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March 26, 20

Cuyahoga in Alpena Sunday - Ben & Chanda McClain
cuya-3-25-12-BCM-01.jpg (70574 bytes)
Cuyahoga by the lighthouse
cuya-3-25-12-BCM-02.jpg (61274 bytes) cuya-3-25-12-BCM-03.jpg (60040 bytes) cuya-3-25-12-BCM-04.jpg (73106 bytes)
cuya-3-25-12-BCM-05.jpg (74800 bytes)
cuya-3-25-12-BCM-06.jpg (103572 bytes)
Unloading salt
cuya-3-25-12-BCM-07.jpg (109039 bytes) cuya-3-25-12-BCM-08.jpg (89693 bytes)

Ojibway at South Chicago on Sunday - Lou Gerard
Ojibway-3-25-12-lg-DSC-0674.jpg (114364 bytes)
Ojibway passing under the J bridge approaching 92nd St.
Ojibway-3-25-12-lg-DSC-0691.jpg (88265 bytes)
Passing through 95th St.
Ojibway-3-25-12-lg-DSC-0724.jpg (106737 bytes)
Passing the CSL Laurentien as she loads at KCBX.
Ojibway-3-25-12-lg-DSC-0743.jpg (75016 bytes)
Coming up to 106th St.
Ojibway-3-25-12-lg-DSC-0769.jpg (117140 bytes)
Going into the turning basin at 124th St.
Ojibway-3-25-12-lg-DSC-0783.jpg (105808 bytes)
Almost turned she will head back north to the Nidera Elevator at 117th St.

Seaway -
 Ron Beaupre
1-robbie-20-03-12-rb.jpg (114973 bytes)
Robinson Bay guides barge BPL 6704 into Iroquois Lock.
2-first-23-03-12-rb.jpg (92804 bytes)
Harbour First passing Mariatown.
3-thunder-25-03-12-rb.jpg (100402 bytes)
USCG Thunder Bay passing Mariatown.
4-thunder-25-03-12-rb.jpg (94870 bytes)
She is returning to the East Coast.

First Saltie at Hamilton - John McCreery
1-FederalWelland-3-25-12-jm.jpg (184955 bytes)
Federal Welland at U.S. Steel Canada - First saltie of the season to arrive in Hamilton.
2-FederalWelland-3-25-12-jm.jpg (134719 bytes)
Another view.

Algoma Enterprise passing Cheboygan -
Dianne Donati
Algoma-Enterprise--3-25-12-dd.jpg (74702 bytes)        

Soo Locks opening on Saturday -
USACE Detroit District
miner-sooa3-24-12.jpg (118996 bytes)
Mesabi Miner opens the 2012 season Saturday afternoon as the first commercial transit.
soostands3-24-12.jpg (196731 bytes)
Good crowd in the viewing stands
miner30240120usace.jpg (140526 bytes)
Entering the Poe Lock
miner-soob3-24-12.jpg (67301 bytes) neahbay3-23-12.jpg (77354 bytes)
Miner was the first commercial traffic but most years Coast Guard vessels are the first through as they lock through to break out harbors and bays of Lake Superior.
USCG Neah Bay in the Poe Lock, March 23
mackinaw3-20-12.jpg (31792 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw approaches the Poe Lock in low lying fog March 20.
mackinaw3-20-12s.jpg (63528 bytes) risleyc3-16-12.jpg (119898 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley breaks through some light ice in the Poe Lock, March 16.
risleyb3-16-12.jpg (161367 bytes) risley3-16-12.jpg (95969 bytes)
The first transit of 2012

Soo Locks Weekend -
Lee Rowe
soo-3-12-lr-(11).jpg (132037 bytes)
First boat through the locks, Mesabi Miner
soo-3-12-lr-(12).jpg (114885 bytes)
John G Munson, second downbounder
soo-3-12-lr-(1).jpg (63927 bytes)
Stewart J Cort, first upbound boat
soo-3-12-lr-(8).jpg (95112 bytes)
 Lee A Tregurtha upbound meets fleetmate Mesabi Miner downbound.
soo-3-12-lr-(9).jpg (67896 bytes)
John G Munson meeting the Paul R Tregurtha
soo-3-12-lr-(10).jpg (45486 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine
soo-3-12-lr-(5).jpg (95773 bytes)
Sunday the  Arthur M Anderson above the locks in fog.
soo-3-12-lr-(6).jpg (65713 bytes)
Philip R Clarke at Mission Point in fog.
soo-3-12-lr-(7).jpg (85322 bytes)
soo-3-12-lr-(3).jpg (93857 bytes)
 Anglian Lady and barge PML2501
soo-3-12-lr-(4).jpg (86247 bytes)
American Spirit above the locks.
soo-3-12-lr-(2).jpg (76431 bytes)
 Presque Isle at Mission Point

Soo -
David Kaye
3-mminer-3-24-12-dk.jpg (106077 bytes)
Mesabi Miner down at Mission Point
5-ltreg-3-24-12-dk.jpg (95889 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha entering the Soo locks
1-bharbor-3-25-12-dk.jpg (97468 bytes)
Burns Harbor passing under the Mackinac Bridge, headed for the St. Marys River.

Neah Bay at the Algonac State Park on Saturday morning - Don Detloff
neah-24mar12-djd-1.jpg (71490 bytes)        

John B Aird dry docking Saturday - Paul Beesley
1-jba-3-24-12-pb.jpg (93413 bytes)
John B Aird ready to move across the canal into the drydock.  Molly M 1 at the bow, Seahound at the starboard quarter and Lac Manitoba at the port quarter.
2-jba-3-24-12-pb.jpg (156631 bytes)
Molly M 1 clutching in; painted over the winter to Nadro livery from McKeil's.
3-jba-3-24-12-pb.jpg (88950 bytes)
Lac Manitoba with power on to pull the stern over.  The weir at Lock 1 was closed to allow the water level to rise in the reach between Locks 1 & 2.
4-jba-3-24-12-pb.jpg (94910 bytes)
A closer view of the Manitoba.  As the operation started so did the rain and wind.
5-jba-3-24-12-pb.jpg (78457 bytes)
 Part way across.  The Aird had no engines but she did have her bow thruster available.  However, at this light draft the thruster had very little effect.
6-jba-3-24-12-pb.jpg (128839 bytes)
The Seahound on the stbd quarter.  This is a finely tuned manoeuvre with the tug Captains, Aird Captain, deck crews on all vessels and dock crew playing essential parts.
7-jba-3-24-12-pb.jpg (142127 bytes)
Nearly in position in the drydock.  On the right, amongst the supports for the crane can be seen part of the English River, still in the drydock.
8-jba-3-24-12-pb.jpg (132671 bytes)
 Closer view of the Aird in position.  All they need to do is ensure she is over the blocks and pump the dock down.

John B Aird dry docking Saturday - Alex Howard
John-B.-Aird-3.24.2012--ah-a.jpg (89109 bytes)
John B. Aird was placed into shallow dry dock Saturday afternoon with assistance from Seahound and Molly M1.
John-B.-Aird-3.24.2012-ah-b.jpg (113804 bytes)
John-B.-Aird-3.24.2012-ah-c.jpg (92713 bytes)
John-B.-Aird-3.24.2012-ah-d.jpg (94121 bytes)
John-B.-Aird-3.24.2012-ah-e.jpg (96383 bytes)

Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
HMCS-Athabaskan3-24-12-rb.jpg (136095 bytes)
HMCS Athabaskan arriving in Montreal on Friday. The vessel spent about 24 hours in Montreal departing on Saturday for Port Weller for a refit.
HMCS-Athabaskanb3-24-12-rb.jpg (155339 bytes)
She was assisted by Ocean Serge Genois and Ocean Georgie Bain. This is her second refit at that shipyard, the first one was in 1997. A previous navy ship with the same name transited in 1959.
Pineglen-3-22-12-rb.jpg (86716 bytes)
First 3 ships in the Seaway on opening day, March 22.  Pineglen.
Ocean-Golf3-22-12-rb.jpg (106027 bytes)
Tug Ocean Golf.
Harbour-Legend-3-22-12-rb.jpg (112906 bytes)
Saltie Harbour Legend
Arubaborg-030411(A).jpg (89517 bytes)
Arubaborg upbound on the St. Lawrence River last year in April. Saturday she was anchored at Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal, she is scheduled to depart for Sault Ste. Marie.

Opening Day on the Welland Canal - Philip Nash
1-PRCreswell-22-3-12-pn.jpg (101982 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell at the South Wall of Lock 1 heading to Bowmanville, Ontario to load cement clinker.
2-ThunderBay-22-3-12-pn.jpg (122344 bytes)
 USCG Thunder Bay in Lock 3 proceeding to Toronto, Ontario.
3-ThunderBay-22-3-12-pn.jpg (98278 bytes)
Top view of the "Abandon Ship Locker" on the Thunder Bay.
4-Griffon-22-3-12-pn.jpg (99238 bytes)
CCGS Griffon entering Lock 3 with the USCG Thunder Bay.
5-Griffon-22-3-12-pn.jpg (173605 bytes)
 CCGS Griffon lowered in Lock 3.
6-Griffon-22-3-12-pn.jpg (62023 bytes)
CCGS Griffon and their Work boat working on a navigational buoy between Lock 3 and Lock 2.
7-GriffonWboat-22-3-12-pn.jpg (112037 bytes)
Griffon's Work boat alongside the green navigation buoy on the right side of the boat.
8-Mississagi-22-3-12-pn.jpg (83096 bytes)
Mississagi upbound between Lock 2 and Lock 3.
9-Mississagi-22-3-12-pn.jpg (134952 bytes)
Bow shot of the Mississagi.
10-Mississagi-22-3-12-pn.jpg (120988 bytes)
Mississagi passing under the Garden City Skyway in St. Catharines, Ontario approaching Lock 3.
11-Cuyahoga-22-3-12-pn.jpg (115046 bytes)
Cuyahoga outbound Port Colborne, Ontario passing between the Algowood and CSL Assiniboine.
12-Cuyahoga-22-3-12-pn.jpg (95671 bytes)
Cuyahoga passing by the James Norris and former fleet mate the Maumee at IMS.
13-Algowood-22-3-12-pn.jpg (121648 bytes)
Algowood at Wharf 17  in Port Colborne.
14-Algowood-22-3-12-pn.jpg (130544 bytes)
Bow thruster of the Algowood.
15-PortColborne-22-3-12-pn.jpg (204861 bytes)
One of the bollards pulled partially out of the ground when the CSL Assiniboine broke loose during a storm with high winds earlier in March.
16-PortColborne-22-3-12-pn.jpg (95190 bytes)
Salt pile at Wharf 18 in Port Colborne.
17-JamesNorris-22-3-12-pn.jpg (94068 bytes)
James Norris and Maumee at IMS in Port Colborne. Algowood 's stern is on the left and CSL Assiniboine on the right.
18-CSLAssin-22-3-12-pn.jpg (71773 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine at Wharf 18-1 in Port Colborne preparing to depart for the season.
19-AEnterprise-22-3-12-pn.jpg (92190 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise (former Canadian Enterprise) at Wharf 12, Stone dock in Port Colborne.
20-AEnterprise-22-3-12-pn.jpg (83697 bytes)
Departing Wharf 12 at sunset.
21-AEnterprise-22-3-12-pn.jpg (95029 bytes)
Proceeding upbound for Windsor, Ontario. Behind the Enterprise is the Algosteel at Wharf 12 as well for lay-up.
22-Algosteel-22-3-12-pn.jpg (81357 bytes)
Bow shot of the Algosteel at Wharf 12 at sunset.

Seaway -
Dave Bessant
01-HarbourLeader-03-23-12-WDB.jpg (122456 bytes)
Harbour Leader entering the lock at Beauharnois, upbound
02-KathrynSpirit-03-23-12-WDB.jpg (69669 bytes)
Kathryn Spirit being taken apart slowly at St Pierre recycling, you can see the cutting crane at her superstructure now
03-HarbourLeader-03-23-12-WDB.jpg (106812 bytes)
Harbour Leader used to be Clipper Leader
04-HarbourLeader-03-23-12-WDB.jpg (134273 bytes)
Heading under Harbour Leader into the tunnel
05-Route30-03-23-12-WDB.jpg (150680 bytes)
Part of the new Highway 30 being built over the locks at Beauharnois
06-Algocanada-03-23-12-WDB.jpg (76554 bytes)
Algocanada in the distance upbound at Lancaster, Ontario
07-HarbourLeader-03-24-12-WDB.jpg (122069 bytes)
Harbour Leader entering the lock at Iroquois the following day, Saturday morning

John G. Munson at the Lower Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
jgmLH_3_21_12u_rb.jpg (93302 bytes)
Unloading the first coal cargo of the season at the Shiras Dock

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