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February 13, 20

Erie, Penn. - John McCreery
1-LakesContender-2-9-12-jm.jpg (96664 bytes)
 Lakes Contender the new ATB that will sail for American Steamship this season
2-KenBootheSr-2-9-12-jm.jpg (81993 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr the working end of the new ATB
3-Boothe-Contender-2-9-12-jm.jpg (92278 bytes)
Boothe at the stern of the Contender which is being actively worked on
4-Calumet-2-9-12-jm.jpg (125305 bytes)
Calumet in layup
5-JSStJohn-2-9-12-jm.jpg (109581 bytes)
The J S St John still afloat
6-Speer-StJohn-2-9-12-jm.jpg (94218 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer and St John sharing the same slip at Erie
7-Apalachee-2-9-12-jm.jpg (144399 bytes)
Apalachee sits idle with Lake Erie devoid of an ice cover    .

Montreal and Sorel - Tracy -
Rene Beauchamp
Hivernage-Mtl-080212.jpg (84149 bytes)
Camilla Desgagnes, Gordon C. Leitch, Algocape wintering in Montreal.
Anna-Desgagnes-080212.jpg (67604 bytes)
Anna Desgagnes Wintering in Montreal
Hivernage-Mtl-080212-(1).jpg (53520 bytes)
Oakglen, Saguenay and Anna Desgagnes wintering in Montreal
Hivernage-Sorel-Tracy.jpg (49413 bytes)
VSL Centurion and J W Shelley wintering at Sorel-Tracy
VSL-Centurion-090212.jpg (57183 bytes)
VSL Centurion Wintering at Sorel-Tracy
Kathryn-Spirit-(1).jpg (85969 bytes)
Kathryn Spirit at Beauharnois alongside barge Jean Raymond.
Kathryn-Spirit.jpg (58948 bytes)      

Goderich Ontario, Thursday - Bruce Douglas
1-Algomarine-2-9-12-bjd.jpg (57491 bytes)
Algomarine loading salt 8 a.m. She cleared downbound Feb. 9.
2-Algomarine-2-9-12-bjd.jpg (107118 bytes)
Algomarine from the hill.
3-Tadoussac-2-9-12-bjd.jpg (86116 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac
4-Transfer-2-9-12-bjd.jpg (98515 bytes)
Canadian Transfer
5-Tad-Transfer-2-9-12-bjd.jpg (123858 bytes)
Same pair recorded from the castle.
6-Sifto-offices-2-9-12-bjd.jpg (108347 bytes)
Damaged Sifto offices from tornado during August 2011 on the left - new office construction on the right.
7-Sifto-storage-2-9-12-bjd.jpg (97882 bytes)
Rebuilding Sifto unit for salt storage.
8-Kincardine-2-9-12-bjd.jpg (139856 bytes)
 Attractive lighthouse in Kincardine's Harbor.

Toledo Layup -
Luke Archer
1-ToledoLayup-2-9-12-la.jpg (75816 bytes)
Sam Laud, Manistee, American Fortitude & American Valor all at the lakefront
2-AmerValor-2-9-12-la.jpg (107353 bytes)
American Valor
3-ManistSamLaud-2-9-12-la.jpg (83404 bytes)
Sam Laud and Manistee
4-Manistee-2-9-12-la.jpg (97547 bytes)
Manistee bow
5-AmFortAmValor-2-9-12-la.jpg (116812 bytes)
 Sterns of American Valor and American Fortitude

Hamilton and Montreal layups
- Rich Nicholls
1-Hamilton-energy-02-6-12-rn.jpg (138846 bytes) 2-Louis-Jolliet-02-7-12-rn.jpg (100356 bytes) 3-Camilla-Desgagnes-02-7-12-rn.jpg (124084 bytes) 4-Montreal-Layup-02-7-12-rn.jpg (127260 bytes) 5-VMS-ST-Lambert-02-7-12-rn.jpg (146177 bytes)

Welland Canal -
Heather Maguire
1-WellandCanal-02-04-12-hm.jpg (42440 bytes)
Welland Canal, approaching Lock 4 through my crystal ball.
2-WellandCanal-02-04-12-hm.jpg (134400 bytes)
Welland Canal, a little empty.
3-PaulJMartin-02-04-12-hm.jpg (272014 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin, tied up at Lock 8.
4-PRCresswell-02-04-12-hm.jpg (119244 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell, tied up at Lock 8.
5-Assiniboine-02-04-12-hm.jpg (84104 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine, above the first bridge in Port Colborne.
6-Griffon-02-04-12-hm.jpg (108429 bytes)
CCGS Griffon, Port Colborne.
7-AlgomaProgress-02-04-12-hm.jpg (103310 bytes)
Algoma Progress, Port Colborne.

Toledo and Lake Superior -
Andrew Green
jamesnorris2011-ag-(1).jpg (110052 bytes)
James Norris, inbound to Toledo, taken from the stern of the Atlantic Erie, fall 2011.
jamesnorris2011-ag-(2).jpg (85912 bytes) atlanticerie2011-ag.jpg (81580 bytes)
Atlantic Erie, on Lake Superior, fall 2011, heading towards the Soo, taken near the position where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank, the land in the right is Whitefish Point.

Joseph L Block passing through the Oregon Street Bridge on its way to Bay Shipbuilding for its 2012 winter lay-up -  Steve Reinke
1-jblock-1-31-12-sjr.jpg (112962 bytes)
  Assistance provided by the Selvick Tug Susan L. at the stern January 31, 2012.

Port Stanley Feb. 3 -
Monty Young
P2037511x4.jpg (297050 bytes)
GW Jackson turning into her berth after coming in off Lake Erie.

2011 Season -
Nick Stenstrup
59-AlgoCC-10-21-11-ns.jpg.jpg (108461 bytes) 68-Miner-8-27-11-ns.jpg.jpg (57818 bytes) 49-DrawDrech-8-27-11-ns.jpg.jpg (79082 bytes) 2-Speer-8-3-11-ns.jpg.jpg (129237 bytes) 11-AmVi-10-21-11-ns.jpg.jpg (176810 bytes)

Historical Perspective - Eugene W. Pargny -
Dick Sheehy
Eugene-W.-Pargny,-Date-unknown,-Al-Usnick-Collection.jpg (118161 bytes)
 Eugene W. Pargny. Date unknown. From the Al Usnick collection.

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