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March 27, 20

Patrice McAllister (former Cleveland) caught fire on Lake Ontario Tuesday morning
Patrice-McAllisterfire.jpg (80089 bytes)        
Soo Monday - Herm Klein
1-MGL-3-26-12-HK.jpg (102224 bytes)
Mac Lock displays the first green light of the 2012 season.
2-HCE-3-26-12K.jpg (92244 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson enters the Mac Lock.
3-JBP-3-26-12-HK.jpg (92832 bytes)
Builder's plate on the pilot house.
4-JBI-3-26-12-HK.jpg (166330 bytes)
Some bow ice.
5-HCS-3-26-12-HK.jpg (152185 bytes)
Takes on supplies.
6-JDM-3-26-12-HK.jpg (109704 bytes)
Downbound at Mission Point
7-UTW-3-26-12-HK.jpg (90068 bytes)
Upbound traffic waits for the Jackson to clear

Roger Blough downbound in Port Huron - Eddy Schuyler
1.-Roger-Blough--3-26-12-ES-jpg..jpg (66614 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound on the St. Clair River for her first time in the 2012-2013 shipping season.
2.-Roger-Blough--3-26-12-ES-jpg..jpg (54788 bytes) 3.-Roger-Blough--3-26-12-ES-jpg..jpg (59739 bytes)
Close up of the Blough's unloading boom.
4.-Roger-Blough--3-26-12-ES-jpg..jpg (57183 bytes)
Heading to Conneaut ,Ohio with the load of iron ore.

Port Huron -
Kevin Majewski
1-SPIRIT-3-26-12-KM.jpg (78417 bytes) 2-McKEE-3-26-12-KM.jpg (92030 bytes) 3-ALGOS-3-26-12-KM.jpg (78212 bytes) 4-ALGOLAK-3-26-12-KM.jpg (86090 bytes) 5-SAGINAW-3-26-12-KM.jpg (90596 bytes)
6-THALASS-3-26-12-KM.jpg (130677 bytes)        

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-spruce-3-25-12-pb.jpg (75484 bytes)
Spruceglen above Lock 1; looking all sparkly in her new paint job.
2-canad-3-26-12-pb.jpg (85960 bytes)
Algocanada also above Lock 1.
3-marin-3-26-12-pb.jpg (110558 bytes)
Algoma Mariner at Allanburg.
4-ddg282-3-26-12-pb.jpg (81304 bytes)
HMCS Athabaskan arrives at Port Weller assisted by the Mollie M 1 and the Lac Manitoba.  She is here for a major refit.  Her armaments and a great deal of her electronics have been removed.
5-maple-3-26-12-pb.jpg (68985 bytes)
Mapleglen, also with new paint., above Lock 1.
6-patmc-3-26-12-pb.jpg (80298 bytes)
Patrice McAllister below Lock 2.  She was formerly the Cleveland and she paired with the barge Cleveland Rocks.  Whether the barge was named because she hauled rocks or because the city of Cleveland rocks as the home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is not known.

American Spirit at the Algonac State Park on Monday afternoon - Don Detloff
spirit-26mar12-djd-1.jpg (43916 bytes)        

Harbour Legend at the Petro Canada Dock in Clarkson -
Eric Holmes
1-Harbourlegend-03-26-12-eh.jpg (100100 bytes)        

Federal Ems coming from Antwerp and the Federal Hunter going to Antwerp -
Chris Rombouts
Federal-Ems-25-3-12-cr5.jpg (118501 bytes) Federal-Ems-25-3-12-cr1.jpg (106792 bytes) Federal-Ems-25-3-12-cr3.jpg (116042 bytes) Federal-Ems-25-3-12-cr4.jpg (124835 bytes) Federal-Hunter-25-3-12-cr2.jpg (126293 bytes)
Federal-Hunter-25-3-12-cr4.jpg (133228 bytes)        

Paul R. Tregurtha made its first trip of the 2012 shipping season as it entered the Duluth Harbor on March 25 - Ed Labernik
1-prtregurtha-3-25-12-el.jpg (160514 bytes) 2-prtregurtha-3-25-12-el.jpg (147612 bytes) 3-prtregurtha-3-25-12-el.jpg (148309 bytes)    

Manitowoc, Wis. - Mike Nicholls
DAUNTLESSb06032312mn.jpg (120977 bytes)
Tug Dauntless.
COBIAs012312mn.jpg (66778 bytes)
Cobia at the Manitowoc Maritime Museum.
COBIAb032312mn.jpg (94493 bytes)    

Soo opening day - David Kaye
1-jmunson-3-24-12-dk.jpg (120011 bytes)
John G. Munson entering the Soo locks
2-jmunson-3-24-12-dk.jpg (104360 bytes)
At Mission Point
3-ptreg-3-24-12-dk.jpg (81885 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha entering the Soo locks
4-ptreg-3-24-12-dk.jpg (118750 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha Leaving the Soo locks
5-ltreg-3-24-12-dk.jpg (95889 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha Entering the Soo locks
6-jcort-3-24-12-dk.jpg (101040 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort up bound for the Soo Locks

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