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March 20 - 23, 20

Welland Canal Opening Day - Bill Bird
1-CaptainRobDominaux&CEOttoCooper-03-22-12-bb-.jpg (103502 bytes)
Captain Rob Dominaux (left) is skipper and Otto Cooper chief engineer of tug Wilf Seymour & barge Alouette Spirit of the first ship through Welland Canal in ceremonies at Lock 3
2-WilfSeymourAlouetteSpirit-03-22-12-a-bb.jpg (88439 bytes)
Wilf Seymour & Alouette Spirit departing Lock 3
3-WilfSeymour-03-22-12-bb.jpg (75397 bytes)
close up of tug
04-WilfSeymourAlouetteSpirit-03-22-12-b-bb.jpg (75873 bytes)
Stern view-headed for Belledune New Brunswick to load zinc concentrate
5-WilfSeymourAlouetteSpiritCuyahoga-03-22-12-bb.jpg (94240 bytes)
passing Cuyahoga which is first upbound ship through the canal.
6-Cuyahoga-03-22-12-a-bb.jpg (80561 bytes)
Cuyahoga loaded slag in Hamilton and is headed for Windsor
7-Cuyahoga-03-22-12-b-bb.jpg (77275 bytes)
stern view entering Lock 3
8-PeterRCresswell-03-22-12-a-bb.jpg (85708 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell was first ship through the canal last year.  Seen here headed to Lock 2
9-PeterRCresswell.03-22-12-b-bb.jpg (84699 bytes)
Headed to Bowmanville to load cement clinker.
10-VictoriousJohnJCarrick-03-22-12-a-bb.jpg (91239 bytes)
Tug Victorious and barge John J Carrick headed to Lock 3.  Was honored as first ship at Port Colborne.
11-VictoriousJohnJCarrick-03-22-12-b-bb.jpg (106868 bytes)
 Entering the lock

Welland Canal Opening Day -
Paul Beesley
1-cuyah-3-22-12-pb.jpg (102233 bytes)
Cuyahoga, 1st upbound of the 2012 season, approaching Lock 1.
2-cuyah-3-22-12-pb.jpg (160963 bytes)
Cuyahoga raised in Lock 1.
3-docm-3-22-12-pb.jpg (152399 bytes)
What's left of the tug Doc Morin.
4-docm-3-22-12-pb.jpg (214495 bytes)
Another view of the innards of the Doc Morin.
5-prc-3-22-12-pb.jpg (95430 bytes)
 Peter R Cresswell below Lock 2.
6-sea-3-22-12-pb.jpg (203071 bytes)
Seahound below Lock 2.
7-alouet-3-22-12-pb.jpg (93546 bytes)
1st official downbounder, Alouette Spirit & Wilf Seymour.
8-wilf-3-22-12-pb.jpg (110168 bytes)
Wilf Seymour below Lock 2.
9-miss-3-22-12-pb.jpg (97433 bytes)
Mississagi above Lock 1.
10-victor-3-22-12-pb.jpg (112335 bytes)
Victorious and John J Carrick below Lock 2.
11-victor-3-22-12-pb.jpg (95869 bytes)
Still with flags flying from ceremony in Port Colborne.
12-thunbay-3-22-12-pb.jpg (104635 bytes)
USCGC Thunder Bay heading for her home port on the east coast, below Lock 2.
13-griff-3-22-12-pb.jpg (91270 bytes)
CCGS Griffon doing buoy placement / checking on her way downbound.

St. Lambert Lock traffic Thursday - Michel St-Denis
01-Harbour-First20120322msd.jpg (90182 bytes)
Harbour First upbound
02-Barnacle20120322msd.jpg (105573 bytes)
Barnacle in St. Lambert Lock, upbound
03-Federal-Welland20120322msd.jpg (96418 bytes)
Federal Welland, upbound
04-Federal-Welland20120322msd.jpg (94908 bytes) 05-Federal-Welland20120322msd.jpg (84078 bytes)

St. Lawrence markers replaced - Stephen Trenton
005.jpg (88595 bytes)
Tug Robinson Bay lifts marker 159 off the deck
010.jpg (110878 bytes)
Marker 159 hits the water in front of Crossover Island
014.jpg (79548 bytes)
Tug Performance checking the location

Port Huron -
Roger LeLievre
Algomarine-3-21-12-1rl.jpg (85864 bytes)
Algomarine downbound on Wednesday afternoon.
Algomarine-3-21-12-2rl.jpg (58969 bytes) Algomarine-3-21-12-3rl.jpg (87325 bytes)    

John G. Munson arriving in Marquette's lower harbor with coal Wednesday - Lee Rowe
IMG_7031.jpg (58982 bytes)        

Buffalo, upbound on St. Clair River Wednesday - Kevin D. Majewski
1-BUFFALO-3-21-12-KM.jpg (67710 bytes)        

Robinson Bay with barge BPL 6704 pick up the winter spar off Ogden Island - Ron Beaupre
1-20-03-12-rb.jpg (69190 bytes) 2-20-03-12-rb.jpg (77205 bytes)
 Robinson Bay sails up the river while Performance shifts the buoy.

Mississagi Departs Hamilton Tuesday - John McCreery
1-Mississagi-3-20-12-jm.jpg (62222 bytes)
Mississagi approaches the Burlington Ship Canal
2-Mississagi-3-20-12-jm.jpg (107138 bytes)
Emerged from the fog she is the first commercial vessel to leave port and begin the new season
3-Mississagi-3-20-12-jm.jpg (132972 bytes)
Closeup of the bow as she passes under the bridges.
4-Mississagi-3-20-12-jm.jpg (101767 bytes)
Back into the fog on an otherwise warm sunny afternoon shore side.
5-Manitoba-3-20-12-jm.jpg (124361 bytes)
 Manitoba still in layup at Eastport.

Mesabi Miner at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
mm_3_18_12_rb.jpg (119802 bytes)
Departing after unloading the first coal cargo of the season into the hopper.

First salties in the Seaway - Photos Rene Beauchamp
IMG_8031.jpg (94157 bytes)
Two of the first salties expected in the Seaway on opening day March 22 or the day after. Both waiting at the anchorage off Sorel-Tracy on March 18. Harbour First.
IMG_8035.jpg (94770 bytes)
Harbour Legend

Mesabi Miner departing Duluth -  Ed Labernik
1-mminer-3-16-12-el.jpg (118180 bytes)
Mesabi Miner is about ready to pass into the Duluth Ship Canal with low sulfur western coal loaded at Superior Midwest Energy Terminal, opening up the 2012 shipping season.
2-mminer-3-16-12-el.jpg (88539 bytes)
Crewmembers in the bow of the Miner as the vessel passes through the Duluth Ship Canal with hundreds of spectators waving them on.
3-mminer-3-16-12-el.jpg (112109 bytes)
Mesabi Miner in the ship canal and about ready to pass by the North Pier light.
4-mminer-3-19-12-el.jpg (105478 bytes)
Inbound Duluth just off the Duluth piers, the Mesabi Miner returns from Marquette as the first entry into the Duluth Harbor for the 2012 season.
5-mminer-319-12-el.jpg (169124 bytes)
Miner in the Duluth Ship Canal and about to pass under the Aerial lift bridge as about 50  salmon fishermen watch over their shoulders.

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