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January 30, 20

Duluth/Superior winter layup - Brad & Linda Krekelberg
01-MMiner-01-27-12-ME.jpg (77139 bytes)
Mesabi Miner at Midwest Energy
02-AmSpirit-01-27-12-GC.jpg (89765 bytes)
American Spirit at Garfield C
03-EHGott-01-27-12-PT.jpg (62439 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott at Port Terminal
04-JGMunson-01-27-12-FS.jpg (110478 bytes)
John G. Munson in Fraser Shipyard
05-JJBoland-01-27-12-FS.jpg (64122 bytes)
John J. Boland in Fraser Shipyard
06-RBlough-01-27-12-PT.jpg (88274 bytes)
Roger Blough at Port Terminal
07-AmCentury-01-27-12-EM.jpg (114305 bytes)
American Century at Elevator M
08-WJMcCarthy-01-27-12-ED.jpg (132605 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. at Enbridge Dock
09-JAWInglehart-01-27-12-LC.jpg (78167 bytes)
J.A.W. Inglehart at Lafarge

Escanaba, Mich. -
Ben & Chanda McClain
blksyk-1-26-12-BCM-01.jpg (90784 bytes)
Joseph L. Block
blksyk-1-26-12-BCM-02.jpg (106529 bytes) blksyk-1-26-12-BCM-03.jpg (83805 bytes) blksyk-1-27-12-BCM-04.jpg (65384 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes
blksyk-1-27-12-BCM-05.jpg (88253 bytes)
blksyk-1-27-12-BCM-06.jpg (83122 bytes) blksyk-1-27-12-BCM-07.jpg (81309 bytes) blksyk-1-27-12-BCM-08.jpg (62773 bytes) blksyk-1-27-12-BCM-09.jpg (82668 bytes) blksyk-1-27-12-BCM-10.jpg (101057 bytes)

Spruceglen sailed from Halifax late afternoon Saturday - Mac Mackay
1-spruceglen-01-28-12-mm.jpg (64877 bytes)
Spruceglen has completed compass adjustments in Bedford Basin and is heading into the Narrows.
2-spruceglen-01-28-12-mm.jpg (74206 bytes)
Spruceglen in the Narrows outbound for sea.
1-spruceglen-01-26-12-mm.jpg (81884 bytes)
Repainted and ready to return to the water in the afternoon of January 26, but there was a delay after the dock was partly flooded.
3-atlantic-superior-01-22-12-mm.jpg (105270 bytes)
Steering nozzle in view, and workers are preparing to removed the tarp from the prop.
2-spruceglen-01-26-12-mm.jpg (184825 bytes)
Atlantic superior is at pier 27 and will take Spruceglen's place in drydock. Meanwhile refit work is going on aboard the ship.

Manistee waits for Coast Guard assistance Saturday
120128-G-99ZZZ-001.jpg (81365 bytes)        

- Bob Vincent
1-ThunderBay-1-27-12-bv.jpg (90256 bytes)
US Coast Guard Ice Breaker Thunder Bay near One Maritime Plaza.
2-ThunderBay-1-27-12-bv.jpg (120099 bytes)
Forward view
3-ThunderBay-1-27-12-bv.jpg (144332 bytes)
another view
4-ThunderBay-1-27-12-bv.jpg (163956 bytes)
Side view
5-ThunderBay-1-27-12-bv.jpg (76339 bytes)
Name Board and ribbons and awards
6-ThunderBay-1-27-12-bv.jpg (96964 bytes) 7-ToledoPort-1-27-12-bv.jpg (98956 bytes)
Moving salt from the City Salt dock which is the near ARMS dock
8-White,Integriity-1-27-12-bv.jpg (47520 bytes)
H. Lee White and American Integrity view from across the river

Wilfred Sykes could be seen passing by on Lake Michigan from the bluff in Port Washington, Wis. on January 21 -
Jim Jentges
034.jpg (91385 bytes) sykes1-21-12-(2).jpg (66350 bytes)      

Goderich and Wheatley -
Peter Luney
Last-Time-&-Josh-ll,-Goderich-Jan-11,-2012.jpg (148143 bytes)
Last Time and Josh ll docked in Goderich
Last-Time,-Goderich-Jan-11,-2012,-4.jpg (135153 bytes)
Last Time entering harbor
Misty-Jean,-Goderich-Jan-11,-2012,-3.jpg (158303 bytes)
Misty Jean now converted into a tug entering Goderich harbor
Misty-Jean,-Goderich-Jan-11,-2012,-6.jpg (147394 bytes) Mike-J,-Goderich-Jan-11,-2012,-3.jpg (151903 bytes)
Mike-J coming off the lake to unload also at Goderich.
Ashton-Mac,-Wheatley-Jan-9,-2012,-Out-at-Hike.jpg (109090 bytes)
Ashton Mac out for Winter service at Hike Metal in Wheatley
B-M-Cabral-Wheatley-Jan-9,-2012,-1.jpg (239172 bytes)
B M Cabral out in Wheatley either being rebuilt, converted or scrapped. 

Joey D Port of Milwaukee -
Bill Pelky
Joey-D-Port-of-Milwaukee.jpg (134198 bytes)        

Last Vessels of the Season at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1vjlk_1_18_12_rb.jpg (108469 bytes)
Victory and James L. Kuber departing with ore
2mich_1_19_12_rb.jpg (130118 bytes)
Michipicoten loading ore

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-isle-7-22-07-pb.jpg (103458 bytes) 2-fedpio-7-22-07-pb.jpg (161457 bytes) 3-fedpio-7-22-07-pb.jpg (108139 bytes) 4-montre-7-22-07-pb.jpg (93400 bytes) 5-montre-7-22-07-pb.jpg (109513 bytes)
6-cement-7-22-07-pb.jpg (136467 bytes) 7-cement-7-22-07-pb.jpg (127539 bytes) 8-nantuck-7-22-07-pb.jpg (132700 bytes)    

Duluth-Superior Heritage Marine Fleet - Bob Hom
IMG_1125.jpg (158984 bytes)
Tug Nels J, Helen H, Edward H

Historical Perspectives - 1956 Charles L. Hutchison at the Soo Locks -
Ray Hillary
1956-Charles-L-Hutchison-at-the-Soo-Locks.jpg (110967 bytes) 1956-Soo-Locks-with-unknown-ship-S-or-NAmerica.jpg (160965 bytes)      

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