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January 21, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-sag-1-20-12-a-md.jpg (110555 bytes)
Saginaw in the north slip at Point Edward stern first. Very unusual to lay up stern first.
2-sag-1-20-12-b-md.jpg (93469 bytes)
Close up of wheelhouse and A-frame.
3-sag-1-20-12-c-md.jpg (110222 bytes)
Damaged boom.
4-sag-1-20-12-d-md.jpg (116913 bytes)
Another view.
5-csl-1-20-12-md.jpg (122332 bytes)
CSL Laurentien alongside fleetmate Frontenac in the north slip.
6-mckee-1-20-12-md.jpg (129373 bytes)
Barge McKee Sons at the west end of the elevator.

USCGC Thunder Bay WTGB 108 downbound at the Algonac State Park on Friday -
Don Detloff
1-uscgthunderbay-20jan12-djd.jpg (92977 bytes) 2-uscgthunderbay-20jan12-djd.jpg (90926 bytes) 3-uscgthunderbay-20jan12-djd.jpg (82610 bytes)    

Toledo Docks
- Bob Vincent
1-LJKuber,OLMoore-1-20-12-bv.jpg (69264 bytes)
Barge Lewis J. Kuber and tug Olive L. Moore at winter lay up dock, old hullet dock on the Presque Isle side of Toledo Docks.
2-OliverLMoore-1-20-12-bv.jpg (99237 bytes)
Tug Olive L. Moore out of notch
3-LewisJKuber-1-20-12-bv.jpg (47217 bytes)
Barge Lewis J. Kuber
4-OliverLMoore-1-20-12-bv.jpg (75967 bytes)
View of the tug Olive L. Moore and barge Lewis J. Kuber
5-OliverLMoore-1-20-12-bv.jpg (78232 bytes)
Olive L. Moore aft view
6-OLiverLMoore-1-20-12-bv.jpg (93217 bytes)
Aft starboard view
7-LewisLMoore-1-20-12-bv.jpg (102150 bytes)
Starboard view of barge Lewis L. Kuber
8-LewisLKuber-1-20-12-bv.jpg (78049 bytes)
Forward look
9-LewisLKuber-1-20-12-bv.jpg (140995 bytes)
Boom on the Lewis L. Kuber
10-Pusher-1-20-12-bv.jpg (148660 bytes)
One of the Diesel electric field pusher
11-deer-1-20-12-bv.jpg (219496 bytes)
Deer on the docks
12-Victory,JLKuber-1-20-12-bv.jpg (113413 bytes)
James L. Kuber unloading iron ore on the live pad
13-Victory-1-20-12-bv.jpg (80922 bytes)
 Tug Victory in notch
14-JLKuber-1-20-12-bv.jpg (85980 bytes)
Unloading boom of the James L. Kuber
15-Victory-1-20-12-bv.jpg (102122 bytes)
Both tug and barge at Torco
16-Loadout-1-20-12-bv.jpg (238744 bytes)
Torco Loadout, full rail car
17-LJKuber,Victory-1-20-12.jpg (79338 bytes)
James L. Kuber aft view of the unloading
18-JLKubermVictory-1-20-12-bv.jpg (127411 bytes)
another view
19-JLKuber-1-20-12-bv.jpg (79434 bytes)
Boom and ore pile on the live pad
20--Torco-1-20-12-bv.jpg (58799 bytes)
Spraying beet juice onto the iron ore
21-Torco-1-20-12-bv.jpg (73697 bytes)
Another view of the spraying and the boom
22-boom-1-20-12-bv.jpg (54825 bytes)
James L. Kuber boom
23-JLKuber-1-20-12-bv.jpg (117188 bytes)
Torco's last ore load for the season
24-JLKuber-1-20-12-bv.jpg (100154 bytes)
 Ice on the bow
25-SamLaud-1-20-12-bv.jpg (88008 bytes)
Sam Laud across from the live pad, old # 2 dumper wall

Saginaw closes the Soo Locks Wednesday night - USACE Michelle Hill
saginaw1-18-12-mh-(2).jpg (40799 bytes) saginaw1-18-12-mh-(4).jpg (58752 bytes) saginaw1-18-12-mh-(3).jpg (53059 bytes) saginaw1-18-12-mh-(1).jpg (48030 bytes)  

Frontenac on her last downbound trip of the season -
Kathryn Wesserling
1-Frntnac-1-12-12-kw.jpg (156968 bytes) 2-Frntnac-1-12-12-KW.jpg (90567 bytes)      

CSL's Spruceglen in drydock in Halifax is sporting the first coat of new red paint - Mac Mackay
1-spruceglen-19-1-12-mm.jpg (110263 bytes)
The hull was first cleaned and then primed with an aluminum coloured paint, but as of noon Thursday was showing a lot of red.

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