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March 24, 20

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-griff-3-23-12-pb.jpg (53077 bytes)
CCGS Griffon flies the 50th anniversary flag.  Various Canadian Govt fleets were in existence since the 19th century.  A number of these were rolled into one department and, eventually, named Coast Guard.  Prior to this the buoy tenders and icebreakers were part of the Canadian Marine Service.
2-griff-3-23-12-pb.jpg (100100 bytes)
The Griffon after departing Port Weller.  She had completed all the spring buoy work in the canal and was heading to the upper St Lawrence river to carry out the spring buoy program there.
3-jba-3-23-12-pb.jpg (86709 bytes)
John B Aird below Lock 2.  She went out into Lake Ontario, turned around and came back into Port Weller to secure below Lock 1.  Plans are to come up through Lock 1 early Saturday morning, then to prepare to enter the drydock.
4-jba-3-23-12-pb.jpg (181296 bytes)
Stern anchor chain but no anchor.
5-mclear-3-23-12-pb.jpg (95699 bytes)
McLeary's Spirit at the fit-out wall at the shipyard.  She was pulled out of drydock on Friday morning.

Ojibway loading in Owen Sound Thursday - Dave Martin
ojibway3-22-12-(2).jpg (108537 bytes) ojibway3-22-12-(3).jpg (134700 bytes) ojibway3-22-12-(1).jpg (110180 bytes) ojibway3-23-12-dm-(1).jpg (68605 bytes) ojibway3-23-12-dm-(2).jpg (74747 bytes)
ojibway3-23-12-dm-(3).jpg (82735 bytes)        

Cleveland Ship Yard
gtugs3-12-(2).jpg (121956 bytes)
 Illinois the first of the Company's tugs to undergo a major overhaul as part of a program for its Great Lakes fleet of 37 harbor assist tugboats
gtugs3-12-(1).jpg (146395 bytes)
Newly constructed HandySize 3200 HP multi-purpose tug.

Federal EMS upbound on the Western Schelde River on its way to Antwerp -
Chris Rombouts
Federal-Ems-23-3-12-cr.jpg (106463 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives -
Jerry Lediard
Collingwood-1956.jpg (136530 bytes)
CSL package freighter Collingwood downbound and preparing to turn and dock at the CSL freight sheds at Point Edward ON, 1956. From the Bluewater Bridge.
Joseph Medill Patterson.jpg (124315 bytes)
Joseph Medill Patterson, (formerly Baie Comeau)  upbound from Shelter Bay PQ for the Ontario Paper Mill at Thorold ON in 1956.
Imperial Welland and Imperial London.jpg (12295 bytes)
Imperial Welland and Imperial London loading gasoline at Sarnia, taken from Imperial Windsor, summer 1955.
Charles M white Sir James Dunn.jpg (42917 bytes)
Republic's Charles M white overhauling the Sir James Dunn in the Detroit River, summer 1957.
Martian-seaway.jpg (20863 bytes)
Aboard the CSL's package freighter Martian entering a lock in the St.Lawrence Seaway, headed for Montreal PQ. Summer 1960.

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