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March 12, 20

Capt. Henry Jackman in Detroit Sunday
jackman3-11-12-kb-(2).jpg (72486 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman with tugs Idaho and Wyoming after turning around in the Detroit River heading for Short Cut Canal.
jackman3-11-12-kb-(1).jpg (110607 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman and Idaho going up the Rouge River just above Jefferson Ave at 2:44 p.m. going to Motor City Materials with salt.

Algomarine anchored off Rogers City on Saturday due to weather -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Algmarn-3-10-12-BCM-01.jpg (63112 bytes)        

Crew try to free Kaweetin from the mud in Lake Kalamazoo Friday -
Robert Douglas
1-Keewatin-3-9-12-RS.jpg (116718 bytes)
Ship's list do to starboard side dredging.
2-Keewatin-3-9-12-RS.jpg (135135 bytes)
Small tug giving all she's got.
3-Keewatin-3-9-12-RS.jpg (181740 bytes)
Dozer hitting I-beam 'battering ram.'
4-Keewatin-3-9-12-RS.jpg (126978 bytes)
Tug pulling hard.

Alpena in South Chicago Thursday - 
Lou Gerard
Alpena-3-8-12-lg-DSC-0134.jpg (91535 bytes)
0134. Alpena coming up to Cargill Bend in the Calumet River on her first trip of the season.
Alpena-3-8-12-lg-DSC-0147.jpg (154363 bytes)
A couple of Boatnerds greeting the Alpena at Cargill Bend.
Alpena-3-8-12-lg-DSC-0161.jpg (118604 bytes)
Alpena heads for the Torrence Ave. bridge.
Alpena-3-8-12-lg-DSC-0166.jpg (132392 bytes)
Alpena is clear of the Nickel Plate bridge and is about to back into the Lafarge dock at 130th St.

Recent activity at the Cleveland Ship Yard
DSC_9643.jpg (99631 bytes) IMG00603-20120304-1701.jpg (114751 bytes)      

Faith II and Ranger at Gills Rock, Wis.
Picture-016.jpg (109968 bytes) Picture-024.jpg (104652 bytes)      

Toronto March 5 -
John van der Doe
Toronto-5-March-2012-(2).jpg (72019 bytes) Toronto-5-March-2012-(3).jpg (80599 bytes) Toronto-5-March-2012-(4).jpg (139382 bytes) Toronto-5-March-2012-(5).jpg (141039 bytes) Toronto-5-March-2012-(8).jpg (119146 bytes)
Toronto-5-March-2012-(9).jpg (159672 bytes) Toronto-5-March-2012-(11).jpg (101790 bytes) Toronto-5-March-2012-(15).jpg (107718 bytes)    

USCG Thunder Bay in Buffalo Friday -
Brian W.
1-Thunder-Bay-3-9-12-BW.jpg (143363 bytes) 2-Thunder-Bay-3-9-12-BW.jpg (133980 bytes) 3-Thunder-Bay-3-9-12-BW.jpg (75510 bytes)    

Removal of 1944 Enterprise Diesel from the tug Edward H -
Bob Hom
IMG_2046.jpg (304599 bytes) IMG_2064.jpg (141060 bytes) IMG_1897.jpg (167512 bytes) IMG_2033.jpg (108548 bytes)  

Historical perspectives - Toledo -
Jim Hoffman
sylvania-ob-maumee-rvr.jpg (95685 bytes)
Sylvania outbound Maumee River blowing her steam whistle for the Cherry Street Bridge to open for her to pass through.
helen-evens-pennsylvania-db-cherry-st-brg.jpg (95757 bytes)
Helen Evans with the G tug Pennsylvania assisting downbound Maumee River at the Cherry Street Bridge.
medusa-challenger-ib-mrvr-1-jrh.jpg (100006 bytes)
Medusa Challenger upbound Maumee River Toledo, Ohio bound for the Medusa Cement Dock.

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