiles06-01-12-nd.jpg (113517 bytes)
AndreH06-01-12-nd-d.jpg (116267 bytes) OceanGroupTugs06-01-12-nd.jpg (78157 bytes) OceanRaymondLemay06-01-12-nd.jpg (89006 bytes) TugsatSeptiles06-01-12-nd.jpg (108746 bytes) SeptIles07-01-12-nd-b.jpg (80230 bytes)
SeptIlestugs06-01-12-nd.jpg (74455 bytes) OceanYvanDesgagnes06-01-12-nd.jpg (126676 bytes) SeptIsle06-01-12-nd-c.jpg (100476 bytes) PointeSeptIles06-01-12-ND.jpg (145899 bytes)  

Port Stanley January 6 -
Monty Young
CarolAnne-IIx4.jpg (243960 bytes)
Carol Anne II
Ferrocladx4.jpg (181124 bytes)
GW-Jacksonx4.jpg (233054 bytes)
GW Jackson
LR-Jackson-xp.jpg (198817 bytes)
LR Jackson

Welland Canal Photos from Aug 31, 2011 -
Paul Beesley
1-fedpow-08-31-11-pb.jpg (71530 bytes)
 Early in the morning the Federal Power cleared the canal and headed out into Lake Erie.
2-pine-08-31-11-pb.jpg (83956 bytes)
Pineglen leaving Lock 7.  An intimidating sight when you are on a smaller ship.
3-resko-08-31-11-pb.jpg (109989 bytes)
Resko raising on the west side of the Flight Locks.
4-resko-08-31-11-pb.jpg (112772 bytes)
Bridge-wing tourists.
5-sal-08-31-11-pb.jpg (116969 bytes)
Salarium ready to lower on the east side of the Flight Locks.
6-man-08-31-11-pb.jpg (135160 bytes)
 Manitoba squeezing into Lock 4 west.
7-sarah-08-31-11-pb.jpg (95679 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes leaving Lock 3.
8-sarah-08-31-11-pb.jpg (81418 bytes)
A little farther along.
9-indock-08-31-11-pb.jpg (174635 bytes)
W. B. Indock at Port Weller.
10-sal-08-31-11-pb.jpg (60691 bytes)
Salarium and a plastic boat in Port Weller.

Historical Perspectives -
CSL Stadacona launch - Ron Walker
CSL-Stadacona-launch0264.jpg (109634 bytes) CSL-Stadacona-launch0265.jpg (85493 bytes) CSL-Stadacona-launch0266.jpg (94141 bytes)    

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