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January 19, 20

Toledo - Bob Vincent 
1-AdamECornelius-1-18-12-bv.jpg (96924 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius at the H. Hansen Interlake Dock
2-AdamECornelius-1-15-12.jpg (114743 bytes)
Aft Deck Housing
3-AdamECornelius-1-18-12-bv.jpg (127816 bytes)
Another view of the Aft Deck Housing
4-AdamECornelius-1-18-12-bv.jpg (103518 bytes)
Aft view of the Adam E. Cornelius
5-GreatLakesTowing-1-18-12-bv.jpg (69364 bytes)
Great Lakes Towing tugs across river at the H. Hansen
6-AmericanCourage-1-18-12-bv.jpg (93813 bytes)
American Courage at winter lay up dock
7-AmericanCourage-1-18-12-bv.jpg (105736 bytes)
Aft deck housing
8-AmericanCourage-1-18-12-bv.jpg (121271 bytes)
bow thruster
9-AmericanCourage-1-18-12-bv.jpg (68922 bytes)
10-AmericanCourage,AECornelius-1-18-12-bv.jpg (83791 bytes)
American Courage and Adam E. Cornelius
11-StMarysCement-1-18-12-bv.jpg (66008 bytes)
St. Marys Cement Dock
12-KurtRLuedke-1-18-12-bv.jpg (117477 bytes)
Kurt R. Luedke tug and unidentified Luedke tug
13-KurtRLuedke-1-18-12-bv.jpg (163690 bytes)
 Kurt R. Luedke
14-HLeeWhite-1-18-12-bv.jpg (91776 bytes)
H. Lee White anchor on dock wall
15-HLeeWhite-1-18-12-bv.jpg (99439 bytes)
16-HLeeWhite-1-18-12-bv.jpg (68357 bytes) 17-HLeeWhite-1-18-12-bv.jpg (83408 bytes)
winter work going on
19-AmericanIntegrity-1-18-12-bv.jpg (74984 bytes)
American Integrity at winter lay up, #2 dock wall, Presque Isle side of the Toledo Docks
20-AmericanIntegrity-1-18-12-bv.jpg (86013 bytes)
Another view
18-AmericanIntegrity-1-18-12-bv.jpg (51761 bytes)
21-AmericanIntegrity-1-18-12-bv.jpg (61942 bytes)
 Port propeller and rudder
22-AmericanIntegrity-1-18-12-bv.jpg (61587 bytes)
Starboard propeller and rudder
23-HLeeWhite,AIntegrity-1-18-12-bv.jpg (71420 bytes)
 H. Lee White in front of the American Integrity
1-HonJamesLOberstar-1-16-12-bv.jpg (53578 bytes)
Hon James L. Oberstar leaving Toledo
2-Loadout-1-16-12-bv.jpg (102433 bytes)
Torco Load out, Loading off the live pad
3-AmericanIntegrity-1-16-12-bv.jpg (98798 bytes)
American Integrity in winter lay-up. #2 wall at Presque Isle side of the Toledo Docks
4-AmericanIntegrity-1-16-12-bv.jpg (55980 bytes)
Another view
5-HLeeWhite-1-16-12-bv.jpg (112945 bytes)
H. Lee White port anchor on the dock wall.

Toledo Docks -
Steve Feher
01-16-12-002.jpg (165173 bytes)
James L Oberstar unloading ore at CSX  Torco dock
01-16-12-003.jpg (68417 bytes) 01-16-12-005.jpg (102708 bytes) 01-16-12-009.jpg (124720 bytes)
American Integrity docked at #3 slip for winter lay-up
01-16-12-010.jpg (103884 bytes)
01-16-12-011.jpg (121427 bytes)        

Twin Ports - Ed Labernik
4-MMiner-1-16-12-el.jpg (122284 bytes)
Mesabi Miner backs into the SMET Dock, assisted by the tug North Dakota Tuesday.
5-MMiner-1-16-12-el.jpg (111621 bytes)
Tug North Dakota breaks ice for the Mesabi Miner in Superior Bay of St. Louis River.
6-MMiner-1-16-12-el.jpg (114558 bytes)
Backing through Superior Bay of St.
 Louis River.
7-MMiner-1-16-12-el.jpg (79760 bytes)
Backs to the SMET dock, passing under the Blatnik Interstate Bridge.
1-LATregurtha-12-26-11-el.jpg (106248 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha enters the Duluth Ship Canal Dec. 26.
2-LATregurtha-12-26-11-el.jpg (203083 bytes)
Under the Aerial Lift Bridge of the Duluth Ship Canal.
3-LATregurtha-12-26-11-el.jpg (156452 bytes)
In Superior Bay of St. Louis River in the Duluth Harbor, the Tregurtha heads for the CN Docks to load iron ore.

Wilfred Sykes arriving in Escanaba Monday -
Lee Rowe
Wilfred-Sykes1-16-126480.jpg (82163 bytes)        

Manistee west bound in the South Channel of the Straits of Mackinaw Sunday -
Mike Harrington
IMGP6160.jpg (124045 bytes)        

Kaye E. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette Sunday
- Rod Burdick
1keb_1_15_12_rb.jpg (139037 bytes)
Departing with ore on her last trip as a steamer


New Port of Milwaukee work boat built by the Cleveland Shipyard
portofmilwaukeeworboat-1-5-12.jpg (114106 bytes)        

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