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March 19, 20

Escanaba Sunday - Dick Lund
1-JLB-03-17-12-dl.jpg (114516 bytes)
Joseph L. Block pushing a little brash ice in the slip as they head for the ore loader
2-JHT-03-17-12-dl.jpg (91657 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson & tug laid-up at the C. Reiss (north) dock
3-JLB-03-17-12-dl.jpg (109278 bytes)
Wide angle view of the Joseph L. Block as loading begins
4-GLT-03-17-12-dl.jpg (117155 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and Joyce L. VanEnkevort laid-up at the C. Reiss (south) dock
5-JLB-03-17-12-dl.jpg (126958 bytes)
The Block with the Thompson in the background as viewed from across the bay
6-GLT-03-17-12-dl.jpg (94960 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort
7-JLB-03-17-12-dl.jpg (119325 bytes)
Broadside close-up view of the Block from across the bay

Duluth Lay-up -
Nick Stenstrup
WJM-3-16-12-ns.jpg (96604 bytes) 58-AMSP-3-17-12-ns.jpg (113470 bytes) 9-AMSP-3-17-12-ns.jpg (58710 bytes) 28-JAWI-3-17-12-ns.jpg (110873 bytes) 57-EHG-3-17-12-ns.jpg (106185 bytes)
84-EHG-3-17-12-ns.jpg (83290 bytes) 77-EHG-3-17-12-ns.jpg (99002 bytes) 10EHG-3-17--12-ns.jpg (74875 bytes) 54-EHGAS-3-16-12-ns.jpg (149315 bytes) 22-RB-3-17-12-ns.jpg (112830 bytes)
59-RB-3-17-12-ns.jpg (76934 bytes) 95-jjb-3-16-12-ns.jpg (77138 bytes) 110-JGM-3-16-12-ns.jpg (76097 bytes) Tugs-3-16-12-ns.jpg (131902 bytes)  

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
mesabiminer-3-17-12-lr.jpg (102431 bytes)
Mesabi Miner was the first boat of the season to enter Marquette.  She brought a load of coal to the WE  Energies hopper.
IMG_0325.jpg (185887 bytes)      

Alpena down the Detroit River Saturday - Ken Borg
alpena3-17-12-kb.jpg (68191 bytes)        

John Spence and Niagara Spirit - Great Lakes Ship Yard
McKeil-shipping-aluminium.jpg (131994 bytes)
The Shipyard completed general steel work on both the tug and barge and installed a winch system for the cover of the Niagara Spirit.

Joseph L. Block in Escanaba - Rod Burdick
1jlb_3_15_12_rb.jpg (128674 bytes)
Loading the first ore cargo of the season at CN

Alpena heading into Lafarge Wednesday - Ben & Chanda McClain
alpe-3-14-12-BCM-01.jpg (82241 bytes) alpe-3-14-12-BCM-02.jpg (96900 bytes)      

Mesabi Miner opens the season departing Duluth - Duluth Seaway Port Authority
_RMW6122_mesabi-miner1.jpg (140522 bytes)        

Recent Welland Canal Photos - Paul Beesley
1-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (196744 bytes)
 These photos were taken when the canal was still drained.  Workers on the east wall above Lock 1.
2-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (131247 bytes)
A very dry drydock.
3-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (127388 bytes)
The south gates of Lock 1.  The sill is visible at the bottom of the photo.
4-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (109687 bytes)
The weir at Lock 1.  The lock is immediately west of this structure.
5-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (110017 bytes)
From the center of Bridge 1, looking south toward Lock 2.
6-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (94242 bytes)
Above Lock 2.  One of the buoys with its current concrete anchor and two others that have broken free in the past.
7-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (189278 bytes)
8-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (136876 bytes)
Looking north toward Lock 2.
9-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (186037 bytes)
From the center of the Homer bridge looking south toward Lock 3.
10-canal-3-07-12-pb.jpg (154117 bytes)
The Skyway looms over a drained canal.  Notice the old pilings on the right close to the bridge support.

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