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February 3, 20

Point Edward and Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-cal-1-28-12-md.jpg (102486 bytes)
Calumet downbound above 1 & 2.
2-jlk-1-28-12-a-md.jpg (104203 bytes)
Tug Victory and barge James L. Kuber unloading at the elevator in Sarnia.
3-jlk-1-28-12-b-md.jpg (125038 bytes)
Close up.
4-jlk-1-31-12-c-md.jpg (125159 bytes)
Tug Victory laid up for the winter.
5-jlk-1-31-12-d-md.jpg (100820 bytes)
Saginaw and Kuber in the north slip in Point Edward.
6-jlk-1-31-12-e-md.jpg (96194 bytes)
Kuber alongside the Saginaw.
7-sag-1-31-12-a-md.jpg (124199 bytes)
Saginaw and Kuber in the north slip.
8-sag-1-31-12-b-md.jpg (175829 bytes)
Large section of the Saginaw's boom being repaired.
9-mck-1-31-12-md.jpg (131587 bytes)
Barge McKee Sons at the elevator.

Welland Canal Photos from June 2, 2007 -
Paul Beesley
1-vigil-6-02-07-pb.jpg (83805 bytes)
Vigilant 1 and tow off Port Colborne early in the morning.
2-vigil-6-02-07-pb.jpg (67749 bytes)
Waiting in the rising sun.
3-light-6-02-07-pb.jpg (160795 bytes)
One of the breakwater lights outside Port Colborne.
4-light-6-02-07-pb.jpg (193327 bytes)
Another of the lights.
5-vigil-6-02-07-pb.jpg (87223 bytes)
Vigilant 1 heads into the harbour.
6-winds-6-02-07-pb.jpg (126056 bytes)
Rail barge Windsor awaits the cutters torch.
7-winds-6-02-07-pb.jpg (116837 bytes)
Another view.
8-canpro-6-02-07-pb.jpg (99081 bytes)
Later in the day the Canadian Progress enters the canal at Port Weller.
9-atlhur-6-02-07-pb.jpg (122519 bytes)
Atlantic Huron approaches the Glendale Bridge.
10-fedhun-6-02-07-pb.jpg (141020 bytes)
Federal Hunter above Lock 3 with the Atlantic Huron in the background.

Calumet (3) unloading salt at Morton Dock on Rouge River below Fort St. in Detroit Tuesday -
Ken Borg
calumet1-31-12-kb.jpg (108704 bytes)        

Tug Demolen going into lay-up December 2011
- Capt. Jason Dmitruchina
demolen3-10-11v.jpg (97135 bytes) demolen3-10-11a.jpg (96383 bytes) 102_00431.jpg (77547 bytes)    

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