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January 23, 20

Cleveland Sunday - Rich Nicholls
1-Alouette-Spirit-1-22-12-rn.jpg (149015 bytes) 2-Alouette-Spirir-1-22-12.jpg (127477 bytes) 3-Wilf-Seymour-1-12-22-rn.jpg (138498 bytes) 4-Wilf-Seymour.jpg (111601 bytes) 5-GLT-1-22-12-rn.jpg (107419 bytes)
6-Superior-1-22-12-rn.jpg (99365 bytes) 7-Pathfinder-1-22-12.jpg (83464 bytes)      

Erie, Penn. Winter Lay-up  -
Brian W.
1-Erie-PA-1-22-12-BW.jpg (96609 bytes)
Stern of the Manitowoc moored across the North pier face at the Don Jon shipyard for winter work. The stern of the new tug Ken Boothe Sr. is in the foreground.
2-Erie-PA-1-22-12-BW.jpg (101635 bytes)
Widel view of the Manitowoc with the Edger B Speer to the right.
3-Erie-PA-1-22-12-BW.jpg (144858 bytes)
 Robert S. Pierson in the dry dock, the Manitowoc in the background, & the Speer to the right.

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-GreatRepublic-1-21-12-bv.jpg (107658 bytes)
Great Republic in winter lay up, old #1 coal machine dock wall, Presque Isle side of the Toledo Docks
2-GreatRepublic-1-212-bv.jpg (88613 bytes) 3-GreatRepublic-1-21-12-bv.jpg (84382 bytes) 4-GreatRepublic-1-21-12-bv.jpg (86014 bytes) 5-GRuplicLJKubeInvincible1-21-12-bv.jpg (98416 bytes)
 Great Republic, barge Lewis J. Kuber, tug Oliver L. Moore and tug Invincible.  All are in PI Slip #1
6-LJKuber,GRepublic-1--21-12-bv.jpg (126194 bytes)
Barge Lewis J. Kuber and Great Republic
VIN0003.jpg (166976 bytes)
layout of Toledo docks.

Edwin H. Gott up bound at Belle Isle on Jan. 15  in ballast for layup at Duluth -
Ted Hanifan
gott1-15-12.jpg (81998 bytes)        

Holland and Muskegon, Michigan January 8 -
Tom Hynes
1-Thrieste-1-8-12-th.jpg (182955 bytes) 2-PaulHTownsend-1-8-12-th.jpg (104867 bytes) 3-PortCityPrincess-1-8-12-th.jpg (139337 bytes) 4-LST-393-1-8-12-th.jpg (101142 bytes) 5-BradshawMcKee-1-8-12-th.jpg (119527 bytes)
1-Haskel-1-8-12-th.jpg (170631 bytes) 2-HaskelBow-1-8-12-th.jpg (190305 bytes) 3-HaskelBitt-1-8-12-th.jpg (84938 bytes) 4-JamesHarris-18-12-th.jpg (132715 bytes) 5-JamesHarrisBow-1-8-12-th.jpg (187656 bytes)
6-JamesHarrisMissEdnaStern-1-8-12-th.jpg (198027 bytes) 8--MissEdnaBow-1-8-12-th.jpg (217301 bytes) 9-UnnamedTug-1-8-12-th.jpg (138379 bytes)    

August photos from Newfoundland -
Paul Beesley
1-cygnus-8-10-11-pb.jpg (143880 bytes)
CCGS Cygnus returning to base from patrol on the Grand Banks.
2-gabaru-8-10-11-pb.jpg (132954 bytes)
Maersk Gabarus looks for a parking space in St John's.
3-hawk-8-11-11-pb.jpg (87733 bytes)
Atlantic Hawk on the move.
4-sapphir-8-10-11-pb.jpg (125540 bytes)
Atlantic Sapphire returns from the fishing grounds.
5-antico-8-12-11-pb.jpg (115599 bytes)
On the port bow is a fender the Anticosti needs to have resecured.
6-kingfis-8-12-11-pb.jpg (143361 bytes)
Atlantic Kingfisher heads for the fuel dock.
7-ptvim-8-12-11-pb.jpg (156146 bytes)
An old tug that served many years in Halifax, NS, Point Vim.

Soo Harbor 1905 featured in the Historical Gallery


Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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