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March 5, 20

Duluth lay-up Sunday -  Nick Stenstrup
174-MesaMiner-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (96724 bytes) 10-MesaMiner-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (159654 bytes) 100-MesaMiner-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (81903 bytes) 140-RogBlo-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (98998 bytes) 139-RogBlo-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (93130 bytes)
62-ROGBLO-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (99154 bytes) 117-JJB-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (91217 bytes) 104-JJBJGM-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (107821 bytes) 111-JJB-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (136455 bytes) 163-Spirit-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (63174 bytes)
159-Spirit-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (76761 bytes) 151-Gott-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (92498 bytes) 18-GottSpirit-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (95698 bytes) 207-WJMCJR-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (101557 bytes) 222-AMCE-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (93115 bytes)
224-AMCE-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (88980 bytes) 255-JGMJJBVI-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (153220 bytes) 156-GLT-3-4-12-ns.jpg.jpg (77846 bytes)    

South Chicago Sunday -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0045_41090.jpg (76464 bytes)
Algomarine with tug Colorado working the bow up past 106th St. heading for Chicago Export Dock with salt.
_CSC0005_41177.jpg (94459 bytes)
With a flock of seagulls following,  Algomarine goes around Wisconsin Steel Bend with Massachusetts pulling on the stern and Colorado on the bow.

Wind broke the CSL Assiniboine's stern lose in the Welland Canal Saturday and into the Algowood -
Andrew Green
assinib3-3-12.jpg (99053 bytes) assini3-3-12.jpg (84034 bytes) photo2.jpg (121946 bytes)
Bollard pulled from the ground.

CSL Assiniboine -
Gilles Therrien
HPIM0385.jpg (76042 bytes)
Algowood is moored at wharf 17 which is on the
east side of the canal. On the opposite side the CSL Assiniboine was moored. The heavy wind caused the stern of the Assiniboine to break away from the west wall and the wind pushed it across the canal and it came to rest on the stern of the Algowood.

Channel Clipper March 3 at Blind River, Ont. -
James M. Carlson
Channel-Clipper.jpg (99016 bytes) Another-view.jpg (97727 bytes)      

JW McGiffin and Maplebranch came together April 6, 1979 during high winds -
Dave Otterman
JW-vs-Maplebranch.jpg (85196 bytes)        

Historic Perspective
- John McCreery
FortStLouis--LacSteAnne-12-17-84-jm.jpg (177189 bytes)
Fort St Louis and Lac Ste Anne in lay up at Hamilton on December 17, 1984

Soo Harbor from the Tower of History in June 1972 -
Graham Grattan
SOO-HARBOUR.jpg (66202 bytes)        

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