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February 20, 20

Sarnia Saturday - Matt Miner
01-KubLaur-2-18-12-mm.jpg (74151 bytes)
Lewis J Kuber outboard the Saginaw with the CSL Laurentien behind in the North Slip.
02-KubSag1-2-18-12-mm.jpg (109361 bytes)
 Lewis J Kuber & Saginaw
03-KubSag2-2-18-12-mm.jpg (130504 bytes) 04-Saginaw1-2-18-12-mm.jpg (119144 bytes)
Half the boom has been rebuilt
05-Saginaw2-2-18-12-mm.jpg (142901 bytes)
The other half still being fabricated at the dock
06-Saginaw3-2-18-12-mm.jpg (142749 bytes) 07-Saginaw4-2-18-12-mm.jpg (121072 bytes) 08-FronLaur1-2-18-12-mm.jpg (122688 bytes)
Frontenac & CSL Laurentien
09-FronLaur2-2-18-12-mm.jpg (98982 bytes) 10-FronLaur3-2-18-12-mm.jpg (109303 bytes)
11-Algolake1-2-18-12-mm.jpg (106057 bytes) 12-Algolake2-2-18-12-mm.jpg (86643 bytes)
Algolake at the Government Dock
13-Evalina-2-18-12-mm.jpg (156555 bytes)
Fish tug Evalina
14-TMaria-2-18-12-mm.jpg (157995 bytes)
Fish tug Teresa Marie
15-Victory1-2-18-12-mm.jpg (185302 bytes)
 Tug Victory with the Menasha rafted to her
16-Victory2-2-18-12-mm.jpg (111071 bytes) 17-Pierson-2-18-12-mm.jpg (121576 bytes)
Robert S Pierson at Cargil with the McKee Sons ahead
18-Algorail1-2-18-12-mm.jpg (108492 bytes)
Algorail with old and new belts
19-Algorail2-2-18-12-mm.jpg (135748 bytes)
Algorail at the Sidney Smith Dock
20-SSmith1-2-18-12-mm.jpg (201011 bytes)
Bow of the Sidney Smith
21-SSmith2-2-18-12-mm.jpg (130932 bytes)
Stern of the Sidney Smith
22-SamRis-2-18-12-mm.jpg (107144 bytes)
Samuel Risley at the Government Dock
23-McKPier-2-18-12-mm.jpg (114071 bytes)
McKee Sons and Robert S Pierson
24-Victory3-2-18-12-mm.jpg (126967 bytes)
Menasha & Victory
25-RailSar-2-18-12-mm.jpg (104692 bytes)
Algosar rafted to the Algorail
SarPan2-2-18-12-mm.jpg (73654 bytes)
Panoramic view looking across to the Government Dock
SarPan1-2-18-12-mm.jpg (86978 bytes)
 Panoramic view of the North Slip

Erie, Penn. Saturday -
 Jeff Benson
02-18-2012-006.jpg (59029 bytes)
Speer, Calumet, Tug Ken Boothe and barge Lakes Contender from across Presque Isle Bay
02-18-2012-007.jpg (57395 bytes)
Presque Isle and unknown barge at Mountfort Terminal taken from Presque Isle State Park
02-18-2012-003.jpg (104870 bytes)
Speer and JS St. John.
02-18-2012-001.jpg (114599 bytes)
Manitowoc in the dry dock being blasted and painted.  Cleveland Rock is just behind the stern of Manitowoc.
02-18-2012-004.jpg (85749 bytes)
Hydraulic arm and cables on the Lakes Contender
02-18-2012-005.jpg (53706 bytes)
Belt installed on the unloading boom of the Lakes Contender

Port Dover, Ont. Sunday -
 Monty Young
Leornard-S.-x4.jpg (151526 bytes)
Leonard S
 Angler-x4.jpg (123385 bytes)
Mi-Mar-Lynne-x4.jpg (140861 bytes)
Mi Mar Lynne

Algoeast down the Detroit River passing Dossin Museum Sunday -
Ken Borg
IMG_5833.jpg (77014 bytes)        

Goderich and Owen Sound Feb. 13 -
Stephen Hause
1-Jackman-2-13-12-sh.jpg (115755 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman loads salt in Goderich as snow begins to fall on Friday afternoon.
2-Tadoussac-2-13-12-sh.jpg (115845 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac laid up in Goderich.
3-Algomatransfer-2-13-12-sh.jpg (110251 bytes)
Algoma Transfer laid up behind Tadoussac.
4-Algoway-2-13-12-sh.jpg (59592 bytes)
Algoway, laid up in Owen Sound.
5-Chicheemaun-2-13-12-sh.jpg (79446 bytes)
Chi-Cheemaun at its winter berth in Owen Sound.
6-Chicheemaun-2-13-12-sh.jpg (76136 bytes)
Another view of Chi-Cheemaun.

Capt. Henry Jackman Feb. 13 -
Ken Borg
IMG_5803.jpg (113263 bytes)
Tug Wyoming departing the Motor City Materials Dock on the Rouge River.

Capt. Henry Jackman downbound off Marysville Feb. 12 -
Bruce Hurd
100_8820.jpg (107908 bytes)        

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