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February 27, 20

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Saturday - Scott Best
1-SCJ-02-25-12-sb.jpg (78047 bytes)
Stewart J Cort is rafted along side the James R Barker and Paul R Tregurtha and sporting fresh paint.
3-AMACJC-02-25-12-sb.jpg (138923 bytes)
Stern view of the Cason J Callaway and Arthur M Anderson rafted together.
2-JLBWS-02-25-12-sb.jpg (125762 bytes)
Joe Block and fleet mate Wilfred Sykes share a slip at the south end of the yard.
4-GLT-02-25-12-sb.jpg (104445 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader is in the Graving Dock.
5-KEB-02-25-12-sb.jpg (105029 bytes)
Stack has been removed from the Kaye E Barker as she undergoes re-powering at the yard this winter.
6-JLVE-02-25-12-sb.jpg (112629 bytes)
Close up of the Joyce L tied up.

USCG Thunder Bay down the Detroit River on Saturday -
Ken Borg
uscgthunderbay2-25-12-kb.jpg (109075 bytes)        

Winter Layup in Hamilton
- John McCreery
1-Cuyahoga-Mississagi-2-20-12-jm.jpg (100406 bytes)
Cuyahoga and Mississagi winter in the same slip
2-Cuyahoga-2-20-12-jm.jpg (104523 bytes)
Cuyahoga on the east face of pier 10
3-Mississagi-2-20-12-jm.jpg (90563 bytes)
Mississagi west face of 11 in the shadows of Cuyahoga's boom
4-AlgomaGuardian-2-20-12-jm.jpg (135107 bytes)
Algoma Guardian alongside pier 8
5-JohnDLeitch-2-20-12-jm.jpg (114448 bytes)
Distant view of John D Leitch at pier 12

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Jan. 27 & Feb. 5 -
Dick Lund
1-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (80178 bytes)
 St. Clair receiving a new coat of paint in the graving dock at Bay Shipbuilding.
2-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (90293 bytes) 3-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (66664 bytes)
"Footers Row" (L to R) Paul R. Tregurtha, James R. Barker, and Stewart J. Cort
4-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (61034 bytes)
Lay-Up fleet
5-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (110517 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes and Joseph L. Block
6-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (97649 bytes)
American Mariner
7-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (94087 bytes)
Joseph L. Block and Wilfred Sykes
8-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (91001 bytes) 9-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (90944 bytes) 10-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (105448 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker and Lee A. Tregurtha
11-StBay-02-05-12-dl.jpg (84723 bytes)        
1-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (88864 bytes)
 Lee A. Tregurtha in the large graving dock at Bay Shipbuilding receiving a new coat of paint
2-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (91346 bytes)
(L to R) Lee A. Tregurtha, Paul R. Tregurtha, James R. Barker, and Stewart J. Cort
3-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (89080 bytes) 4-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (97210 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort looking sharp in a new coat of paint
5-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (98018 bytes)
(L to R) Mystic Blue, Philip R. Clarke, American Mariner, St. Clair, and Kaye E. Barker
6-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (115619 bytes) 7-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (121293 bytes) 8-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (113701 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway rafted outside fleetmate Arthur M. Anderson
9-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (90691 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke and American Mariner
10-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (125796 bytes)
11-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (120158 bytes) 12-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (98717 bytes) 13-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (99406 bytes) 14-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (96807 bytes)
Old hatch crane off the Lee A. Tregurtha on the ground at Bay Shipbuilding
15-StBay-01-27-12-dl.jpg (98367 bytes)
New Marine Travelift hatch crane onboard the Lee A. Tregurtha

Tug Ludington at Kewaunee, Wis. -
Ralph Murre
Ludington-FEB-12-030.jpg (130879 bytes)
Museum tug Ludington taken at her home base, Kewaunee, Wisconsin.

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